Friday, May 20, 2011

Bill Ellis and Danny Rollings/Steel Want To Rule The World (more humor)

Bill Ellis and Danny Rollings have made a name for themselves within the LGBT community. They have found a way to put themselves in leadership positions in several gay organizations and always find a way to get in front of every camera. I am not calling them camera whores but they sure do find a way to get there picture taken very often and by everybody. 

Bill Ellis and Danny Rollings Courtesy: The NMG Times

Bill and Danny are supposed to be leaders in the LGBT community and are supposed to set the example of tolerance and understanding. They are supposed to get like minded people involved and encourage them to participate in group activities. Recruiting and inclusion are the secret to the success to not just this group but any group. But for some reason Ellis and Rollings can't understand that an allow their personal agendas to push people away. Here are two examples of how they treat members:

"I think you should give some serious thought to seeking psychiatric help, and believe me there are more reasons for me giving you this advice than those I have outlined here.  But in any event, I am requesting you avoid any and all contact with me, in any form or forum, in the future.  Unfortunately, I will be required to tolerate your presence at church on Sundays, but I hope to limit it to that. 
 You are such a pathetic figure, I find it impossible to be angry with you.  But i do hope you will keep your pollution out of my environment."  -William J. Ellis

Not exactly practicing tolerance if you ask me.

"GET A LIFE ***!" "you have no authority to tell anyone how to conduct their division.....(ie ... saying things you shouldn't and stepping over your bounds)" "GET REAL!" "You need to think and put your gears in motion before you start mouthing off on what you believe."......  Sincerely and respectfully, - Danny

A perfect example of Danny's controlling ways. He doesn't deal well with people who go against his beliefs. Signing off an e-mail with "Sincerely and Respectfully" after using those words is pathetic. I don't see how he thinks ending an e-mail in that matter will change the hate and disrespect that was in the body of the e-mail.


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