Sunday, May 22, 2011

Party Animal To City Representative.....She Just Can't Get Enough

For those who live under a rock and just happen to stumble on to this blog I will enlighten you with some of the back story before I get too ahead of myself.

Lyda Ness-Garcia is a candidate for El Paso City Council District 1. She is a lawyer and a business women who seems to have a problem with the IRS and owes over $190,000 in back taxes. Some reports say she owes up to $207,000, but whose really counting? She sure isn't.

The local media has mentioned her "alleged" problems with the IRS but has not called her out on it. I guess tax liens still classify her problems as allegations only. Instead she has a reporter by the name of Maria Garcia who finds any way she can to divert the attention of this very serious issue away from her and instead to some questionable acts by her opponent. I agree with the reporter putting her opponent on the spot for her "alleged" actions but I don't think it's fair that she gives Ness-Garcia a pass on her up to $207,000 of back taxes. How can this women represent her district and have a say in the city's budget when she can't even mange her own business? Maybe these pictures might shed some light on why she can't keep up with
her taxes.

Lyda Ness-Garcia is still fairly young. She is about 40 years old and has pretty much lived a privileged life. Her mother, who is a doctor who for BP in Houston, (yes British Petroleum, as in the people who spilled all that oil in the gulf. So much for being such a conservationist) has given Lyda everything she has ever wanted growing up but never lessons in how to treat people. Many people can attest to that. I think her mother should have put an end to that once she graduated college and started her own business. But who am I to tell anyone how to raise their 40 year old child?This 40 something year old is still a momma's girl who loves to go out and have fun but she doesn't let motherhood get in the way. Her fun and friends come first.

These pictures clearly show that Lyda Ness-Garcia is still trying to find herself. She has two kids, from two different fathers and is single. She hasn't found the right one so she is out having fun finding that person. She is hanging out with friends letting it all hang out, Mardi Gras is always fun with her friends,  just doing what 40 years olds do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Is there? Oh wait, she is 40 not 21.You would think that a City Representative candidate would already know where she was in her life and would think that a City Representative candidate would be focused on serving her constituents and not worried about who was going to be serving her next drink.

Is this the kind of person we want on City Council? Will she be able
to put the bottle down and concentrate on her job if elected? Will the people in these pictures be a part of her staff? Will she be able to pay off her back taxes and "learn her lesson" before she takes the oath of office? Will she be willing to write a check for $207,000 dollars to be elected for a position that pays nowhere near that? Who knows? She is the lady, I use that loosely considering she is drinking straight from the bottle, who has Danny Rollings doing her dirty work. We'll just have to wait and see to find out what Lyda Ness-Garcia is willing to do to pull this rabbit out of the hat.

I just though this video was fitting in so many ways.


  1. I still would not vote for Ann Morgan Lilly

  2. This could be a commercial for El Paso's night life.


  3. Not only is she a deadbeat citizen that doesn't pay her taxes, but also a deadbeat mom that gets drunk with her new born baby. This woman should be poster mother for Adult Protective Services, not trying to represent a district of a city.


  4. Y'all jump to conclusions. Having a glass of wine is getting drunk? You Puritanical hypocrites. You dont drink beer at BBQs or dinners? Then you use an obviously old picture and judge her. Are we supposed to roll over and die after we have a kid? She has no criminal record and other then a dinner picture with a "wine flight" that looks like nofish we have no evidence she boozes it up with her Kids in tow. You all are pathetic.

  5. The bbqs I have attended I have never seen a 40 year old mother drink out of a Wine bottle. Every picture she is not holding one social cocktail, she has several cocktails including liquor bottles.

    This must be normal behavior for at the "Party on Wane" mothers out there.


  6. I agree John! Is Sammy casting stones ... Really?!?!

  7. A mother who drinks wine? She's going to hell. Along with all those homosexuals that the city council decided didn't deserve health benefits for their partners. I bet they drink wine too. What has this world come to? A beautiful, young, intelligent woman posing for facebook photos? She's like that mom...the one that dances on stripper poles while her baby is missing. Casey Anthony?

  8. The wine flight picture at NoFish is the ONLY one that does not look controversial. This woman is middle-aged, not 21 or 22. She needs to grow up and act her age. Nothing wrong with drinking. There is something wrong with a MIDDLE-AGED woman carrying on like a college freshman that is SINGLE AND CHILDLESS!


