Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Effects Of Outcome Based Education

I went to my four-year-old's parent teacher conference this week and was shocked to hear how our kids are being taught at school. His teacher told me that they had rules they had to follow when educating these small children. She said it was a system called Outcome Based Education and she was forced to follow the curriculum if she wanted to keep her job of 14 years. She said she didn't agree with it but that she really had no choice.

My four year old came home a couple weeks ago and told me that his teacher had given him a sticker but that one of his little friends had taken it from him. I asked the teacher how she awarded stickers to the children. I was wondering what my child had done right to earn the sticker. My child had been acting up in school lately and I told the teacher that I had hoped that she didn't give him a sticker so he would do good because I believe that I child should be rewarded after they do something good and not given something to try to bribe him or "encourage" him to do something good. The teacher then explained to me that school policy stated that she had to treat every student equally. So she told me that if she gives one student a sticker she has to give every student a sticker. She told me that she used to have a chart with the kids names with stickers put by their names as they earned them. Unfortunately she was told she could no longer do that and was forced to toss out her rewards system.

What? No rewards system? How are children supposed to learn how to set and reach goals? How are kids supposed to learn that hard work pays off? No wonder I have been struggling with my child at home. He is being taught to expect a reward no matter what the outcome is.

What can we expect for our future? What kind of labor force are we going to produce?  How are we supposed to compete with other countries when are kids are being taught to be lazy?

The sad thing is that it doesn't stop there. Liberals like the idea of Outcome Based Education so much that they have incorporated it into politics as well.

Joe Moody's campaign has been reminding El Pasoans over and over that he was given the "Freshmen Of The Year" award. It sounds like a credible accolade. But is it?

It seems that the "award" was given by the Legislative Study Group, a "bipartisan" group led by liberal Rep. Garnet Coleman. The members include 49 Democrats and one Rhino, Rep. Tommy Merritt, to constitute the "bipartisan" label. Merritt was beat bad in the primaries and will be replaced by conservative Republican David Simpson. So much for bipartisanship.

It seems that every Democrat freshman House member has received some sort of happy face sticker by groups like the Legislative Study Group.  Democrat Representatives Carol Kent, Robert Miklos, Joe Moody, Marisa Marquez, Kristi Thibaut, and Armando Walle, all received "Freshman of the Year" awards. Rep. Carol Alvarado received a Distinguished Service Award, and Rep Al Edwards received the Legislative Champion Award.

So what are they going to call this? Outcome Based Legislation?

All of these Representatives have gone home to their home districts and have been showing off their pretty little stickers to their constituents in attempt to get themselves re-elected. Knowing what I know now, I look at the "awards" like I look at my child's sticker when he comes homes from school, as something worthless because he didn't have to do anything to earn it.


  1. Samuel, your little analogy is full of BS! First you say your 4 yr old was given a sticker bc of an award based system the teacher had, then you state she doesn't have one... Which one is it?? Then you go on to confuse what "bipartisan" means by stating the Republican house member was defeated in the primaries by another Republican, you say "so much for bipartisanship". Do you even know what that word means?? Do you know how many other Freshman Reps received the same award? You are a product of outcome based education, how else would you have been able to graduate from high school?? From what I've read it is not your scholarly prose. Stop thinking you're a political mover and shaker when you're not

  2. Lets break it down Outcome Based Education for you so you too can get a sticker.

    1. The teacher had a rewards system but was told she could no longer have one. She gave my 4 year old and ALL the other kids in the class a sticker.

    2.Bipartisan is when you have members of both major political parties participate, whether it be a bill, an act, a resolution or any other political action.

    3. To be bipartisan you have to have representation of both parties. With the Rhino loosing in the primaries then their only Republican is out and so is the "bipartisanship" definition of coarse.

    4. My post mentions 6(six) (seis) (sechs) (liu)other freshmen Reps who received the same award.

    5. A product of Outcome based education? While you may never hear me claim I am the sharpest knife in the drawer, my spelling might not be the best and sometimes my rambles have you begging for a map to be able to follow along, momma didn't raise no fool. Her little Samuelito was able to graduate with five years of math in just three years of high school. yeah, I decided to graduate a year early. I worked hard so I was rewarded by recieving my highschool diploma one year early while peopl like you were collecting as many stickers as they possible could. I then scored OK on my ASVAB test an went on to be an Avionics Technician on CH-46E helicopters where I worked on navigation, communication and control systems. Not too shabby for just barely turning 17.

