Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Problem With Voting For The Guy With The Spanish Last Name

I got into an on air discussion with my buddy on the left, Jaime Abeytia, about straight ticket voting. I told him that El Pasoans have a tendency to vote either straight ticket or vote for the guy with the Spanish last name.

They look at a ballot that has two names. Not knowing a darn thing about either candidates, realistically who follows Judicial races? The voter sees an Anglo last name and a Spanish sounding last name. Eight to nine out of ten times an El Pasoan will vote for the Spanish last name.

Several of you might be saying: What is wrong with that?

I'll make this short and sweet.

Si Uno Vota Simplemente Por La Raza...........
Nos Sale Otro Como Barraza!!!!!

I'll translate for the non Spanish Speakers.

If someone votes simply on the bases of race, we will get another one like Barraza.
This is referring to Judge Manuel Barraza who is currently serving time in a federal prison after being arrested and eventually convicted for taking bribes and asking for sexual favors for favorable rulings. But of coarse it doesn't rhyme in English as it does in Spanish.

Manuel Barraza defeated Judge Don Minton in 2008. He was arrested and charged after being on the bench for only three months. Barraza's campaign pushed the fact that he had over 30 years of experience as a defense lawyer when he ran. Look at him now. I bet he wishes he had gotten himself a better defense lawyer.

So make sure you vote for the right candidate. Don't vote straight ticket and don't take it for granted that the man or women is going to do a better job because he or she is of Hispanic or Latino descent.

As a Latino I would love to see more Latinos, who could better represent us get elected. But at the same time I hate to see a low life like Manuel Barraza ride the race card and make us all look bad. 

Keep Good Judges In Office; Keep Judge Antcliff in the 168th!!!!!!

Setting the Record Straight

No, I'm not saying Antcliff's opponent will be arrested and sent to prison like Barraza. What I am saying is that this Judicial race is very similar to the one between Barraza and Minton. You have a sitting Judge, who is Anglo,  who has  a proven track record and  has been appointed to several courts by the Governor. Then you have a lawyer, with no judicial experience, has a Spanish sounding last name and has no reason to run against the current judge. Except for the fact that he is a Democrat in a Democrat dominated county and if El Paso keeps doing what it has traditionally done, he has a very good chance of doing it. So don't get your panties in a wad and say that I promised that a Judicial candidate would end up in prison if elected.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Governor Rick Perry Sends A Message To The LNRC

Governor Rick Perry was in El Paso today at an event hosted by the El Paso Republican Party at the Community College Administration Building that drew a crowd of over 350 people. The Governor talked about the importance of getting out to vote and reminded everyone that today was the last day of early voting.

I was able to follow the Governor around as he shook hands with everyone in the crowd and as he took questions from the local media. He took a few seconds out of his busy schedule to record this message for the LNRC just before he and his staffers left.

Off camera Governor Perry told me to tell Jaime Abeytia, who has accused the Governor of lying to Latinos on his blog by posting a video that was previously recorded and posted on other mediums, that today was the last day of early voting but that Jaime could still do the right thing and vote for him on Tuesday, November 2nd.

And that's no lie!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The El Paso LNRC's Go Out And Vote Initiative

The El Paso LNRC does not endorse or condone the actions of any group no matter what party affiliation that tells Latinos not to vote. In fact, the El Paso LNRC launched it's Go Out and Vote initiative directed at the Latino community on October 26, 2010 to directly combat the ads of the conservative group in Nevada urging Latinos not to vote. The controversial ads by the group were taken off the air and banned nation wide by the Univision Network . The El Paso LNRC, whose motto is Engage, Empower, Educate & Elect, purchased air time on 5 local Univison Radio affiliates in both English and in Spanish  to encourage all Latinos to go out and vote. The script for the ads had to be approved by the network to make sure it aligned with the networks new Voting Initiative.

The political ads stressed the importance of  Latinos going out to vote and reminded Latinos that their vote was their voice that needed to be heard.

The El Paso LNRC is also using the internet and print to get its message across. Yard signs can be seen springing up around the city encouraging Latinos to vote for their values and not necessarily for the party that traditionally has not aligned with all of their beliefs.

The El Paso LNRC has only been around since February of this year but the group has worked very hard to make a small yet noticeable difference in the community. The group has hosted elected officials like Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman. They have been on the host committee for Karl Rove, participated in events with Governor Rick Perry, Senator John Cornyn and Dr. Timothy Roth just to name a few. The El Paso LNRC has taken on issues at the local, state and national level while fielding both compliments and complaints from the media and political pundits.

The group promises to keep working hard to bridge the gap between the Latino community and the Republican party way after these elections are over.

The El Paso LNRC was the first chapter to be chartered in the state of Texas and has the largest membership. While groups tend to come and go with elections, the El Paso LNRC already has its eyes set on the 2012 Presidential Elections and hopes to raise its membership numbers while raising political awareness.

