Friday, May 13, 2011

"Some Dude" Sends Me An E-Mail........The Lyda Ness Mess

What A Mess-Garcia
So I get this anonymous email from "some dude" yesterday. It was full of information about the mess people call the Lyda-Ness-Garcia Campaign. Reading this e-mail only reinforces my last statement. It was a response to a post on my blog dated May 8th. I didn't want to just post it without vetting the information so I responded to the e-mail asking "some dude" to call me so I could verify the information. I told "some dude" that they could call me from a blocked number if they wanted and I wouldn't ask them to reveal their true identity but I needed to know a little bit more from the e-mail before I posted it. So "some dude" calls me. We had about a 30-45 minute convrsation. "Some dude" had tons of information about Lyda-Ness-Garcia. "Some Dude" was obviously someone very close to Lyda-Ness-Garcia and her family to know such imtimidate details. So here is the raw e-mail I received in its entirety. 

"Having read your comment to a post regarding the car plates (in the
blog posted may 8 regarding district 1) I beg to differ. While it 
may not seem as bad as the tens of thousands owed to the 
government, it shows that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 
The reason they are michigan plates is because Dr. Maria Bradshaw, 
who you may have "met" in her appearance on the David K blog when 
she sat down and typed rebuttal after rebuttal (and in the EP Times 
under the guise "hope for el paso") lives in Houston, Tx and has for 
close to two almost three years now because she was transferred 
there by her employers, BP. Yes, BP, the same folks who spilled a 
few drops of oil in our precious gulf coast (such an 
environmentalist). she used to live in Michigan as did her son (the 
one they refer to as Ness's husband, who is in fact her half-
brother Andrew. Unless, they are referring to her campaign manager, 
or Danny Steele her henchman who requested all the open records act 
and writes on all the blogs posing as a conservative republican 
businessman to discredit Hinojosa and Besco, or her now ex 
girlfriend kirsten perez who can sometimes look like a man, but we 
all know Perez, who was once her treasurer is now the Cortney 
Niland darling looking for a job after the election)All the 
Bradshaws no longer reside in Michigan, nor have for more than a 
year. Baby Andrew flies all over the world on Mommy's dime and 
Daddy's free vouchers (dad is ex American Airlines employee, more 
on this later)with a recent stint in Brazil. 

point being, Mommy Bradshaw traded the cadillac suv for the mini 
cooper over a year with the birth of Ness's Greek baby (more on 
that later). Whether it's in El Paso, or Houston, it's NOT in 
Michigan! They all have the entitled and privileged attitude that 
they don't need to pay anyone anything, but oh so quick to threaten 
to sue if you cross them or don't do as they tell you. 

Ness disappears from her attorney duties for weeks when she travels 
to Greece where she mooches off her poor sick grandmother's money 
in Athens. Her facebook albums boast close to 300 pictures from her 
extended stay there just last year. not to mention the trips she 
takes to the Bahamas with her best friend and fellow family law 
attorney Laura Stratman. and how does she do this with all the 
money she supposedly doesn't make? she flies free on her step 
father's vouchers (first class) or on BP through her mother's 
vouchers (first class). she doesn't mind them messing up the gulf 
waters as long as she gets to fly free.

If anyone were to ask her to produce a payroll stub for herself, 
I'd bet she doesn't have any. She pays herself cash so that it 
can't be traced."


This e-mail was not doctored or solicited by anyone. This e-mail was sent by an anonymous person who is reffered to as "some dude" to protect their identity. In no way is this post used to endorce or support any other candidate in the District 1 race. This post simply  is intended to inform the people of El Paso of the alleged actions of Lyda-Ness-Garcia. These are just that, allegations from a person very close to Lyda-Ness-Garcia and her family.


  1. Ha Ha Ha
    You are so laughable...
    You are like the National Inquirer of the blog world (with worse spelling)
    Or wait maybe the telenovela of reporting.

  2. Your right. My spelling stinks and I do a better job putting you together than I do putting sentences together. People like you keep my stats rising so keep reading. Make sure to stay tuned for my next ridiculous post. And for those who aren't English teachers and don't mind a laugh here and there. I appreciate you guys following my blog.

  3. Boy are you one sided.

    You and the rest of Lilly cronies launched a dirty personal attack on Ms Garcia constantly spinning the facts/truth. You also avoid sticking to the issues important to El Paso, instead personally trashing a person's reputation (in a sexists manner I may add) to paint a false picture.

    The Lilly's camp started spinning the truth. Example: they stated that TEC rejected the complaint. WRONG - they never investigated, they could not proceed because of technicalities such as statute of limitations. Ms. Garcia has 21 days to to amend the complaint to comply with TEC's 'form' to investigate current misconduct, before TEC can launch an investigate. She has NOT vindicated herself!

    But for the Grace of God, we can all be in LNG shoes with the IRS. At least Ms. Garcia comes and openly talks about her mistakes to the media. Why will Lilly not come and talk about the criminal charges and lawsuits and clear up the shadow lurking over her? Lilly is absent from all media interviews and debates.

    Where is Lilly? in the following interviews?

    Ms. Garcia debt is between her and the Feds and has nothing to do with El Paso. On the other hand, criminal charges and lawsuits against Lilly DOES involve El Paso and how she treats her constituents. If she is not using her power to bully her tenants, El Paso residents, then come and explain to the media and constituents your side of these charges.

  4. What is the connection of "Some Dude" to the girl in the photo? is she the one who receives the e-mail?


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