    6. Me, a political shaker? Let people callme what they want, but you will never hear me claiming I am something I am not. I am simply somebody who blogs the truth. I don't blog about what I think, or what I have learned. And I have learned a whole lot the hard way. I usually blog about what I have lived through. My rants are fueled by my passion to change what is wrong in our city and not by an over inflated ego. I don't need or want any recognition. I would rather be an unknown and not have to deal with people posting insults on my blog. But its too late for that. After having my life turned upside down a few years ago by a couple corrupt politicians, I promised I would not ever let it happen again, to me or to anyone else. Am I going to save the world? Of coarse not. But if I could prevent one person from going through what I have been through, my struggles would have been worth it.

  3. What school is your 4 year old at?

  4. Different Sam here.

    What I am not understanding about your piece here is why you blame Democrats for outcome-based education? You label this a liberal philosophy when George W. Bush proposed and signed in the largest outcome-based education legislation this country has ever seen with No Child Left Behind. It had broad support across both aisles with Senator Ted Kennedy being one of the main proponents. However, it was based on the Texas model and the cornerstone of Bush's education philosophies.

    Being a teacher, I can tell you outcome-based learning is related to the curriculum and learning, but not behavior. The behavior policy of your child's school is not because of their curriculum. If it is, your child's school seriously misunderstands outcome-based education. I am also curious if your child goes to a public school? My wife teaches at an elementary school and she has a level system that informs the students and parents of the child's behavior. I believe she uses colors such as green, yellow, and red with green being good and red being bad.

    To your point about Moody and other Representatives being labeled a "Freshmen of the Year." While I think it is odd that there are six of them, I don't know if that in and of itself discredits the award or means he did nothing to earn it. I personally would be much more concerned about his policies than random awards and judge him based off of that.

  5. Different Sam here -

    I am not understanding your use of outcome-based education. Either you or your child's school do not know what it means. The fact that you blame this on liberal philosophy shows either your or your daughter's schools lack of understanding. The largest outcome-based education legislation ever enacted was by George W. Bush with No Child Left Behind.

    Being a teacher, I can tell you that outcome-based education is looking at the outcomes of curriculum and does not address behavior in the classroom. Somehow, you or the school has misconstrued this to mean every child should be treated equally. That is definitely not the case with TAKS tests in Texas or standardized testing anywhere else. How this become conflated with your child's rewards system is quite confusing to say the least.

    I am also curious if your child goes to a public school? My wife teaches at a public elementary schools and uses a rewards, or level system to inform parents and students of the student's behavior in school. She uses a stop light system with green being good and red being bad.

    To your point on receiving the "Freshmen of the Year" award. While I find it very odd that there are six winners of this award, that in and of itself does not make it meaningless, unearned, or invalid. I personally would base my preference for a candidate on their actions and not accolades, but I understand your point on why it should not be construed to necessarily mean Moody has been a great Representative.

    I'll try to post this again. Hope this works.

  6. Your blog should be called "ala ching...a mexican that calls himself republican?" Really, you must have eaten too many paint chips with lead to lean in that direction...just sayin.

  7. SammyC? Can you give us your last name? Show some courage and tell us more about yourself. Your profile is pretty sparse and weak. I am interested to know your background and how many good deportment stickers you earned. I as a Viet era vet also vied for stickers..They are called rank and medals. Sound familiar?

  8. Show some courage? Show that you can actually read! My last name is printed about an inch below the "about me" section. Go look. Right underneath the Facebook Badge. You can actually click on that link and you can see a more extensive profile, pictures of me, my family, many friends. You will see many of them are former Marines, guys I served with when I was a Marine. I don't know what a good deportment sticker is, but if it would make you feel better by making me itemize my career for you I will, or at least will try to. I received a good conduct medal, a ribbon for serving a tour in the middle east, a sea service deployment ribbon, a unit commendation, a letter of commendation from Boeing for my hard work and dedication on my tour in the middle east and a letter of commendation from the Commendant of the Marine Corps for my work in Operation Urban Warrior. Rank wise, I only made it as high as E-4. It was hard for a Hispanic to do the job that I did. I faced racism on a daily baises. I had to work twice as hard to get half of the recognition. But that didn't stop me. My father taught me that my hard work would pay off in the end. My hard work and dedication earned me the respect of many of my peers, pilots and other high ranking officers. I was also able to educate many who were not as open with or familiar with minorities. I was able to make them realize that people like me also bled red if wounded. I left the Marine Corps after five years of service and an honorable discharge.


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