For more information go to

The Flag-Gate Controversy; Congressman Reyes Knows Better

What the heck, I figured I would jump into this discussion. David K and Jaime Abeytia have been going back and forth on their Blogs and Facebook about Congressman Reyes' billboard that depicts an American Flag flying backwards. 

In defending the Congressman Jaime mentions his military experience and claims that the flag was printed that way to show some sort of forward motion like in the Army's uniform. David K claims that there are certain rules in advertising that govern the way an American Flag is depicted in print Advertising and that it should have never been printed that way.

If any of you know either of the two you know that they will be at it for a while because neither likes to be wrong.

David K has returned to being an antagonizer since his failed campaign for County Commissioner and Jaime is a huge Reyes supporter who will back his candidate no matter what. Good for him, but he is wrong on this one. He is such a strong supporter that he is claiming  David K is making up some fake advertising rules to prove his point.

I take David K's side on this one. It has nothing to do with party affiliation, in fact David K is in limbo on that right now since he has rejected the local Republican Party and has just recently said that the Tea Party movement is dead. I'm not sure what his next move will be. maybe I'll ask Jaime since they are so close.

If anything its more of a Marine vs. Soldier thing. Marines didn't wear backwards flags on their uniforms so I don't agree with the logic behind it.. Jaime is going to come back with "but they wore their name on their butts", referring to Marines wearing name tapes on every part of their uniform to include one on the rear right pocket of their trousers. It's an on going argument between Marines and Soldiers that will never die.
"The image is a representation of a flag, its not actually Old Glory Herself. We never took cues from ad agencies when I wore the uniform and to the best of my knowledge, neither does congress." Jaime Abeytia via Facebook
First of all, any picture, drawing or symbol of the Flag represents Old Glory and should be given the proper respect. Second Congress doesn't take cues from ad agencies but they do follow the orders of how to properly display and pay respect to the American Flag. In fact here is a picture of  Congressman Reyes properly following those orders.

I have yet to see any Congressman wear an American Flag lapel pin showing the flag going "forward". I would just cut my losses and move on if I was Jaime. Sometime you need to know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. And if you ask me, the cards are stacked against Jaime and the Congressman.

Promoting Republicans and Securing Our Borders, So Much For Unity 2010 Campaign.

In a highly disputed race for District 78, a rematch of the 2008election, both Dee Margo and incumbent Joe Moody are flooding all the mediums with political ads in attempt to get voters out to the polls.

The ad that caught my attention, besides the one the one that I was in, was the one where Joe Moody uses a couple Conservative talking points and even promotes a Republican Candidate. No way! He sure did.

In his ad Moody promotes Lt. Governor David Dewhurst who is actually running for re-election against DemocratIC nominee Linda Chavez-Thomson. I wonder how Mrs. Chavez-Thomson feels about that? So much for the whole Unity 2010 Campaign. I guess at this point it is every man or women for themselves. Sorry Linda.

Moody also goes on and says that he pledged to fight corruption two years ago. Two things. How can a State Representative fight corruption? Maybe by not participating in it or telling people not to participate in corruption is the most he could really do. But then again I could be wrong. Won't be the first, or the last time. I am human. Second, is it really a good idea to try to ride the coat tails of the FBI in the Public Corruption Case that has drug on for several years and has netted several indictments of local Democrats. This would be a good time to ditch the Unity Campaign. The Campaign got many of those who were indicted elected in the past. El Paso needs to realize that. Do we want more of the same? (Yes, I know. They are innocent until proven guilty, but I also know some are getting paid while they sit at home being investigated.)

But what really made me take a double take was what happened five seconds into the ad. Moody says he also pledged to keep the border community safe. Yet the graphics on the screen say "Secure Borders". Those are the dreaded words that normally cause liberals to start screaming things like Racist, Xenophobe, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Mexican-Latino-Chicano-Moreno and are closely followed by some sort of protest. Why didn't that happen here. Why isn't BNHR (Border Network for Certain Human Rights) on the radio saying Moody is the devil? Because he is the Democrat and that is supposed to be the party of "La Gente".

Does Moody think that he can get away with literally saying one thing but hinting at another to get people to vote for him. Does he think that people are dumb enough not to catch it? Maybe I'm the only one who did. But here is the video just in case you missed it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Haggerty Brothers Continue To Help The Community

I was driving up Sunland Park Drive yesterday and saw Commissioner Dan Haggerty and his brother former State Representative Pat Haggerty waving signs for Dan's re-election campaign.

So I grabbed a sign and joined them. It was a windy day and holding up the signs was quite a challenge. People passed by, honked their horns and for the most part waved with all five fingers extended on their hands.

I always enjoy talking to Dan. I always come out having learned a little something and sore from laughing at his straight forward conversation.

Talking to Dan and Pat made me realize that they almost had been in politics longer than I had been alive. Another thing I learned is that these to guys are two down to earth, do what needs to be done kind of guys.

As we were talking and waving Pat noticed a older model mini van that was having problems at the red light. Cars were honking at the young man to move out of the way but his vehicle would not start. Pat looked at me and Dan and said "come on boys lets help this guy."

