Sunday, May 8, 2011

Black Political Advocacy Group Tells Blacks What They Should Think And Do

An "African-American" political advocacy group has started a social network campaign to try to pursue Celebrity Apprentice cast members Star Jones and Little Jon to denounce Donald Trump for questioning where President Obama was born. According to an article on Reuters' website ColorofChange claims Trump's actions are considered to be race baiting.
"This is the first organized attempt to target these celebrities and demand that they, as prominent African-Americans, take a public stance against Donald Trump's ongoing attacks against President Obama," ColorOfChange said in a statement. 

"They can't have a relationship with the black community" if they don't call out Trump. Really? Are they telling Star Jones and Little Jon that they will be ousted from black community if they do not do what they say? Is ColorofChange telling blacks that they have to do something just because they are black? Are they telling blacks that they are not supposed to question the government? If I remember correctly there was a very brave black man who fought against these types of race based acts and against people who would tell black people not to question authority. We have come too far from the days and made too many strides from the the days of segregation to fall back to those times again. But this isn't a black or white issue. This is a human issue. Humans have the right to think what they want to think, say what they want to say, look how they want to look and say what they want to say without having to use their race or ethnic background as a guideline.

Rashad Mendenhall of the Pittsburgh Steelers proved that point last week by Tweeting his thoughts on the death of Bin Laden and questioning the events of September 11th. You may not agree with his opinions but he does go against what people would normally believe black people think or say. Speaking his mind and going against an administration headed by a black president cost him millions of dollars in endorsement deals.

A progressive group called ThinkProgress has gone after advertisers of Celebrity Apprentice causing the discount shopping website Groupon to pull its advertising from the show. The rest of the advertisers have not made a comment about there future advertising plans but I can assure you that there might be a couple more that drop their advertising due to pressure from racialist groups like ColorofChange and ThinkProgress. Its too bad that these type of people can cause this type of harm.

I strongly believe that these two groups are single handedly taking the civil rights movement back a couple of decades and will cause more racial tension in the US. I belive that a black man, a Latino, an Asian, a Native American should all have the right to criticize another black man, Latino, Asian, Native America and even a white man without being told that they are out of line for not following their ethnic guidelines. We have to stop making everything a race or social issue. But we can't do that if we allow minorities to do what was done to minorities before Martin Luther King and his struggle.

Now lets see if what I'm saying has any merit. Replace ColorofChange, a black advocacy group, with a white advocacy group, unfortunately there are not many so lets go with the KKK. What would be said if the KKK would go after people who voted for Obama and went after the advertisers of shows that had Obama on like The View. In no way do I condone the actions of the racist group KKK but racial advocacy groups are very similar. They just have different levels of intensity to their actions, but nonetheless still race sensitive. I'll tell you what would happen. The media would go crazy over the acts of the KKK and smear them until they ran back into the woods. That is where they belong. But why don't they that to black groups, or Latino groups that are militant race groups? Why? Because we live in an age of political correctness. A white man can't do or say certain things about another ethnic group yet every ethnic group can do and say what ever they want to those who are white. I believe that if its wrong for one ethnic group then it is wrong for all ethnic groups. Or if you want to be a positive kind of person, If it is right for one ethnic group to do it then it is right for all ethnic groups to do it. But why hold certain groups to certain standards and allow the others to just do as they please. Equality is equality even when it comes to standards. We can't cry equality and then not want to follow the same rules. That would be equality a la carte. You can't pick and choose when you want it. But those are just the thoughts of a Latino man who is tired of being told he should walk a certain way, talk a certain way, look a certain away and most importantly should vote a certain because of the color of my skin.

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