  9. You idiots - some of these pictures are ancient. Just look at them, LNG looks a decade younger. Juxtaposing them with recent picture at NoFish is a sleazy attempt to manipulate perceptions and spin the truth. Real sleazy.
    The only actual recent photo with her baby is at NoFish when she was having dinner with her parents and had a beer. So what? Prohibition is over.
    What kind of integrity do you have when you deliberately try such dirty tactics? Stop doing Lilly's dirty work. Why do you not "balance" your attacks and point out Lilly's record of multiple law suits against her and her criminal record. Proof you are biased and spin the facts and manipulate the truth.
    Why does Lilly not want to debate or show up to forums to discuss the issues? Instead she has gone underground into hiding, instead sending her PAC paid henchmen out to launch personal attacks and sling mud at her opponent.
    I am a Republican and disappointed that you use the same tactics that that sleazy liberal channel, MSNBC, uses. You should be ashamed to call yourself a Republican.

  10. What garbage. You post pictures without dates of when they were taken to MANIPULATE PERCEPTIONS. You put forward ASSUMPTIONS that are false and assume the voters are idiots and cannot see through your logical fallacies where you start with the conclusion you want your readers to reach and turn into a premiss. It is called "Begging the Question". Your reasoning (or lack thereof) does not follow a deductive reasoning (or inductive for that matter) syllogism (take a Logic 101 class to educate yourself) - however, these tactics are often used by politicians to manipulate and twist the truth. You are either uneducated and stupid in your reasoning process or you know what you are doing, which is worse since it shows a TOTAL LACK of DECENCY and INTEGRITY.

  11. Must say, judging from some of the comments, you do have a bunch of IQ challenged readers and followers that cannot see through the clever manipulation of the facts. May I respectfully suggest a course in Logic 101. It amazes me how easy it is to manipulated gormless sheep falling for [your] faulty reasoning. The problem is that these type of manipulations are MALICIOUS and personal.
    Why do you not have a discourse on the issues of concern to the voters, instead of worrying about Ms Garcia's marriage, children, and her personal life?
    Where is the objectivity and balance and expose of Lilly's personal characterological deficiencies and prior multiple legal troubles- oh how stupid of me, obviously this blog is one of you Lilly's stealth attack machines [henchmen] so obviously it is ridiculous to expect objectivity and fairness on this blog.
    Actually I find this quite amusing - a great study in how to play dirty in politics by attempting to destroy a good person's reputation. ANYTHING to win. Sad state of affaires in this once great nation. One question: why is it you men find it acceptable to resort to personal attacks on women in this manner. Palin received the same sleazy personal attacks. Such a double standard.

  12. In many of the pictures miss Garcia look a decade younger. You have cleverly juxtaposed picture from the past with current in order to create a false impression of Ms Garcia. Old pictures of you when she was single and prior to being married and starting a family is posted next to a more current picture where she has her baby. The picture with her baby is obviously at a restaurant where she is having a beer with her dinner. I am told this event actually was a dinner with her parents (not shown).
    As a Republican I am disappointed that we Republicans would resort to the same tactics as the liberal media, such as MSNBC, use. Why do you go down to the level of such liberal pundits as on MSNBC and Bill Maher who love to trash their opponent and call them names. Republicans are better than that and you do our party a dis-service.
    Balance and fairness is a much better and higher road to take!

  13. I wonder, in the picture of her drinking with her child in her lap -- when she was thru drinking, did she put that child in a car seat and drive home? She is WAY too old to be acting like a college student! It this the attorney you want representing you in child abuse cases?

  14. What's the deal with her allegedly bogus marriage? She married a married man who used his brother's birth certificate?

  15. Whose palms did you grease to obtain these pictures?

    Did you check to see if those who sold you the pictures got them legally and had Ms Garcia's permission??

    Did you get Ms. Garcia's permission to post personal pictures of her and her daughter?

    I think not.

    Furthermore - what are the dates and time frames of these pictures?
    Are you aware that the picture with her daughter was taken at NoFish with her family (parents). Her mother drove home.

    You have an obligation and Civic duty to present the truth and not spin the facts.

    Nice juxtaposition of old pictures with current (the one with her daughter) to manipulate perception and trash someone's good name.

    I hope Ms. Garcia sues you for invasion of privacy and defamation.


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