Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ouisa Davis Fights Back.........Ok She Writes Back Whining.

Back in January I posted and entry on my blog by Rick Ybarra. (Click here to read it for yourself) Ybarra wrote a piece about how Ouisa Davis writes a column in the El Paso Times spreading her left wing socialistic venom. Those are my words and that's how I feel about Davis. Funny thing is that I'm holding back, really.

It has been about four months and Davis has finally posted a response on my blog responding to Ybarra's post. I thought it was amusing. Here it is. You tell me what you think.

"Mr. Ybarra, Yes, I am a County employee. I write my columns on my own time with my own equipment. I am not paid for my columns by the El Paso Times. I am exercising my right to free speech which is not limited by my employment with the County. I don't know you, you know nothing about me and I would appreciate your confining your comments to the content of the columns and refraining from attacking me personally. Thank you"

Really? You are going to come on this public forum and post the good 'ol  "leave me alone" response. By writing this column you put yourself out in the public and open yourself for criticism. I just write these measly little blog and I know that. I am open to public attacks and scrutiny. I am smart enough to know that and expect it. In fact you might say that I do this so someone will have the nerve to open Pandora's box. Several people know that my "skeleton's" will tarnish the image of a certain elected official and those with ties to him. If you don't know who it is by now you must not pay attention to my blog. You know, the crooked Sheriff. So go ahead Mrs. Davis. You do what you have to do. I know what I'm working with and I am not going to cry like a little baby if someone tries to sling some mud. It won't be the first time. Its all a part of the game we play. So pull up your socks and step up to the plate because your up to bat!

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