Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What We Want For Christmas

Did you get what you wanted under your tree this year? Did you get the latest video game console, the newest camera, cell phone, MP3 player or any other multimedia gadget? Many people are so worried about giving and receiving insignificant gifts that they forget that there are people out there that ask for little things that most of us just take for granted.

Take little Alex for example. Alex Cisneros is the 5 year old little boy I wrote about a few months back who had a rare case of leukemia. He had asked to meet Shakira when she was in El Paso for a concert. Little Alex was not able to meet Shakira. He was out of town in a hospital receiving a bone marrow transplant the week of her concert.

It has now been about 77 days since Alex received the transplant. Doctors had originally told his parents that he would have to stay for at least 100 days so they could monitor him and make sure there were no complications.

This Christmas was different for Alex and his family since they are so far from home. Yet the family couldn't be happier because Alex has another chance at life. Alex didn't ask Santa Clause for a new bike or any toys this year. Alex told his father that he was going to ask Santa to let him go home.

Alex's transplant has gone so well that he is down to one visit to the clinic a week instead of the two visits the doctors had originally scheduled him for. He is full of energy and it seems nothing could stop him. The doctor's have told his parents that it looks like they will not need to stay the 100 days after all. I guess St. Nick came through once again. He is a very busy man and tends to come through on special cases like this.

So if you know someone who is complaining that they didn't get what they wanted for Christmas please share this with them. And remind them that there are many more stories like Alex's out there. Stories of people who ask for the simplest things like being able to go home and sleeping in their own bed.

This Holiday Season I ask that you please keep Alex and his family in your prayers.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Already Wednesday......

I was notified that a faithful reader, who I can't really consider a fan, decided to critique my post on El Paso being named the safest city on another blog. The Strezlin forum to be exact. I think that's great. You can find it under "El Paso Conservative Writers Overwhelm". We should all be able to engage in constructive conversation without resorting to name calling. Unfortunately that didn't happen. He made a pretty big deal about me saying that El Paso was on the safest cities list along with Philadelphia and Washington DC. Now they were on the same list, considering there are only 34 "big cities" on CQ Press' list, but they were not on the top ten as I may have led people to believe. My mistake, I take the hit for that.

But what he didn't question or critique was my comments on the actions against Police Chief Greg Allen. I went on the record and said that I believed that Sheriff Richard Wiles and the powers that be were trying to make Allen seem like he was an incompetent leader due to all the allegations his officers are racking up and ending up on the 10 o'clock news. They figure all the bad press would make people believe that consolidating the county and city law enforcement agencies would save money, solve the discipline problem and most importantly help Wiles become the supreme law enforcement agent in El Paso County like he has planned to be since his run for sheriff back in 2008. Those are some pretty bold allegations if you ask me yet the person did not even make  a slight remark about them. Why didn't he? Wiles has two years before he is up for re-election and I can see him being strategic in his every move. Wiles is the type of person that will bring somebody down to help himself rise. But I'll tell you what. I will be as relentless as his goons have been on me for the last three years. The tables are turned and the truth will come out. It is time that somebody takes out the "mighty" Richard Wiles. The media wanted nothing to do with this story, so I guess it's just me against Goliath. LET'S DO THIS!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

El Paso Is Named "Safest City" Yet Chief Allen Tired Of Playing The Game

El Paso was named the safest city with a population of 500,00 or more by CQ Press for 2010. On the outside this sounds like a huge accomplishment. But is it really? El Paso has been ranked second or third safest city for the last few years but was able to squeeze by other cities this year even though we are a skip, hop and a jump away from the world's deadliest city. El Paso was joined on the top ten list by cities we all know like Detroit, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Really? Those cities just don't scream out safe to me, or do they? I think this award is like naming El Paso the prettiest girl in an ugly girl contest. I also think it gives El Pasoan's a false sense of security and will cause people to walk around with their guards down

This list seems to be nothing but a public relations campaign for cities to improve their image and improve city official's chances of re-election or advancement. Don't get me wrong, I would love to live in the nation's safest city. But I want to feel that I am living there and not just told I am by some publication. Like I always say, show me don't tell me. Now a days people will say anything to make you feel better or to get you to buy their books.

Originally officials had said that Chief Allen was proud to announce the ranking. But in an interview with the local NBC affiliate in El Paso Chief Allen made a comment that might make people think that everything is not as good as our city government leads us to believe.
"I'm tired of playing the game and painting the picture that everything is under control,"
What does that really mean? In a meeting that will be held on a monthly basis Chief Allen said that he needs 300-400 and said that until the city start backing him things are going to start getting bad. Allen also said that the meetings were Wilson's idea.
"I'm just pushing for what I think we need. If I didn't do this I think I would be irresponsible in my duty as Chief of Police.
 The extra police officers would cost up to $50 million. Not something taxpayers want to hear right now. But our safety is at jeopardy. One of the local news stations got a comment from City Manager Joyce Wilson where she said that the Police Chief always wants more. I see the relationship between Chief Allen and the City Manager start to deteriorate. I like most El Pasoans don't want to see a tax increase but want to make sure we have enough police officers to keep us safe. So what can we do to get the police officers we need and not raise taxes? Easy........we can start by getting rid of the City Manager and her deputies. Why do we need a Mayor, eight City Representatives, a City Manager and four deputies? Now I don't have the exact numbers in front of me and I don't think we pay the City manager and her Deputies $50 million but there salaries could pay for many much needed officers.

Going out on a limb:

Joyce Wilson is used to dealing with a "yes ma'am" kind of police chief. As many people know former police chief and current El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles had a very good working relationship with Wilson. Too good if you ask me. Wilson is not used to dealing with someone who actually stands up for what he thinks is right. Now if you remember Richard Wiles came up with all sorts of certifications and awards for the police department just before he retired. He knew he was running for sheriff so he decided to fatten his resume to make his run for sheriff more appealing. As a candidate he ran on the idea of consolidating both the Sheriff and Police Departments. Wiles is a control freak and nothing would please him more than being the supreme law enforcement agent in El Paso. Now Wiles is getting help from all over the place for his run for complete supremacy. Chief Allen has only been in his current position for two years yet the media has attacked him and his department relentlessly. They want to paint Allen as incompetent to pave the way for Wiles to take over both the city and county law enforcement. But you have to remember, most of the officers you see on the ten o'clock news have been working for the department for over 2 years. Yeah, they worked for Richard Wiles. You will find that many of the accusations on the officers took place under Wiles' watch.

