Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Problem With Voting For The Guy With The Spanish Last Name

I got into an on air discussion with my buddy on the left, Jaime Abeytia, about straight ticket voting. I told him that El Pasoans have a tendency to vote either straight ticket or vote for the guy with the Spanish last name.

They look at a ballot that has two names. Not knowing a darn thing about either candidates, realistically who follows Judicial races? The voter sees an Anglo last name and a Spanish sounding last name. Eight to nine out of ten times an El Pasoan will vote for the Spanish last name.

Several of you might be saying: What is wrong with that?

I'll make this short and sweet.

Si Uno Vota Simplemente Por La Raza...........
Nos Sale Otro Como Barraza!!!!!

I'll translate for the non Spanish Speakers.

If someone votes simply on the bases of race, we will get another one like Barraza.
This is referring to Judge Manuel Barraza who is currently serving time in a federal prison after being arrested and eventually convicted for taking bribes and asking for sexual favors for favorable rulings. But of coarse it doesn't rhyme in English as it does in Spanish.

Manuel Barraza defeated Judge Don Minton in 2008. He was arrested and charged after being on the bench for only three months. Barraza's campaign pushed the fact that he had over 30 years of experience as a defense lawyer when he ran. Look at him now. I bet he wishes he had gotten himself a better defense lawyer.

So make sure you vote for the right candidate. Don't vote straight ticket and don't take it for granted that the man or women is going to do a better job because he or she is of Hispanic or Latino descent.

As a Latino I would love to see more Latinos, who could better represent us get elected. But at the same time I hate to see a low life like Manuel Barraza ride the race card and make us all look bad. 

Keep Good Judges In Office; Keep Judge Antcliff in the 168th!!!!!!

Setting the Record Straight

No, I'm not saying Antcliff's opponent will be arrested and sent to prison like Barraza. What I am saying is that this Judicial race is very similar to the one between Barraza and Minton. You have a sitting Judge, who is Anglo,  who has  a proven track record and  has been appointed to several courts by the Governor. Then you have a lawyer, with no judicial experience, has a Spanish sounding last name and has no reason to run against the current judge. Except for the fact that he is a Democrat in a Democrat dominated county and if El Paso keeps doing what it has traditionally done, he has a very good chance of doing it. So don't get your panties in a wad and say that I promised that a Judicial candidate would end up in prison if elected.


  1. Who are you to say Barraza is a low life? He is currently awaiting appeal and will be vindicated. Many people could consider you to be a low life. Why say that? If you are so pro-getting the government corrupt people out of office or out of a job, you should do some research and investigate this case. You would be surprized to see how many rules were broken.

  2. Vindicated? What do you really know about Barraza?Not enough if you think he will be vindicated. You know that drug war that is going on across the border? Barraza represented many, many drug runners from the state of Michoacan. He is the official lawyer of the whole darn state of Michoacan. He has no morals,and will do what ever it takes to make a quick buck. First learn about Barraza then tell me about Barraza. I don not agree will law enforcement breaking any rules, but I know better to think that Barraza could ever be innocent. He was a judge, he took bribes, he is corrupt! He could appeal for the rest of his life, until he is declared inocent....he is guilty corrupt politician!!!!!

  3. Sammy is making a lot of sense, as a Latino it is our responsibility to educate ourselves about who we are voting for. That is why Latinos are taken advantage of and looked upon as the so called Zombie group. God also holds us accountable for what we stand for.


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