Monday, October 4, 2010

Joe Moody Has New Website.....Launched By RPT?

Today A new website was announced in a press release by Chris Elam of the Republican Party of Texas. The website features State Representative Joe Moody and claims that the Representative plagiarized a speech by Governor Rick Perry "in a taxpayer-funded newsletter to Moody's HD 78 constituents" and urges Texans to visit

The release goes on and states:
“Joe Moody's self-touted youth is no excuse for this plagiarism, and as a lawyer, he should have known better," said RPT spokesman Chris Elam. "But even worse than his unabashed plagiarism, is the hypocrisy borne out from the research that Joe Moody either voted against or tried to kill or alter the pro-business initiatives he carefully copied from the Governor’s speech. Joe Moody’s voting record clearly suggests he is for more and higher taxes, more regulatory burdens on small business and for rolling back tort reform in Texas.”

This will come as a shock to Moody supporters considering they were expecting some sort of attack on Moody being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The website does not mention any sort of silverware but does mention Joe Moody's mouth now that I think about it. 

I wonder how Bill White will feel knowing that Joe Moody is spreading Governor Perry's message? Will Joe Moody vote for Governor Perry? Well I think Governor Perry appreciates all the support he can get, even if it is from a Democrat State Representative.

Thanks Joe!

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