Let's go back to Wiles' run for Sheriff. He claimed that the number of complaints against police officers and the number of police officers fired had gone down under his watch. Yet he also cut the Internal Affairs department to save the city money at the same time. Why is that bad you ask? It sounds like a good thing on the surface. Doesn't it? For many years people have complained that IA had not investigated reports against officers properly. I can attest to that myself. Maybe cutting the department had something to do with that?

Many reports were "lost" and people would just get frustrated and not go back because they would loose faith in the system. Then there were people who were persistent and would do what ever it took to get the report filed properly. IA would find a way to not find enough evidence to charge the officer and drop the investigation. Fortunately the accusations would stay on the officers records. After a while the accusations would add up to the point where the police department could not afford keep the officer. Did they fire the officer? No, why would they? They would force the officer to resign. Doing that would allow the number of police officers fired to remain low and would allow the bad officer to apply at another law enforcement agency. It was a win win situation. This practice is commonly known as the El Paso shuffle. If Richard Wiles had done his job properly then we wouldn't see as many police officers on the ten o'clock news. I'm not saying he should have fired all the police officers, that would have only put us in a worse position, but if he would have been a good leader he would have had better control over his officers. Better training and stricter disciplinary actions would have kept the officers in line and would not have allowed them to get to the point where they had to steal from a wedding party or shoot an innocent man after a minor fender bender. Its called policing your own.

I'm calling it right now. Joyce Wilson and the powers that be will do what ever it takes to continue making chief Allen like he is incompetent so Richard Wiles could just come in with his consolidation plans and take over as the head law enforcement agent in El County. Call me crazy but just keep and eye and an ear out on what goes on with this. You will see that I am pretty darn close. I have dealt first hand with Richard Wiles and know what he is capable of.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Judge Finds Obamacare Unconstitutional, I Find It Un-American

A Virgina judge has ruled that the new health care law is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson gave conservative Americans a small victory on Monday. Two other judges, a federal judge in Michigan and a federal judge in West Virginia had ruled in favor of the current administration's healthcare law. A federal judge in Pensacola Florida is set to hear a case filed by 20 attorney generals. That will be the biggest challenge to Obamacare.

That is why I say it is a small victory. Liberals still have two judges on our one. Hopefully that will change. Now liberals are probably asking themselves. What kind of judge would rule that Obamacare, the healthcare plan that is supposed to  save all and cure all, yet words like "doughnut" hole are used to describe its so called universal coverage, was unconstitutional?

I'll tell you what kind of judge would do that. One of those darn crazy judges who actually believes in this old piece of paper that our country was founded on. That old piece of paper that gives the power to the people. The piece of paper that allows the people to get rid of the government if they deem the government has too much power. 

Let's Break It Down:

What does UNCONSTITUTIONAL mean.  Maybe if we understand what unconstitutional means then we can see how this healthcare law is in fact unconstitutional. Let me break it down a little for those in the class who may not understand. The rest of you please be patient. Un- means the opposite of; contrary to. Constitution means the fundamental law: law determining the fundamental political principles of a government, both definitions according to Those Princeton people might know a thing or two. Now defines unconstitutional as not in accord with the principles set forth in the constitution of a nation or state. Either way you look at it both describe Obamacare. It just goes against the principles of this country.

Now most liberals might say, well its in everybody's best interest. Really? Is the doughnut hole just something "truthers" are just making up? Or does it leave some people out? Is Obama care going to cover those who are struggling to pay their mortgages so they can't afford the coverage? Or will they be punished with a  "tax" because federal law penalizes those who do not purchase the product? Is that in their best interest?

Don't get me wrong. Something had to be done about the out of control healthcare system here in the US but socialized medicine was not the answer. Regulating medical malpractice pay outs would help make healthcare affordable for more Americans , eliminating the miles and miles of billing paperwork would help, regulating what doctors and hospitals could charge for an Asprin would help, eliminating billing fraud would go a long way and some agents might not want to hear this but regulating, not limiting commissions would also help make coverage affordable. Health Insurance is a very lucrative business. Liberals are jumping up right now and blaming it and everything that is wrong with this world on capitalism. They must think that the lab tops and smart phones they are reading this on are all thanks to socialism. Oh wait. Let me say it right. Thanks to social programs. 

After it is all said and done I like many others find that forcing people to participate in socialized medicine is just plain Un-American. There is nothing that resembles apple pie about it. Obamacare is more like a mud pie and we are all getting our faces shoved in it.

Rep. Norma Chavez Sends Out A Dedication

Outgoing State Representative Norma Chavez was on KHRO 1150 yesterday on the Hector H. Lopez show. For those of you who may live under a rock, Rep. Chavez lost to Representative elect Naomi Gonzalez in an all out cat fight in the valley known as District 76. The race was very close and went into a run off where Gonzalez was able to unseat the long time incumbent.

Chavez was known if not infamous for being on two specific shows on KHRO 1150. But with the departure of Paul Strelzin and her recent fall out with Jaime Abeytia you would think she would hang up her talk radio shoes. That wasn't the case as she decided to take over the Hector H. Lopez show. Maybe she is looking for a career in radio now that she has some free time starting January 1st. Why not? Barbara Perez was on the same station. Maybe she can take her old time slot since management is making so many changes.

Now I didn't catch the whole show as I was in and out of my vehicle trying to make a living. For those who are wondering, yes I can hear AM stations in my vehicle now. But I did get to hear her talk about "a radio host". She didn't mention any names but she did say he was on in the morning and that he should check his facts before he talks about her. Now KHRO 1150 is a Talk Radio station. Music is not normally heard but on this day Norma Chavez played this song and only dedicated it to "you know who you are". You have to love the politics involved with talk radio!

But to be honest, I would like to see these two kiss and make up. How can they go from 60 to zero in less than 3.2 seconds? It just doesn't make any sense.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I Need Wikileaks

Does anyone know if Wikileaks is for hire?

