Monday, May 9, 2011

What's In Store For KHRO? (humor)

I can't confirm this rumor but I have been told that KHRO 1150 AM in El Paso, Texas has a new program lined up. As many of you know, KHRO pulled its local talk radio format and went to all national syndicated talk shows earlier this year. It was a  smart financial move but the people of El Paso, who won't spend a dime to advertise on the station but sure will complain about it, want more local politics.

So management has put together the new dynamic duo. A pair of guys that will compete with a similar type program by Fox News. Here is a glance of what the station is working on.

Haggerty & Holmes

The show will feature County Commissioner Dan Haggerty who will represent the views of the Republican Party and Jaime Abeytia who will spend most of his time calling Haggerty a biggot and a racist while finding every way possible way to blame George W. Bush for all of Obama's failures. So that means he will be representing the Democratic Party's views.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but I have been told that both parties are in negotiations. I hear Haggerty wants a nice comfy chair with big cup holders and Jaime want's the latest multi-media gadget so he can take a picture, video and audio of Haggerty making comments about Indians. We'll have to wait and see if management can pull this off. Stay tuned for the latest information pertaining to El Paso's local political talk radio.

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