Dan didn't hesitate. He put his signs down, walked into the very busy intersection of Mesa and Sundland Park and started to push. The young man didn't speak any English so I translated. Even though he didn't understand Dan or Pat, he new they had to be some sort of important people that dropped what they were doing to lend a helping hand.

We pushed that early 90's mini van up, when I say up I literally mean up, Mesa into a parking lot and out of harms way. The young man was very thankful telling us "Gracias, Muchas Gracias" over and over again. Dan and Pat didn't tell him who they were.

They just simply said "Your Welcome" and went back to their signs.

I bet you that young man would have never guessed that a former State Representative and a County Commissioner were the ones who helped him push his van.

So if anybody tries to ask "What have the Haggerty's done for us lately"

I can show them the shoes that I ruined helping the Haggerty's push that young man's vehicle out of the way because I know the Haggerty's will not want to take credit for what they did.

That's just the kind of guys they are.

I may have not broken bread with the brothers, but at least I can say that I pushed a broken down vehicle with them.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Say No To The Zombie Campaign!

The Democrats are pushing their straight ticket campaign once again this year. It is sad to see how people still don't learn. Did they forget what happened in 2008? Have they forgotten about the lies a presidential candidate told us to get elected?

Comprehensive Immigration Reform, closing Down Guantanamo Bay, bringing our troops home? You remember all those promises, don't you?

Do you remember the federal corruption charges and nepotism charges? Do you remember the judge who was elected in 2008 thanks to straight ticket voting who is already spending time in federal prison and the other who is still fighting her charges in court?

Let's go back a little further in elections but more recent in accusations. Do you remember the Justice of the peace who plead guilty to nepotism?

How about the former County Commissioners, School Board Members and a current mayor who were all indicted in the largest public corruption case in history?

I know all these people are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, but last time I checked they weren't doing too good in the court of public opinion. And in my opinion, our elected officials should be busy serving us and not busy trying to prove themselves innocent time and time again. There are some habitual offenders in the crowd.

Liberals in El Paso blame Republicans for everything that is wrong in El Paso when in fact it is the Democrats who have ran this city for so long that they are the ones running into the dirt. Haven't you ever heard the saying "All politics are local"? If you want to make a difference locally you have to change those we elect locally.

Don't be a fool! Don't let the Liberals herd you in like sheep being led to the slaughter.

You work your butt off. Don't you think you deserve better?

Say no to the Zombie Campaign, don't let the Voodoo Priests of the DemocratIC party control you. Vote for what is best for you, vote for what is best for your family, not what the Liberals say is best for you.

Nosotros Los Latinos Tambien Tomamos El Te

For too long Liberals have been accusing the Tea Party of being a racist group and refusing to accept that there are members of every ethnic background in its ranks. The Tea Party Express made a stop in El Paso, Texas on October 23rd. It featured several "minority" speakers and performers.  Its pretty sad that you have to point out the "minorities" to prove to the liberals that they were actually in attendance.

One of the "minority" speakers, Lloyd Marcus, came right out and told the crowd "I'm not an African-American........I'm An American!!!!!" then performed the Tea Party Anthem that you can see here.

Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere LLC told the crowd that he wasn't a sell out because he had bought into the idea of conservatism. Mr. Jackson is the author of "The Big Black Lie" and has been seen on several media outlets "kicking liberal butt" and educating Americans throughout the country on the truth about racism and conservatism.

The event was capped of by an outstanding performance by POLATIK, a rapper who was discovered at a Tea Party event in Waco, Texas. His hip hop beats got the crowd up on their feet.
"You didn't think you would be hearing to rap music did you?"
POLATIK's performance had everyone in the crowd waving their hands up in the air because they all did care what was going on in our country. Both young and old, black, white, brown and everything in between were clapping and chanting "Tea Party" on POLATIK's cue. There was definitely a Party going on at the Tea Party Express event. And as for the claims of racism at Tea Party events, the pictures below will prove that there is no such thing at the events. With so much talk about limited government, repealing Obama care, the economy and other issues that affect our country right now, there is no time for messing with things like racism.

Several members of the El Paso LNRC were in attendance and as you can see in the pictures, it was a pretty diverse crowd. But like always, liberals will question the true ethnicity of those at the event and will find a way to minimize the participation of "minorities" in the Tea Party movement.

The Tea Party Is For Rich White Old People Only......Think Again!

Extreme, Racist, anti-Latino, anti-black, only for rich white old people are only some of the things that are said about the Tea Party movement. David Saucedo who is also known as POLATIK, a rapper from Waco Texas who now tours with the Tea Party Express, blows all those stereotypes out of the water.

The Tea Party Express made a stop in El Paso on October 23. I was able to witness an amazing performance by several artists and motivational speakers. I have been to several concerts, spent time back stage and in tour buses with artists in the past. But I have never been the type who gets star struck very easily. After witnessing this performance live I was like a teenage girl at a boy band concert. POLATIK is amazing and an inspiration for those who have gone through some tough times in the past but who still stand by their principles. Check out his video below so you can see what I'm babbling about.