Julian Assange of Wikileaks has created such a stir recently that some people have called for his assassination, have threatened to charge him with treason, claim he is putting our troops lives in danger while others defend his actions and say that he is only releasing documents he had been authorized to release and releasing information that people need to know.

Wikileaks recently released some information about the Mexican government and their ongoing battle with the drug cartels. So that means Mr. Assange has some pull all over the world. My question is. If this guy is so good, can he get the audio of convicted Judge Manuel Barraza being offered a bribe and sex for favorable rulings? Or can he get the video of the money transaction itself? I'm just asking. So many people claim that he is innocent and will be vindicated one day. This would just finally put this issue to rest.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

LNRC of Texas Press Release

For Immediate Release

December 7, 2010

Statement on Proposed Tax Deal

The Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas (LNRC) applauds the work of Congressional Republicans in reaching a proposed deal with President Obama that will extend the Bush era tax cuts to all levels of income, a reduction in the payroll tax, and a cut in the estate tax.

“I am appreciative that an agreement has been reached concerning the tax cuts. I’m certain these cuts will have a positive impact on our economy and will prove to be of great help as working families and small businesses all across our country breathe a sigh of relief,” said Eric Garza, Vice Chairman.

In return for this deal, the president will receive a 13-month extension of unemployment benefits. Chairman Artemio Muniz said, “While I commend the work Republicans have undertaken I am doubtful that extending unemployment benefits, during these difficult times, will do anything to boost our economic growth or create jobs. This is just bad policy.”

The LNRC is a nonprofit organization and an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas.


Media Contact:

Eric Garza, Vice Chairman
(956) 465-8499

Adryana Boyne, National Committeewoman
(979) 450-9238

Ivan Andarza, National Committeeman
(512) 775-3958

Bush Era Tax Cuts

Lets just clear something up real quick about these "tax cuts". First of all no one is getting a tax cut. By extending the Bush Era Tax Cuts neither the middle class or "the rich" will get tax cuts. They are just not going to have their taxes raised. So nobody will have more or less money in their pockets at the end of the tax year. Everything will stay the same. It is just amazing to hear those on the left get mad because they say "the rich" will be getting a tax cut.

Liberals being Liberals 

What bothers me is to hear liberals say things like "I could give a damn if the rich get a tax break" or  "all we care about is the middle class" on different media outlets. Now lets turn the tables around. What do you think would happen if someone who was considered to be a part of "the rich" went on FOX News and said "I could give a damn if the middle class gets a tax break" or "all we care about are those who make $250K or more a year"? The liberals would blow a fuse, start calling people dirty names, organize a protest and have fifty people in front of cameras shedding a tear as they tell their sob story.

What happened to equality? Does the equality card only kick in when the upper class has the upper hand on the middle or lower class? I thought equality meant equal, for all and not just for certain groups.

Democrats are upset that the President compromised with Republicans and extended the Bush Era Tax Breaks for one year. Republicans didn't get anything more for "the rich". All Republicans did was fight to keep things the way they were for everyone. Can you imagine what would happen if they acted like the Democrats and tried to keep the Bush Era Tax Cuts from being extended to the middle class and extended only for those who made $250k or more?

That's the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats only want what is best for a certain group when Republicans want what is best for everyone.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The President Gets A Subtle Hint From The Hispanic Caucus

The President received twelve stitches on his lip on Friday after receiving an elbow to the face during a game of five on five basketball. He was giving a clean bill of health by the doctor but as you can see in this picture the injury did keep the President from participating in the traditional delivery of the White House Christmas tree. He watched from a window with an ice pack on his lip as his wife and daughters received the Christmas tree that was delivered by a horse drawn carriage.

The person who landed the elbow on the presidential face was identified as Rey Decerega, the director of programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Even though the elbow was played off as and both the President and Decerega said they are looking forward to playing again, you can't stop and wonder. Does the elbow to the face represent the frustration of Hispanics due to the President's broken promises of addressing Comprehensive Immigration Reform? Should the President take these little hints a bit more seriously? Maybe now he will realize that Hispanics don't like to be lied to.

There were plenty of headlines about this story but my wife said it best:
"Le partieron la ?#@*&% (mother) a Obama!"   

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Time To Be Thankful.......A Time To Appreciate What We Have

The holidays have always been a difficult time for me. I have been through so much in my life that I have missed several holidays due to both good things and  some bad things. I have grown cold to these days when everyone is happy and full of holiday cheer. Some years I would  tell myself that there would be plenty more holidays to celebrate in the future when times where better to numb myself. I had missed so many holidays that missing another one wouldn't make a difference really.

But this year was different. Even though I have plenty of things that have gone wrong that I could be mad about,  I have plenty of things to be thankful for.

I am thankful for having a roof over my head and food on the table. I at one point found myself sleeping in other people's homes because I had no where to stay and no money to buy food.

I am thankful for my wife. I went through a really bad divorce in the past and I am glad my current wife had put up with me for almost four years now. She has been with me through thick and thin. OK, who am I kidding? Wait a minute. Take a look at my recent pictures, lets be a little more accurate. She has been with me through thin and thick.

I am thankful to be able to be with my kids. It has been three years in the making to be able to to have both of them with me for the holidays.

I am thankful for my job. Four years ago I lost my job of six years that I loved so much. The people who were responsible for me losing my job made finding a new one almost impossible.

I am thankful for my old friends who have stuck by my side. I lost several friends due to the bad things that happened to me. That only showed me who my real friends are.

I am thankful for my new friends. I have been surrounded by plenty of people both professionally and personally who have shown me so much support and who have accepted me even after they find out all I have been through.

I am thankful for my family. Even though they can drive me nuts sometimes I am glad that they are all still in my life.

But this year I am really thankful to have my freedom. Yes my freedom. Many of you who are patriotic are probably saying Amen right about now. But let me finish my statement. When I say I am glad to have my freedom I mean that I am glad to have my freedom back.

The last six years have been the toughest six years of my life. I have struggled with having my freedom trampled all over and eventually taken away three years ago. Why you ask? For speaking up about the injustices that go on in El Paso. My freedom was taken from me by corrupt elected officials.

