Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Haggerty Brothers Continue To Help The Community

I was driving up Sunland Park Drive yesterday and saw Commissioner Dan Haggerty and his brother former State Representative Pat Haggerty waving signs for Dan's re-election campaign.

So I grabbed a sign and joined them. It was a windy day and holding up the signs was quite a challenge. People passed by, honked their horns and for the most part waved with all five fingers extended on their hands.

I always enjoy talking to Dan. I always come out having learned a little something and sore from laughing at his straight forward conversation.

Talking to Dan and Pat made me realize that they almost had been in politics longer than I had been alive. Another thing I learned is that these to guys are two down to earth, do what needs to be done kind of guys.

As we were talking and waving Pat noticed a older model mini van that was having problems at the red light. Cars were honking at the young man to move out of the way but his vehicle would not start. Pat looked at me and Dan and said "come on boys lets help this guy."

Dan didn't hesitate. He put his signs down, walked into the very busy intersection of Mesa and Sundland Park and started to push. The young man didn't speak any English so I translated. Even though he didn't understand Dan or Pat, he new they had to be some sort of important people that dropped what they were doing to lend a helping hand.

We pushed that early 90's mini van up, when I say up I literally mean up, Mesa into a parking lot and out of harms way. The young man was very thankful telling us "Gracias, Muchas Gracias" over and over again. Dan and Pat didn't tell him who they were.

They just simply said "Your Welcome" and went back to their signs.

I bet you that young man would have never guessed that a former State Representative and a County Commissioner were the ones who helped him push his van.

So if anybody tries to ask "What have the Haggerty's done for us lately"

I can show them the shoes that I ruined helping the Haggerty's push that young man's vehicle out of the way because I know the Haggerty's will not want to take credit for what they did.

That's just the kind of guys they are.

I may have not broken bread with the brothers, but at least I can say that I pushed a broken down vehicle with them.


  1. That's cool. You should mention they were dress shoes. You were dressed up yesterday.

  2. I love the Haggerty's. As a native "Northeast" girl, I see what they have done for us as a community day in and day out.

    Way to go Sammy!


  3. Well I did say we were wearing shirts and slacks. But to set the record straight. We were wearing dress shirts, dress pants and dress shoes. Ok I even went all out and wore my fancy dress chonies, but that is way too much info. You guys can thank Jaime for that.


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