POLATIK autographed one of his Cd's for me so you know what I'll be pumping in my vehicle from now on.

You can learn more about POLATIK at  Rumor says he might make a a special appearance on KHRO 1150 AM's Homeboy Fridays this week so stay tuned for more information.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Beware, El Paso Sheriff's Office Uses Social Media To Track You Down

We just went through the whole Sheriff's Department budget cut fiasco and then this happens.

The El Paso Sheriff's Department seems to maintain a Twitter and FaceBook account that are supposed to keep people posted on what is going on on El Paso streets but are being used to track people down.

In a message posted via Twitter on both accounts, the department reminds people that there are only four days left for the Traffic Warrant Round Up. It goes a step further and states:
A gentleman by the name of Jose E. Saavedra posted somewhat of a sarcastic  remark on the Facebook page only to get this response at about 10:30 at night:
‎"@Jose - Thank you for alerting us to your 3 outstanding traffic warrants that you still haven't paid. Have a nice day."
What? A comment on a social website constitutes a background check? damn, I better stop blogging. What am I talking about? Richard and his goons follow every single one of my moves. Don't get me started on that issue.

The Twitter account profile tells people that they can get short and timely messages from the EPCSO Public Affairs Office by signing up for the service. Now we all know that Facebook and Twitter are free social websites. So that is not the issue. But there are some things that need to be answered.

The first set of questions that come to mind are:

How much are we paying this person from the Public Affairs Office to maintain these sites? Why is he or she posting on these sites at about 10:30 at night? Do we pay him or her overtime for posting that late at night?

But what should concern people more is:

Why the heck is the person at the Public Affairs Office running peoples names who post on their 10:30 at night? Mr. Saavedra made one sarcastic comment and within a few hours a Sheriff's employee is thanking him for notifying the department of his three outstanding warrants and sarcastically tells him to have a nice day.

There is definitely something wrong with that. What makes us think that the Sheriff's Department doesn't run all of our names when we post on their profile? I know most of you are going to say "If you didn't do anything wrong then you shouldn't be worried about it" and you are right about that. But the problem is that. It takes man hours to run names. It takes employees to perform those man hours and most importantly it takes money to pay for those man hours.

Is the County of El Paso paying people to watch over what we do on the Internet? Is it a mandated program? Could cutting this practice save the county money?

Not only is this an unmandated program, it is uncalled for and I think there are certain privacy issues that need to be addressed with the County and the Sheriff's Department.

Someone needs to sit down with Jesse Tovar and tell him that he just opened up another can of worms because he had nothing better to do than to harass people on Facebook late at night.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spend Like A Bunch Of Drunken Sailors!

Dr. Eduardo Servin, DemocratIC candidate for County Commissioner Precinct 4, accused the current County Commissioners of spending like a bunch of drunken sailors at a forum today at the Valle Verde Community College Campus. Servin also blamed the County's budget short falls on poor planning by all the members of Commissioners Court.

First of all, I'm not sure it's very smart to attack the current Democrat(ic) members of Commissioners court. It's like burning the bridge before its even built.

I sure hope he's  not waiting for any endorsements or campaign contributions from any of them. I sure wouldn't help someone who bad mouthed me.

Second, Dan Haggerty himself said he was known as Dr. No on Commissioners Court. As many of you already know Haggerty is infamous for voting no on a whole lot of things, but that's because he is fiscally conservative. A live within your means kind of guy.

So tell me, how can anyone blame the guy who votes no for the actions of those who out vote him. It doesn't make any sense.

Now I agree with Dr. Servin, and probably so does Dan Haggerty that several members of Commissioners Court spend like a bunch of drunken sailors, but he needs to direct those accusations at the right people.

Dr. Servin seems like a nice guy who has his heart in the right place. He wants to fight corruption, keep taxes down, is involved in the community and looks to be a great family man judging by the family portrait on his website.

I just don't think this is not the right time or place for Dr. Servin to run. But then again who am I to judge?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Dr. Servin won't be serving the people of Precint 4 anytime soon.

Politics Shouldn't Be Taken Personally

I have written several critical posts in the last couple weeks that have raised some eye brows and at least one finger in a couple ocassions.
But like I have said in the past, politics shouldn't be taken personally. All of this is just friendly competition and as we all know competition will only make us better.
I dedicate this song to all of those who I have written about and to those who I might write about in the near future. Just remember, it's nothing personal.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Senate Race Gets Dirty

Early election started on Monday so that means we are nearing the end of this election season. There hod not been too much controversy, mud slinging or cheap shots by candidates............

Until the Jose Rodriguez Campaign thought they would take off the gloves. They used Dan Chavez' ex-wife to attack him and accuse him of owing her money after going through a bad divorce. Like there is ever a good divorce.

Now the Rodriguez Campaign denies that Chavez' ex-wife was coerced by their campaign to come out with the allegations on a local news station. Yet a very good source who is close to both parties involved tell us that Chavez' ex-wife is in fact working for the Rodriguez Campaign.