Three Thanksgivings ago I had too make the toughest decision in my life. A decision that could have backfired and put me on the the path to destruction. On November 28, 2007 after missing yet another Thanksgiving with friends and family I decided to play the game known as the El Paso Justice System. The price to pay to play the vicious game was three years of conditional freedom. I was 29 years old and had to sign over my rights and most of my freedoms. I was a grown man yet had the same freedoms as a 16 year old boy.

Why would anybody do that?

I did it because I loved my family and I wanted to be with them. I also did it because I knew I had a better chance to prove my innocence and prove that I was being retaliated against by a corrupt elected official out in the free world instead of trying to do so while being shuffled around by the corrections department. In essence I gave up some of my freedoms so I could be free.

It is about 9:30 pm right now. In about two and a half hours I will be a FREE MAN. My three years of conditional freedom will officially be over. I have tried to live my life as normal as possible and done as much as I could to help others these last three years. I promised myself that I would not allow a corrupt elected official ruin my life or force me to live like a lower class citizen.

What I Am Thankful To God For:

I thank God for giving me the strength to endure all I have in the last six years. It hasn't been easy but it has made me who I am today. I thank God for giving me the will power to keep me from treating others like they treated me. I thank god for giving me the knowledge to share with others and hope that they don't go through what I have been through. And most importantly I thank God for giving me the voice to speak the truth.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

City Representative Votes To Put Item Back On Ballot Because She Was Uncertain Of The Voters Intent

City Representative Susie Byrd who represent El Pasoans who live in District 2 posted a very interesting comment on her blog on Monday November 15th. Yeah that's what I said. A city representative blogging?

(I had originally posted a comment on her blog but I do not expect it to get past moderation so I have posted a version of it here)
"But I can't say with certainty what the intent of the 39,016 people who voted in favor of the measure was. This was another reason that I felt that it would be important to put the measure back to the voters"
Are you serious? She wasn't certain? Really? Who is she to have to be certain about a vote before she can deem it acceptable? How elitist of her. What royal family does she think she belong to that gives her the right to have to be pleased at the snap of her fingers? Somebody wake her up from her dream and remind her that she represents the people and that the people have spoken. She has no right to go against the will of the people. Doing that will cost tax payers another $65,000 added to the $130,000 tax payers paid the first time around.

I can feel the critics breathing down my neck as I type this. So let me address them. Yes it was wrong for it to be put on the ballot the first time witch makes it even more wrong to put it on there a second time. Just because it "only" costs $65,000 this time around it doesn't make it half as wrong. If you want to speak mathematically it is actually makes it one and a half times wrong. If that makes any sense at all. Using words like only or minimal does not actually minimize the actual cost incurred by the tax payers.

I think that some members of city council are using this issue to bring publicity to themselves and are using it to parade their own personal agendas. Why should taxpayers pick up the tab for their performances on the stage we call City Hall?

A little food for thought. Some of the best leaders have been those who do things for the people when the cameras aren't even on.

El Paso LNRC Files FCC Complaint

The El Paso LNRC has filed a complaint with the FCC against Univision radio station KAMA 750 as of this morning. The El Paso LNRC complains that during the last election Teresa Fendi De La Cruz, host of Las Comadres heard M-F form 6-10am on KAMA 750 AM, continually attacked the Republican Party to her Spanish speaking audience and ignored request for an interview on air to respond to her remarks about the Republican Party being anti-Hispanic and not having a local Hispanic voice. They also complain that after several request for an interview they were then told that they would have to purchase air time for the interview. The LNRC requested to see an invoice that stated the amount that was paid by Border Network of Human Rights, a 501(c)(3), who had been on the program also bashing the Republican Party just days before the election. None was provided. Teresa then told the LNRC through an account executive, that there had been a misunderstanding and that she was very much interested in having the LNRC on her program but that it had to be after the elections. No interview has been done to date.

The El Paso LNRC does not ask that they get equal results, they only ask to be given an equal opportunity. The El Paso LNRC  will wait on the findings by the FCC before taking any further action.

What Would Our Former Presidents Say............?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

News Channel 9 Forgets So Easily; Issues With Police Abuse

KTSM News Channel 9, the local NBC affiliate in El Paso, Texas has been very critical of the actions of the El Paso Police Department and its accusations from residents of police abuse. They have ran stories for the last few weeks now not letting up on the constant coverage and criticism of the action or lack of by the department and its Internal Affairs division.

I agree that someone needs to look over the police department and I am in favor of a civilian oversight committee to help investigate police abuse accusations. El Paso has been plagued with police abuse dating back a couple police chiefs. Someone has to start policing the police and put and end to it.

The news station has reported on its newscast on how several El Pasoans have been harassed or have been victims of excessive force by police officers and that their complaints were not investigated properly. Kudos for them for doing that. But are they really reporting these stories because they want it to stop or are they reporting it just because it gets them good ratings?

I ask this very important question because not too long ago News Channel 9 had an employee who was in the middle of a police abuse investigation. Did they report it on the 10 o'clock news? No they didn't. Why?

The employee had been harassed for over four years by a couple police officers. The employee had made several Internal Affairs reports of excessive force and abuse only to be retaliated against by the police officers for doing so. The employee was arrested time and time again and gathered a collection of charges. A story was written about his complaints in June of 2006 by El Diario but was ignored by every other media outlet. The employee brought it to the attention of one of the anchors, Ben Swann, but did not mention the name of the officers or supervisors involved. After about a week of going back and forth over e-mail the employee felt comfortable enough to tell the anchor the names of the officers and supervisors involved.

All communications came to a screeching halt. Ben Swann avoided the employee at all cost. He would avoid the employee in the halls, Ben would go out of his way to not walk by the employees desk even though the desk was on the way to the recording studio. He stopped responding to e-mails and stopped answering the employee's phone calls. The employee was arrested once more a week later and was held in jail for five days. The employee notified News Channel 9 of his arrest immediately as he was being arrested. In fact he notified his employers before he even notified his family. When released the employee sat down with management and explained what had happened for the last for years and told them that the police officer once again had arrested him and charged him with a crime he did not commit. Management fired the employee anyway and said that they did not want an employee who had so many problems. The employee was asked to empty out his desk, asked to turn in his keys and was escorted out of the building.

