Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Skeletons in My Closet? Oh Boy, Where Do I Start?

For the third time in two weeks someone has come to me asking if I have anything to hide. For the third time in three weeks I find myself giving someone a little history lesson and opening their eyes to what really happens in El Paso.

It is election season and everyone is looking for a reason to discredit or to minimize the efforts of those who try to do something possitive. I guess it is my turn. I have to take it as a compliment when someone thinks enough of me or what I write to have to try to break down my credibility. Its not the first time its happened. It happened in 2008 when I was helping out a campaign against Richard Wiles. Most of you are probably putting two and two together right now and are now realizing why I am so critical of Sheriff Wiles. If you guys only knew what that man is capable of.

Honestly,  I am surprised that it took this long to come out this election season. Well I guess it really hasn't come out.....yet. But rumors are starting to go around. Those who really know me know that I am more than willing to talk about my past. But is it good for me to come out talk about it right now?

Now timing is everything. I don't think it is a good time for certain elected officials to start talking about my past considering there is an election going on. Talking about these issues might hurt their party as a whole more than it would hurt my credibility. I guess to hurt my credibility I must have some credibilty. And I thought that my rambles really didn't mean much.

Let's stop and analyze this. We already have so many people indicted on this public corruption scandal that makes a certain party look bad as a whole. Would now be a good time to throw a couple more Democrats into the fire? I don't think the Democrats want to deal with this scandal right now. But who am I to say. Nobody really reads what I write or cares what I think anyway. Or do they?

I have had several people who follow my blog either directly or through Facebook who tell me that I release too much information on some of my posts. Honestly, I haven't released one tenth of the information. There is so much stuff that you guys just don't know about. Unfortunately it has been going on for solong that we have learned to tolerate it. I know there are several people on the edge of there seats right now worrying if I'm going to drop a bomb right now. I wouldn't be surprised if I get "talked to" before the next time I am on the air, that's if I am even allowed to be on the air again. At this point I have no idea what my future is on Fridays.

I really don't consider myself much of a controversial person on the radio. But for some reason the last couple weeks my comments have caused quite a stir. Come on, I wasn't the one who played a song that said "put me in jail........" and then dedicated it to myself. I'm starting to think that people are worried that I will just go into some crazy rant and start dropping all sorts of names to cause a huge controversy. Let's be honest. How many times have you heard me go on some crazy rant on air. Never. The opportunity is there and has been for about a year now yet I haven't done it. Why? Because that's not my style.

 It's just like the time I spoke at the Gubernatorial Forum at Coronado. The organizers had been told by an undisclosed source that I was going to go off on some sort of rant and put Bill White on the spot by asking him about Indian Gaming while I was on stage. That didn't happen.

Why? Because I am not an opportunist.

Now I won't be saying much on this post about my past but I will give you some advice. Be careful with what you look for, because you just might find it. I don't believe in denial. I believe that you should face your situations head on and not hide from them. Because we all things will always catch up to you.

But I will say that it be best to leave the door closed on this issue for now. I can assure you though that when the time is right the door will swing open and everything will come out. But if you are that person who is trying to open the door right now, make sure you and the people around you are ready for the fall out.

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