Many people will agree that it's not cool when you drag people's families into a political campaign. The only intention behind it is to publicly humiliate the person being accused and put doubt in the public's mind about that candidates abilities to serve. But what people don't realize is that after the election is over there is still a family that has been affected by the smear campaign. There are still kids who were already struggling privately with the divorce of their parents but now have to share it with the whole world.

Was it right for Rodriguez to pull such a stunt? How would Rodriguez react if a member of his family was drug into the campaign?

Well it happened today at a candidate forum at the Transmountain Community College Campus.

Here is a transcript of what happened:

Question (Audience): "Mr. Rodriguez, good afternoon and thank you for visiting our campus. Mr. Rodriguez, as a public official for several years you claim that one of your issues is being ethical and being transparent."

Answer(Rodriguez): "That is correct, in my 16 (or 17) years as a County Attorney I have never received a complaint against me."

Audience: "Okay, I have a follow up question related to my previous question. Can you please go into detail as to why your son Nicholas Rodriguez was not prosecuted for felony possession of marijuana."

Rodriguez: Are you planted by the opposing party?

Audience: "No sir, I am just a concerned citizen."

Rodriguez: "This is a personal matter, all I am saying is he was found not guilty. I will not go into any more details."

I bet it didn't feel too good to hear his son's situation being brought up in public. Now I don't condone the actions of the member of the audience who asked the question, but I am glad someone put Rodriguez in his place.

I have one piece of advice for Rodriguez; treat people like you would like to be treated.

or I'll tell you what my mom used to say......

No te metas con la familia de otros y ellos no se meten con la tuya.

Say No To Nunez Website

You have to go check out this website. It gives several reasons why Rene Nunez who is running for Texas School Board Of Education should be voted out of office. After 22 years, you think Rene would have learned his lesson. Let's teach him a lesson he will never forget. Vote for Charlie Garza!

Last Minute Attempt By Democrats Against Margo

The Dee Margo campaign has released an e-mail containing a list of 13 ethics charges filed by El Paso Democratic Party Chairman Danny "Don't call me Chon-Chon" Anchondo, to allow the media and the public to review.

In the e-mail Margo calls out Joe Moody and asks Moody to send the complaint filed to the constituents of District 78.
“I’m calling on Joe Moody to send the photocopy of the complaint filed with the Texas Ethics Commission to every voter in district 78 along with an apology for his actions,”
The e-mail accuses Moody of launching desperate attacks instead of putting forth a plan to get El Paso working considering that the unemployment rate is El Paso is higher than 10%.

Dee Margo states that he will continue to run a positive campaign about the issues facing El Paso and his plans to get El Paso working again.

Just in case you were wondering, here is the list of those alleged offenses:

March 15, 2010 - Olivia Zepeda (Reimbursement for Early voter list, $15)
March 15, 2010- Olivia Zepeda (Reimbursement for Parking, $14)
March 15, 2010 -Olivia Zepeda (Reimbursement for Video Camera, $449.14)
April 4, 2010 - Olivia Zepeda (Reimbursement for Postage, $44)
April 4, 2010 - Olivia Zepeda (Reimbursement for Postage, $24)
May 15, 2010 - Olivia Zepeda (Reimbursement for Grassroots, $29.29)
May 15, 2010 - Olivia Zepeda (Reimbursement for Parking, $107)
May 15, 2010 -Olivia Zepeda (Reimbursement for Office Supplies, $30.07)
June 15, 2010 -Olivia Zepeda (Reimbursement for Parking, $65)
July 15, 2010 -Olivia Zepeda (Reimbursement for Parking, $56)
August 13, 2010 - Olivia Zepeda (Reimbursement for Parking $90)
Sept. 15, 2010 -Olivia Zepeda (Reimbursement for Parking, $76)
July 30, 2010 - John D. Williams (JDW) Reimbursement for Lunches, $253.08)

FYI: Olivia Zepeda is Dee Margo's Campaign Manager

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Effects Of Outcome Based Education

I went to my four-year-old's parent teacher conference this week and was shocked to hear how our kids are being taught at school. His teacher told me that they had rules they had to follow when educating these small children. She said it was a system called Outcome Based Education and she was forced to follow the curriculum if she wanted to keep her job of 14 years. She said she didn't agree with it but that she really had no choice.

My four year old came home a couple weeks ago and told me that his teacher had given him a sticker but that one of his little friends had taken it from him. I asked the teacher how she awarded stickers to the children. I was wondering what my child had done right to earn the sticker. My child had been acting up in school lately and I told the teacher that I had hoped that she didn't give him a sticker so he would do good because I believe that I child should be rewarded after they do something good and not given something to try to bribe him or "encourage" him to do something good. The teacher then explained to me that school policy stated that she had to treat every student equally. So she told me that if she gives one student a sticker she has to give every student a sticker. She told me that she used to have a chart with the kids names with stickers put by their names as they earned them. Unfortunately she was told she could no longer do that and was forced to toss out her rewards system.