The former employee was forced to let justice take its course. His family hired what they were told was a good lawyer. Boy were they mistaken.The lawyer wanted him to sign for a "good deal" he had got him. The lawyer said he would get out in half the time since the prisons were so full in Texas. But the employee refused to spend one day in prison for a crime he did not commit and did not sign the offer from the District Attorney's Office. An overzealous Assistant District Attorney had been trying to put the former employee in prison for the last four years due to the constant arrest by the abusive police officer.

The former employee had his day in court. He went against his lawyers advice and testified on his on his own behalf. It was the first time in almost five years of being drug through the judicial  system that the former employee was able to speak his mind in court. It worked! The judge heard the former employee speak from his heart. The former employee spoke about all the times the police officer had arrested him. He talked about being followed by the officer at work and at restaurants, he talked about the beatings and about the tazing he endured. He spoke about how he had lost everything he ever had because of the police officer's actions. He lived in fear not knowing when the next beating was coming or if he would spend twenty years in prison for a crime he did not commit. The former employee remembered every detail of the day in question. After being falsely accused so many times he was forced to look at a crime scene like an investigator.

The officer took the stand and was asked a series of questions. He gave three different versions of what happened. His palms were sweaty and he was looking down and could not make eye contact with the judge. The judge was able to see that the officer was lying. The judged stopped the hearing and dropped all the charges on the former employee. The judge also put an order that kept the police officer and four fellow police officers 200 yards away from the former employee. Was that vindication?

The former employee's lawyer stood up, shook his hand and told him congratulations. The former employee pulled back his hand and asked. Congratulations for what? What just happened? Why don't I feel happy?

The former employee had lost his job, his residence, his vehicle and the ability to see his son thanks to five years of harassment and abuse by police officers. Yet News Channel 9 did not rehire the former employee after all charges were dropped.

Who is News Channel 9 to talk about not properly investigating police abuse accusations? They turned their backs on an employee that told them he was a victim of police abuse. Maybe he should have approached them during rating sweeps. The former employee attempted to talk to the media in the past but was ignored. The former News Channel 9 employee thinks its time to start talking about his ordeals with the El Paso Police department and his former employer again.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Victor Houston Controversy

Victor Houston was a radio host on KHRO 1150 AM that could be heard Mon-Fri from 10AM-11AM. But don't tune in to catch his show this week. He was given a five day suspension starting on Monday for controversial comments he made about police brutality and about some police officers in the Bay Area. Let me tell you a little bit about him first. Victor Houston is a sixty ear old man from San Francisco, a Vietnam Veteran and a member of the original Black Panther Party. He's not your typical El Paso radio personality. He brings a very unique perspective to the airwaves. Unique can be good in a sea of same old same old. But unique can also be bad when people are used to the same old things and are not open to something different.

Now I don't agree with most of what he says but I would never go out of my way to get him off the airwaves. I do understand that he might have crossed the line by making the comments he made but I don't think it warranted a five day suspension. A slap on the wrist, put him on a probationary period and make him give an apology to the listeners and that would have sufficed. But instead he is on a five day suspension and you have his replacement fielding calls on the issue and hanging up on those who thought Victor should have been suspended.

I was listening to his program the day he said the insensitive comments. That's all they were........insensitive. I didn't even realize what he had said. He speaks in a monotone voice so it's not like he was exiting any mobs by any stretch of the imagination. The comments didn't exactly knock anyone out of their chairs. Someone had to have been hanging on to every one of his words to have reacted that way. There are not too many people who do that during his show.

 Look at it this way, if being insensitive would get you a five day suspension most of us wouldn't hardly ever sleep in our own beds.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not justifying his actions. I just don't agree with the punishment. I think it was excessive. But thats not the worst part. Now the phone lines are are packed with people calling in defending or attacking his comments all day long. Victor wasn't exactly the worst host ever but he sure isn't the next best thing to sliced bread as his temporary replacement paints him to be.

What I don't understand is if Victor's statements were so wrong, why are they available to be heard on the station's website? If they were wrong for him to say in the first place then I think it is wrong for someone to make them available so they could be heard over and over. If you sensor Victor I believe that you have to sensor his comments as well. Why allow others to commit the same offense and not be punished?

Click here to judge for yourself. His comments are made towards the end of the 12 minute audio provided on the station website. You might miss them if you don't pay close attention.

I'm going to post  a poll asking if his suspension was justified or not. But don't worry, I'll throw the word "only" in there and ask for a new poll if I don't like the results. If city council could do it and charge taxpayers for doing it, why can't I do it for free?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Local Spanish Language Radio Station Can't Handle The Truth

During the last election Spanish Language radio personality Teresa who is on the morning show "Las Comadres" took it upon herself to bash the Republican Party on a daily bases leading up to election day. But she didn't just do it on her own. She had help from Fernando Garcia, the Executive Director of Border Network For Human Rights. You know, that nonprofit  501(3)(c) organization. They told the audience that the Republican Party was anti-Hispanic and anti-Latino claiming there was no Hispanic voice in the party. Several members of the El Paso LNRC tried calling in to the show but were not given the opportunity to go on air.

The El Paso LNRC requested an on air interview so they could talk about Hispanics in the local Republican Party and how crucial they were to the party. They were just asking for an equal opportunity, not equal results. The request was not answered for about a week. The election was only a few days away and the timing was very important. The LNRC had purchased air time on three Spanish language radio stations to urge Latinos to go out and vote, KAMA 750 was one of them. The LNRC spoke to the account executive who handled the media buy and asked for her help. The account executive spoke to the host then came back with what we thought was a joke.

The account executive asked if we would consider purchasing the air time? She said that they normally sold the air time during the show and then offered to get the LNRC a quote. We said, sure. We told her we were aware that BNHR was on the "Las Comadres" program and if she would show us the invoice that stated how much BNHR had paid for their air time then we would be happy to pay the exact amount. The account executive called us back and told us that there was a misunderstanding. She told us that the host was really interested in having us on her show............but it would have to be after the elections. How convenient.

