Thursday, December 9, 2010

LNRC of Texas Press Release

For Immediate Release

December 7, 2010

Statement on Proposed Tax Deal

The Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas (LNRC) applauds the work of Congressional Republicans in reaching a proposed deal with President Obama that will extend the Bush era tax cuts to all levels of income, a reduction in the payroll tax, and a cut in the estate tax.

“I am appreciative that an agreement has been reached concerning the tax cuts. I’m certain these cuts will have a positive impact on our economy and will prove to be of great help as working families and small businesses all across our country breathe a sigh of relief,” said Eric Garza, Vice Chairman.

In return for this deal, the president will receive a 13-month extension of unemployment benefits. Chairman Artemio Muniz said, “While I commend the work Republicans have undertaken I am doubtful that extending unemployment benefits, during these difficult times, will do anything to boost our economic growth or create jobs. This is just bad policy.”

The LNRC is a nonprofit organization and an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas.


Media Contact:

Eric Garza, Vice Chairman
(956) 465-8499

Adryana Boyne, National Committeewoman
(979) 450-9238

Ivan Andarza, National Committeeman
(512) 775-3958

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