What? No rewards system? How are children supposed to learn how to set and reach goals? How are kids supposed to learn that hard work pays off? No wonder I have been struggling with my child at home. He is being taught to expect a reward no matter what the outcome is.

What can we expect for our future? What kind of labor force are we going to produce?  How are we supposed to compete with other countries when are kids are being taught to be lazy?

The sad thing is that it doesn't stop there. Liberals like the idea of Outcome Based Education so much that they have incorporated it into politics as well.

Joe Moody's campaign has been reminding El Pasoans over and over that he was given the "Freshmen Of The Year" award. It sounds like a credible accolade. But is it?

It seems that the "award" was given by the Legislative Study Group, a "bipartisan" group led by liberal Rep. Garnet Coleman. The members include 49 Democrats and one Rhino, Rep. Tommy Merritt, to constitute the "bipartisan" label. Merritt was beat bad in the primaries and will be replaced by conservative Republican David Simpson. So much for bipartisanship.

It seems that every Democrat freshman House member has received some sort of happy face sticker by groups like the Legislative Study Group.  Democrat Representatives Carol Kent, Robert Miklos, Joe Moody, Marisa Marquez, Kristi Thibaut, and Armando Walle, all received "Freshman of the Year" awards. Rep. Carol Alvarado received a Distinguished Service Award, and Rep Al Edwards received the Legislative Champion Award.

So what are they going to call this? Outcome Based Legislation?

All of these Representatives have gone home to their home districts and have been showing off their pretty little stickers to their constituents in attempt to get themselves re-elected. Knowing what I know now, I look at the "awards" like I look at my child's sticker when he comes homes from school, as something worthless because he didn't have to do anything to earn it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Silvestre Reyes "El Paso's Quarterback"

I got up early this Saturday morning and attended the Ray Pearson Forum. The first set of speakers were the candidates for the 16th Congressional District that included Democratic candidate and 14 year incumbent Congressman Silvestre Reyes, Republican candidate Tim Besco and write in candidate Tim Collins.

I was shocked to see that there were more cheap shots thrown out by Congressional candidates than by the other three races combined. And most of them came from the incumbent. He must feel somebody on his heels for him to come out swinging like he did. Most of his shots were directed at Tim Collins but he did look at Tim Besco when he asked the crowd if they wanted a representative who wore a shiny suit and acted silly.

Tim Besco got a shot in as well. He was able to make the whole crowd chuckle when he said he had treated almost every Veteran in the area except Congressman Reyes, unless he had gone in for a colonoscopy. All Reyes could do was nod no and say he was a pretty healthy man.

The cheap shot that stood out the most in my eyes was by the Congressman himself. It wasn't very effective but it sure stood out above the rest. Tim Collins answered a question by someone in the audience having to do with being a freshman Congressman. Collins made a reference Thomason Hospital, now known as University Medical Center. Congressman Reyes followed Collins and said:
"Thomason doesn't exist, but isn't it funny how he mentions Thomason because that's where all the poor people go"
That comment had nothing to do with what Collins was talking about. The Congressman was just putting words in Collins' mouth and trying to make the crowd believe Collins had made some sort of offensive racial comment. Reyes' poor attempt brought plenty of moans from the crowd. I wouldn't expect a person with 14 years in Congress to stoop down to that level. Maybe he should have said it in Spanish to exclude Mr. Collins from the conversation like he did a few days ago at a different forum. That's a whole different post that I will post soon.

But my favorite part of the morning was hearing Silvestre Reyes talking about teamwork and him being the quarterback that we need to represent El Paso. Really? Is he try to tell us that we need to bring back a quarterback who has been playing for over 14 years. A quarterback who is getting older, who is way past his prime and who can only go around flaunting his seniority. I think we are seeing that story play out as we speak and it is not pretty.

Let's go ahead and use the Congressman's analogy. Do we give Silvestre Reyes a two year extension on his contact and hope he stays healthy or do we let him go and go after a younger quarterback who brings in new and fresh ideas and who we can get another 8-10 years out of. I honestly think it is time for Reyes to hang up his hat and go into full retirement.

It is a tough decision for any coach to make and this November you will be the head coach. I just hope you make the right decision in the voters booth.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Look Who is in Dee Margo's New TV Commercial

Look closely at the 19 second mark and you will see yours truly. I am glad to do my part to help elect Dee Margo. We need more conservatives here and in Austin. Let's all do our part to send Dee Margo to Austin.

The Dee Margo Plan - Television Commercial from Dee Margo on Vimeo.

But for the record, this is not the first time I have been on a Republican political ad or on television. I was in an ad for for Republican Candidate George Rodriguez Stoltz back in 2008 and somewhere between 2004-2006 you can see the back of my head  and some of my shoulder in a car dealer commercial. Not too shabby for kid from the lower valley if you ask me.