Teresa talked bad about the Republican Party not expecting anybody to be able to come out and speak in Spanish against her. She had an unfair advantage in the past because there were not many Spanish speaking Republicans who would step up to the plate. But things have changed in El Paso thanks to the LNRC. We have members who are fluent in Spanish who can take on liberal Spanish speaking radio host who like to mislead people. We also have members who were born and raised in Mexico and in other countries who migrated both legally and illegally to the U.S. who can speak on behalf of other immigrants and open their eyes to the truth. Spanish speakers have heard the same gospel for many years that they started believing the rhetoric. Radio hosts like Teresa have to realize that times have changed. Their monopoly of the airwaves no longer exists. Hosts like her can run but they can't hide from the truth. The Spanish speaking Republican is here, there and everywhere. We are tired of being misled and being taken for granted. We will go out and bring out the truth. We were promised changed. We are the real change!

I asked an expert for some advice on this matter. I wanted to know what could be done about it. I expected to have to sit down and hear a long speech. But instead I was only given three letters.


Guest Post: Critique of Ouisa Davis

By Rick E. Ybarra

Here is the latest installment of Ouisa's taxpayer-funded (she's an El Paso County employee) crusade against Republicans.

Come on, you guys, it's up to all of you to put a stop to this.  You guys are the El Paso County taxpayers that pay Ouisa's salary.  Yet, she continues to use the EP Times as her pulpit with which to argue for higher taxes, more government and fewer conservative policies. In this article, she blames NAFTA and welfare reform on the GOP of the 1990s, when in fact,those were two pieces of legislation that were made law by the stroke of President Bill Clinton's pen.    

Ouisa says that this was an "ugly, hate-filled campaign season."    I have to assume that Ouisa is largely referring to the Tea Party since she certainly won't highlight the actions of SEIU (and other union) thugs that berate and beat political opponents (i.e. conservatives). Ouisa says that social progressives "won't crawl back in to bed." She's right about that; they will always be there agitating for their "progressive" agenda.It's time to put Ouisa's column to bed so contact Dan Haggerty and the rest of the County Commissioners and put an end to this.  Remember, the
Commissioners and Ouisa work for you; it's not the other way around. Also, contact the EP Times and voice your complaint but don't stop there. Complain loudly to the EP Times advertisers and, in short order, Ouisa's column will be history.  

About the writer:

Rick E. Ybarra is a former El Pasoan who was raised in Anthony who now lives in Austin. He still has friends and family who live in the El Paso area. Rick's love for his hometown and his desire to make it a better place to live is very admirable. He reads every website and watches every newscast having to do with El Paso. He honestly keeps himself more updated on what goes on in El Paso than most people who actually live here do.

About Ouisa Davis:

Ouisa Davis is the Chief-Friend of Court Division in the County of El Paso's Domestic Relations Office and is a  licensed attorney with the State Bar of Texas. She also writes a column for the El Paso Times where each column is closed with:
"Ouisa D. Davis is an attorney at law in El Paso. E-mail:"

Rick brings up a very good question. Should a county employee be writing for the El Paso Times stating her very partisan beliefs? Or should she be doing the job that she is being paid for? But then again she works in a department that is  not mandated. The county is in a budget shortfall, maybe we should get rid of this department that way she could write all the columns she wants without having to hear tax payers complain and the county can get closer on balancing their budget. Hey, thats sounds like a win-win situation. Who said no good ideas ever come out of this blog.

OK, put your hands down, it was a rhetorical question!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Republicans Came Out Ready To Fight

I took this picture of my four year old a couple months ago. It was one of those random poses that you really don't think much about. We were at a baseball game, what did this have anything to do with baseball? It was a Republican sponsored event and he was telling all in attendance that the Republicans were going to come out ready for a good fight. He was standing on the Diablo's dugout where everyone could see him when he posed for this.

Even though the liberal media watered down the accomplishments of the local Republican Party by focusing on the antics of a candidate who lost instead of talking about the candidates who won, we know that the El Paso Republican Party landed some pretty hard blows to the vulnerable body of the over confident Democratic Party in El Paso.

The local Democratic Party may have not been knocked out but they did go home with a few less seats, a black eye and a sore jaw.

With a couple wins under their belt, the El Paso Republican Party is ready to bring more contenders to the ring. Look for stronger candidates coming out of the Republican camp for 2011 and 2012.

Look out for this little guy in 2024!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is It Me Or Does The El Paso Sky Have A Slight Purple Haze To It Today?

Last night was a great night for Republicans across the country and was a pretty good evening for the El Paso Republican Party as well. Republicans may have not been able to turn El Paso red but there was a slight purple haze in the sky today.
Republicans were able to take back the seat in District 78 by beating a Freshman of The Year award winner, defeated a 22 year incumbent who sat on the School Board of Education and took out a temper tantrum throwing Congressman in District 23. They were also able to retain  the seats for County Commissioner #4 and Justice of the Peace #7.

It literally was only a handful of wins but they were wins the Democrats would have liked to have had. Congratulations to Dee Margo, Charlie Garza, Quico Canseco, Dan Haggerty and Bruce King for their well deserved wins. Their wins will literally start moving El Paso in the right direction.

I want to take this time to congratulate all the Republicans who had their name on the ballot yesterday. We admire you and your families for putting everything on the line to try to make a difference. Your hard work may have not earned you a position  in office but it has earned our respect. The El Paso Republican Party is heading in the right direction and you were an essential part in making it happen.

Open Letter To Tim Besco

Dear Mr. Besco,

I want to congratulate you for your hard work in this last Congressional race. Throwing your name in the hat for any race is very admirable. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and leaves you with very little sleep. It takes a toll on your personal life, your employment and as you have learned it takes a toll on your bank account. Unfortunately things didn't turn out the way you or many in El Paso would have liked them to have turned out. I understand that you are going through so many emotions right now and might be a little confused. It is only natural for someone who has gone through what you have to feel that way and may have to vent. I have found myself needing to release some stress and find that saying things that I normally wouldn't say helps me deal with that built up anger. But I normally don't go out and say them publicly.

You had some good points in your e-mail. There were certain things that could have been done a little bit better.  But coming out and publicly blaming everyone is uncalled for and unprofessional. I take exception the the negative comments about the LNRC and the fact that you named me in your hate letter.

The El Paso LNRC supported your campaign even when you felt that other auxiliaries did not. We at no time had a candidate that was not Republican speak at any of our meetings. If my memory serves me correctly, one of our members held at least one if not more fundraisers for you. We waved signs for you on the street the weekend before the election. We invited you to every one of our meetings. You only attended one of our functions but we never took that personal. We knew you were working hard on the campaign trail.

I posted a link to your website on my blog. I was on KHRO 1150 promoting your campaign this last Friday and had to deal with attacks from everyone for doing so. I did so because  I believed in you and your campaign. I can understand where your anger is coming from but I do not appreciate you saying I worked against you. I could have easily responded to your e-mail in the same manner you wrote it in. I could have blamed the whole world for my short comings while using four letter words hoping to insult everyone and their brother doing so. But I didn't. I try to conduct myself in a civil manner.

You have to have thick skin, patience and a lot of tact to be able to survive in the political arena. Having a good support group would also help . I am not a professional or an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but it is my personal opinion that you could have done better if you would have not had the struggle between the party and your help. Having a good strategy is always good, but the delivery of the strategy is equally if not more important. The delivery of your strategy was a little rough around the edges to say the least. It was your helps job to make sure your delivery was as smooth as a baby's bottom. But I do agree with you when you said that it was the party's responsibility to support your campaign. There was obviously a break down in communication. I believe that with the right help and support you could have had a real chance at winning.

I am sorry to hear that you are as upset as you are and I am sorry to hear that you will be stepping away from the political arena. Maybe you need some time to blow off some steam and stepping away for a little while will help you get your life back to normal. But I will leave you with some advice. Next time you need to vent, open a window or a door. Sending angry e-mails only makes things worse. If you find that you have to send out a mass e-mail, make sure that you use more than four letter words and that you check your own facts. Sometimes we make a decision based on bad information we are given by others.

I wish you luck in your future endeavors and I thank you for running for the 16th Congressional District.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Democrats In Texas Trying Anything For A Vote

Is it me or are Democrats trying to sound conservative to try to get Republicans to vote for them?

Joe Moody who is running for Representative of District 78 used the words "Secure The Border" in one of his ads while Bill White who is running for Governor ends his latest ad by calling himself a "fiscal conservative". Is that enough to get Republicans to ditch their principles and cross over to the DemocratIC side? I think not. I think its the Democrats way of grabbing at straws.

Many people across the country are tired of waiting for the change that was promised by our current President. His low approval rating and people's discontent with Congress seem to be bogging down the efforts of those running on the Democrat ticket.

Many rode the wave in with the Obama Tsunami in 2008. They are now noticing that the water is retreating and that the same storm that brought many of them in will be taking them right back out to sea. Freshman of The Year Award winners will be one hit wonders soon.

Dee Margo Has More Than A Dimple In Common

Yesterday I helped the Dee Margo Campaign do some phone banking. Our group of volunteers was able to make over one thousand phone calls in just two hours. Thats a lot of calls. At the end of the two hours Dee thanked everyone of the volunteers who gave up their Monday evening to help him get elected.

He looked tired yet determined. You could tell he had been at the office all day and probably had a couple more hours before he went home. But he took a few minutes to talk to me like he always does. I walked into his office, remember he is the CEO of JDW Insurance. How many people can say that they walked in to the office of a CEO and just started talking.

Like many of you know I take my four year old everywhere I go. He has been to more political events and taken pictures with more political figures than most grown ups will ever have the opportunity to in their lifetime.

In fact he was just elected as the chairman of the LLNRC. (Little Latino National Republican Coalition)

Dee picked Ian up and pointed out that they both had a dimple.

Everyone aaawed at the cute similarity. But then I realized, Dee and Ian had a whole lot more in common than just a dimple.

Many of you might not know but Ian is my step son. His biological father is Anglo born and raised in El Paso and his mother is from the small town of Apatzingan in the state of Michoacan, Mexico.

Looking at Ian you see a little gringo with spiky hair. You would never think that he understood the Spanish language or that he was Hispanic. In fact most of his teachers don't either. They speak to him in English and so do all of his friends because he is the guerito, the little white boy for those who don't speak Spanish.

Ian doesn't go around telling everyone that he is Hispanic or Latino. He is a four year old with a big heart who just wants to play with everybody no matter what their skin color is or what language they speak. He is a good little boy who shares his toys with everyone and is always trying to make new friends.

But when Ian does say something in Spanish on the playground, the kids look at him and laugh. They tell him that a little guerito like him shouldn't be speaking Spanish. They start calling him names in Spanish and run away leaving him feeling lonely and confused. But what happens the next time those kids come around knocking at the door? Ian goes outside and lends them his toys and even shares his candy with them. He doesn't hold any grudges. He treats them like he would like them to treat him.

Kids can be very cruel, but so can adults. One day I hope Ian can grow up to be the CEO of a company and maybe even run for some sort of office. I just hope that people will judge him by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Susana Martinez Runs On Track Record Not Race Or Gender

Susana Martinez is running for Governor of New Mexico against Democrat Dian Denish. 

She could very well be on her way to being the nations first Latina Governor. Yet in an interview with the local NBC affiliate in El Paso, Martinez told the reporter that she did not want people to vote for her because she was a women or Hispanic. She wanted them to vote for her because of her track record.

That is very admirable on her part. She would rather win or loose on her track record than to win by playing the race or gender card. That tells you that she is speaking from her heart and wants to represent her constituents. She wants to earn what she gets and not get something handed to her just because she is a female or a minority.  That is the true conservative way.

I know I don't live in New Mexico but I urge all New Mexicans to go out and vote for Susana Martinez!

Sheriff's Department Returns My Call

So I get a call back from the Sheriff's Department. I asked the lady who returned my call if Bill Ellis was at work today.

 She talked to someone in HR, told me that he was at work today but also said that he was on his on time. Thats funny because I had never asked her about where or what Mr. Ellis was doing on or off any time. I had actually left her a voice mail earlier inquiring about an employee, but never mentioned the employees name.

I could tell Ellis and his people had gotten wind of my accusations just by the way they answers a question I had not asked yet.

When I continued and asked if he was a salary or hourly employee the lady asked if she could transfer me to HR person she had been talking to. I said sure no problem.