Silvestre Reyes Loses Endorcement

In a letter to the editor posted October 13th in the El Paso Times website, Mr. Greg Vera tells all of El Paso why Congressman Silvestre Reyes has lost his groups endorsement.
"Congressman Reyes: After repeated certified letters to your office for the past three years, you have neglected our invitation to the Vietnam Veterans of American Chapter 574 to explain your strong stand in the "desert scape" of Fort Bliss Cemetery."
"You have failed us by dishonoring those who gave their best and are entombed in your "xeriscape."
"This is one reason we are endorsing Congressman Tim Besco."
The letter goes on and directs people to visit to learn more about the issue.

This is just one example of the anti-Reyes sentiment that is going around in El Paso. If you need more examples just take a glance up when you are driving on I-10 and you will see at least two huge bill boards asking people to replace congress. Now I know that it is hard to make everyone happy, but being a Veteran myself and growing up around many Veterans, I know Veteran's issues are something that should never be ignored. This just shows us that he doesn't think enough of and ignores those who have bravely served our country. What do you think he does to those who didn't serve?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keep Alex in Your Prayers

Some of you might remember that Alex is the little boy who suffers from a rare case of leukemia that wanted to meet Shakira when she came to El Paso for her concert.

His dream of meeting Shakira will have to wait. Even though Shakira is in town for two days, Alex will not be able to see his dream come true.

Alex is at Cook Children's hospital getting his bone marrow transplant today. His family asks that you all have him in your prayers.

 We may have not been able to get Alex to meet Shakira but I am asking my followers to help me out. I am asking that you send as much Shaira paraphernalia so we can make a get well basket and send it to Alex. It won't be the same as meeting Shakira but at least it will let Alex know that we here in El Paso care for his well being. If you are interested please send me an e-mail to

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Skeletons in My Closet? Oh Boy, Where Do I Start?

For the third time in two weeks someone has come to me asking if I have anything to hide. For the third time in three weeks I find myself giving someone a little history lesson and opening their eyes to what really happens in El Paso.

It is election season and everyone is looking for a reason to discredit or to minimize the efforts of those who try to do something possitive. I guess it is my turn. I have to take it as a compliment when someone thinks enough of me or what I write to have to try to break down my credibility. Its not the first time its happened. It happened in 2008 when I was helping out a campaign against Richard Wiles. Most of you are probably putting two and two together right now and are now realizing why I am so critical of Sheriff Wiles. If you guys only knew what that man is capable of.

Honestly,  I am surprised that it took this long to come out this election season. Well I guess it really hasn't come out.....yet. But rumors are starting to go around. Those who really know me know that I am more than willing to talk about my past. But is it good for me to come out talk about it right now?

Now timing is everything. I don't think it is a good time for certain elected officials to start talking about my past considering there is an election going on. Talking about these issues might hurt their party as a whole more than it would hurt my credibility. I guess to hurt my credibility I must have some credibilty. And I thought that my rambles really didn't mean much.

Let's stop and analyze this. We already have so many people indicted on this public corruption scandal that makes a certain party look bad as a whole. Would now be a good time to throw a couple more Democrats into the fire? I don't think the Democrats want to deal with this scandal right now. But who am I to say. Nobody really reads what I write or cares what I think anyway. Or do they?

I have had several people who follow my blog either directly or through Facebook who tell me that I release too much information on some of my posts. Honestly, I haven't released one tenth of the information. There is so much stuff that you guys just don't know about. Unfortunately it has been going on for solong that we have learned to tolerate it. I know there are several people on the edge of there seats right now worrying if I'm going to drop a bomb right now. I wouldn't be surprised if I get "talked to" before the next time I am on the air, that's if I am even allowed to be on the air again. At this point I have no idea what my future is on Fridays.

I really don't consider myself much of a controversial person on the radio. But for some reason the last couple weeks my comments have caused quite a stir. Come on, I wasn't the one who played a song that said "put me in jail........" and then dedicated it to myself. I'm starting to think that people are worried that I will just go into some crazy rant and start dropping all sorts of names to cause a huge controversy. Let's be honest. How many times have you heard me go on some crazy rant on air. Never. The opportunity is there and has been for about a year now yet I haven't done it. Why? Because that's not my style.

 It's just like the time I spoke at the Gubernatorial Forum at Coronado. The organizers had been told by an undisclosed source that I was going to go off on some sort of rant and put Bill White on the spot by asking him about Indian Gaming while I was on stage. That didn't happen.

Why? Because I am not an opportunist.

Now I won't be saying much on this post about my past but I will give you some advice. Be careful with what you look for, because you just might find it. I don't believe in denial. I believe that you should face your situations head on and not hide from them. Because we all things will always catch up to you.

But I will say that it be best to leave the door closed on this issue for now. I can assure you though that when the time is right the door will swing open and everything will come out. But if you are that person who is trying to open the door right now, make sure you and the people around you are ready for the fall out.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Upper Valley Meet And Greet

Thanks to Juanita's Restaurant in Canutillo for hosting this event.

Chismosos! Stop Spreading Rumors

I was at a Republican Candidate meet & greet this weekend in Canutillo when I was pulled a side by Dan Haggerty's assistant Candy. She told me that someone had brought it to her attention that I was talking bad about Dan on the radio program that I goof of on every Friday on KHRO 1150 AM. It should have made me feel good, knowing that somebody actually listens and knows I am on the radio. But it didn't. It actually bothered me. I have defended Dan time and time again on and off the air for his off beat comments that it is ridiculous to even imagine the chisme (rumor) to be true. In fact, I think I am the only person who has publicly defended the County Commissioner. So I don't know where anybody would come off saying that I talk bad about him. Maybe they heard us doing one of our skits or one of the radio personalities going on a rant and I'm guilty by association. That has been happening to me at the station a lot lately so I wouldn't doubt it.

Now I know some of our skits are off the wall and borderline childish, but come on people, its a radio program! There is no need to take what we say very seriously.

Fortunately I was able to talk with Dan and clear it all up. In fact we joked around and said some more off the wall comments. It's good to be able to fix things with a good laugh. We tend to take things to serious and personal sometimes. I know everyone is wound way to tight right now because the election is right around the corner.

But we have to remember, POLITICS IS NOT PERSONAL. 

There is nothing worse than seeing a friendship lost because of a lost campaign.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Joe Moody Has New Website.....Launched By RPT?

Today A new website was announced in a press release by Chris Elam of the Republican Party of Texas. The website features State Representative Joe Moody and claims that the Representative plagiarized a speech by Governor Rick Perry "in a taxpayer-funded newsletter to Moody's HD 78 constituents" and urges Texans to visit

The release goes on and states:
“Joe Moody's self-touted youth is no excuse for this plagiarism, and as a lawyer, he should have known better," said RPT spokesman Chris Elam. "But even worse than his unabashed plagiarism, is the hypocrisy borne out from the research that Joe Moody either voted against or tried to kill or alter the pro-business initiatives he carefully copied from the Governor’s speech. Joe Moody’s voting record clearly suggests he is for more and higher taxes, more regulatory burdens on small business and for rolling back tort reform in Texas.”

This will come as a shock to Moody supporters considering they were expecting some sort of attack on Moody being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The website does not mention any sort of silverware but does mention Joe Moody's mouth now that I think about it. 

I wonder how Bill White will feel knowing that Joe Moody is spreading Governor Perry's message? Will Joe Moody vote for Governor Perry? Well I think Governor Perry appreciates all the support he can get, even if it is from a Democrat State Representative.

Thanks Joe!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bill Ellis Advocates in Work Attire

Bill Ellis, better known as Sheriff Richard Wiles' Chief Administrative Officer, took time out of his busy day today to speak in front of a crowd after a forum sponsored by the El Paso League of Women Voters.

He was given an opportunity to advocate against a resolution that would prevent same sex partners from getting medical benefits by the city. Some of you are asking, so what is wrong with that? Others are saying how dare he! We won't get into that on this post. We will leave that for another time.

My main issue was with what he was wearing? He was wearing a polo shirt that not only stated his name but also told the whole world that he was the Executive Administrative Officer at EPCSO. EPCSO? At first I said the same thing but then but one and one together and realized it stood for El Paso County Sheriff's Office. Darn acronyms!

How is he going to be asking people to vote for or against any resolutions or taking part in anything political while he is wearing something that says he works for the county?

He can not be at any political function or be doing any type of campaigning while wearing a uniform, county emblem or attire that identifies him as a county employee. Come on Billy Boy, your a lawyer, I know you know better than that.

Billy should be held responsible for his actions. He did something he was not supposed to do. I will use the words of his buddy Richard Wiles:
"They should be held more accountable"
People like Bill Ellis go around thinking they are above the law. They think that they can do whatever they want because of the position they hold. I am not going to let him get away with it any longer. I will hold his feet to the fire. (I'm gonna burn in hell for that one)

As many of you know, Bill and I are not exactly on each others Christmas lists. We have had run ins in the past dating back to 2008. The weird thing is that he must have thought that I was too scared to step up to him in public. Boy did I burst his bubble tonight. I had never spoken face to face with the man. I not only got the courage to confront him but also had the nerve to put a camera in front of his face.

I stopped him and made made him identify himself to the crowd before he spoke. He hesitantly identified himself as a county employee. I told the crowd that he was the Sheriff's Executive Administrative Officer. I told them those were big fancy words for Wiles' personal lawyer who is paid for by the county. Yeah it was kind of harsh to do that but it was nowhere near as bad as the things he said about me back in 2008. Half the crowd left when they heard who he was and what he was doing there.

Some people felt bad for him because he was in a wheel chair. I told the crowd that I did too when I first met the man. But then I learned what he was capable of doing. I didn't know a man in a wheel chair could be so evil.

We'll talk about it a little more on the radio tomorrow and see where it goes. Tune in to KHRO 1150 AM or log on to from 11am-12pm MST. Tomorrow is Friday so I will have another edition of "Off The Record" so you don't want to miss tomorrow's show.