And guess what happened........I got transfered to another voice mail. I think I should take this to the county attorney's office. You know, the office that should be representing the Sheriff and all of his department. Maybe she can answer my questions.

Fun With Following The Rules

My buddy Jaime decided to take my picture and write what he thought was something funny. The funny thing is that I have the actual regulations for political signs.

§ 255.007. NOTICE REQUIREMENT ON POLITICAL ADVERTISING SIGNS. (a) The following notice must be written on each political advertising sign: "NOTICE: IT IS A VIOLATION OF STATE LAW (CHAPTERS 392 AND 393, TRANSPORTATION CODE), TO PLACE THIS SIGN IN THE RIGHT-OF-WAY OF A HIGHWAY." (b) A person commits an offense if the person: (1) knowingly enters into a contract to print or make a political advertising sign that does not contain the notice required by Subsection (a); or (2) instructs another person to place a political advertising sign that does not contain the notice required by Subsection (a). (c) An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor. (d) It is an exception to the application of Subsection (b) that the political advertising sign was printed or made before September 1, 1997, and complied with Subsection (a) as it existed immediately before that date. (e) In this section, "political advertising sign" means a written form of political advertising designed to be seen from a road but does not include a bumper sticker.

Rumor says that after reading this post Jaime has accused David K of making up the whole transportation code just to prove him wrong.

Bill Ellis Lobbying On County Time And Your Paying For It.

Bill Ellis, the El Paso County Sheriff' Department's Executive Administrative Officer, was on KHRO 1150 AM today lobbying against the controversial city referendum that is on the ballot this election. The referendum  endorses family values and sets limits on who gets health benefits. The controversy stems from the word "only" that has some retirees worried about loosing their benefits.

Now Ellis did not go on the radio and say that he worked for the Sheriff's Department or that the Department endorsed his actions, but he did do it on what one would assume was County time. He was on roughly from 11:30Am-12:00PM today. I called the Sheriff Department's Human Resources Department  to see if he was at work today. The people who answered where more than happy to help me with my inquiry until they heard the name of the person I was inquiring about.

Once I would say the name "Bill Ellis" I would get transferred to another number that was only answered by a voice mail service. I would try calling back the last person and their answering system would pick up. That's very interesting. But it's not surprising.  I can almost assure you I'm going to get some B.S. answer like he was at lunch when he did it. But if my memory serves me right, he is a salary employee so theoretically he doesn't get an actual hour without pay to eat lunch so even if he is eating or at lunch he is being paid and represents the county of El Paso. Or at least thats what I believe is true.

Its not the first time he does it. A few weeks ago Ellis decided to stand up at the end of a debate hosted by the League Of Women Voters and lobby against the referendum.....while wearing a polo shirt that had his name and title on it. County employees are not allowed to be doing any type of political activities while on the clock or in uniform. Ellis has done both. Yet nothing is done.

Why can he break the rules?

Now Ellis said something on the air today that I actually agree with. He said:
"It's only the right thing to do"
The right thing to do is not to be taking part in ANY political activities while you are supposed to be at work. Why are the tax payers paying you to be a lobbyist? Why are we paying you in the first place? A few weeks ago we had the whole budget cut fiasco between the County Commissioners and the Sheriff's Association. Your position was brought up. We could have saved the County a quite a bit of money by getting rid of your unmandated position.

What was the justification for your position as Richard Wiles' personal on staff lawyer?

Sheriff Leo Samaniego had one. So what? It was unmandated then like it is now, the difference is  they weren't in a budget shortfall like we are now. So if your boss, Richard Wiles, is so interested in saving the county money like he claims, then he would get rid of you and your agendas and use the County Attorney like every other County employee does. You guys always talk about consolidation, consolidate legal representation.

Another thing, don't go around lobbying against this referendum without telling people why you are against it. I was taught to stand up for what I believed in and if you believe that gays should have health benefits then fight that battle. You and Richard Wiles lie to everyone telling them you are worried about the children and retirees when everyone should now truth. This referendum is not about kids or retirees, this is about both of your lifestyles. Oh, shut up, this is old news don't look surprised.

I can hear it now. Sammy pulled a Norma Chavez, or a Lisa D. Think again. This has nothing to do with with people's choice of lifestyle. This has to do with standing up to a misleading elected official and his cronies who use their positions of power to push their agendas.

If you don't remember our Sheriff is an elected official. Richard Wiles actually paid for the bill boards that tell people to vote against the referendum. Do you think it's right that our Sheriff and his on staff personal lawyer whose position is questionable should be taking part in these types of activities? Are our taxes paying these men to to lobby for their lifestyle? Someone needs to answer that question.

Does Advertising Gaffe Have Anything Nothing To Do With Politics?

This picture is for those who haven't seen one of these two signs off of I-10 and are wondering what the bloggers are talking about lately.

The conversation started when David K wrote about the flag on Silvestre Reyes' two billboards of off I-10. As you can see the flag seems to be backwards. As everybody knows the flag is supposed to be with the stars to the left. David K had mentioned some advertising guidelines that had been broken only to make Jaime Abeytia accuse him of falsifying the regulations to prove his point.

This should have been an argument about advertising and not about politics....


It has somehow been twisted into an attack on the Congressman by his supporters and in return his they have attacked the Congressman's opponents. What do they have to do with the lack of attention to detail of the people who made the billboard? I posted a comment on my own post saying it would happen.
"Let's see how long it takes Jaime to mention Tim Besco or Tim Collins on this one. We all know they had nothing to do with the whole flag SNAFU.."

But if we want to get political about it......let's look at the sign a little closer. Where is the disclaimer that is supposed to be printed "very clearly" on the bottom of the billboard? It is nowhere to be found. It is my understanding that Tim Besco was fined for not having it on his billboards. It was most likely pointed out by the Congressman's staffers or supporters. Where are their fingers now? The Congressman better set a little money aside for this blunder.

My Opinion

In all seriousness, I don't think this backwards billboard is an indicator of the Congressman's ability and should not  keep you from voting for the Congressman..........

What should keep you from voting for the Congressman is his inability to represent us in Washington. Its time we look the other way on the Congressman and vote him out of office!!!!!