Monday, June 28, 2010

Double Standards

The President fires McChrystal for his dumb comments on Rolling Stone Magazine last week but yet he lets Vice President Biden walk around making a fool of himself. Where is the consistency here.

I know, as long as Vice President Biden doesn't say anything stupid that is negative about the President he has a green light to keep pulling a Biden.

Here is a video of the Vice President telling a manager of a custard shop what he thinks the intellectual level of his donkey is.

We can't forget the infamous F Bomb.

and I'll throw in a few more just for kicks.

Oh wait, this one should have gotten him fired. He makes fun of the President's broken teleprompter.

It's a scary thought, McChrystal isn't in charge of Afghanistan any more but theoretically Biden can run this country if anything happens to the President.

God Help us!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The President vs. The Brass

The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine has caused quiet a controversy and its not even because of the cover.(Sorry Lady Ga Ga talk about stealing your thunder) If you can stop salivating for a second and direct your attention to the bottom left corner you can see there is a story called Obama's General Why He Is Loosing The War. No really, look closer.

General McChrystal's resignation was "accepted" by the President thanks to the candid comments he made in the interview in this Summer Double Issue before it even came out. McChrystal has been considered outspoken and even blunt during press confrences but he and his advisers let it all hang out on this one.

"Are you asking about Vice President Biden?" McChrystal says with a laugh. "Who's that?"

"Biden?" suggests a top adviser. "Did you say: Bite Me?"

"McChrystal thought Obama looked "uncomfortable and intimidated" by the roomful of military brass."

"Obama clearly didn't know anything about him, who he was. Here's the guy who's going to run his f***ing war, but he didn't seem very engaged. The Boss was pretty disappointed."

I am a former military man myself and understand that there is a time and place for everything and that bad mouthing the leadership is not good for mission accomplishment or troop morale.........but(there's always a but)

Let's take a closer look at it. This is the second General that is replaced in Afghanistan by the President. First there was General McKiernan and now its General McChrystal. Looks like the President can't see eye to eye with his Generals in Afghanistan. Why is that?

The President said that relieving McChrystal of his duties was a "change in personnel and not in policy." Its the second time. Maybe its not the personnel, maybe its the policy! Ever thought of that? McChrystal's interview "undermines civilian control of the military" according to The President.

I don't know about you, but if I was a young man in the front lines I would like a three to four star General to be in control calling the shots instead of a community organizer. But that's just me.

Let those guys who wear all that shiny stuff on their shoulders earn their paycheck and let the President work on his broken promises back here in the States.

Changing Generals is not exactly the change we expected.

El Paso LNRC Monthly Meeting

The El Paso LNRC will have its monthly meeting Wednesday June 30, 2010 at the El Paso State Office Building located at 401 East Franklin Ave. For directions click here. The meeting will start at 6:30pm and is scheduled to last until 7:30pm.

The 4th of July holiday and parades are rapidly approaching so we are looking for volunteers to participate in those events. We will be talking about the first annual State LNRC convention that will take place August 6th & 7th in San Antonio, Texas.

John Cuencas will have a presentation on a website he and his company are so kindly building for the El Paso LNRC. This website should allow us to get our message across to more people and help our group grow.

We do need ideas for fund raisers and will be focusing on membership drives. The EL Paso LNRC does rely on membership fees to be able to operate, so please if you haven't had a chance to pay your membership fee please do so at this meeting. We need to raise funds so we can do our part to get conservitives elected in El Paso.

Don't forget, bring a friend. We have an open door policy and are looking to spread our conservative message to as many as possible. Hope to see you there.

The El Paso LNRC
Engage, Empower, Educate & Elect

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm a Republican......

Didn't see any Butt Kicking

It seems that the head of the current administration went around making threats on morning talk shows threatening the use of violence then comes out saying he will ask "them" to fix the oil leak in the Gulf.

Come on, he created such a controversy with his "Whose Ass to Kick" statement then he comes out asking the bullies to stop. All that bark an absolutely no bite.

I don't blame the President for the oil spill like some people blame the Republican Party(hello, we are Americans not British)but I do blame him for not being aggressive on getting BP to fix the problem.

Chris Rock said a few days ago "If Bush was still President he would save every last drop of that oil." Maybe that's a capitalist way of thinking but it would indirectly save those poor animals that Obama's strategy is allowing to swim in all that oil.

He comes out and makes another promise when his promise keeping record has been tarnished by things like lack of change and comprehensive immigration reform in his first year in office. The Latino community is upset about that campaign promise.

His words were so vague that technically we can't say he lied when this promise takes what is now refered to as an Obama Minute.

In coming days and weeks these efforts should capture up to 90% of the oil coming out of the well..........there are 365 days and 52 weeks in a year and up to means no more than but leaves it open for maybe less than 90%. All that talking and we got no real answers.

Is it me or does it seem like foreigners can just push the President around. I wouldn't be surprised if the President came out wearing John Lennon type glasses the next time he jumps out of Marine One.(The Presidential Helicopter)

"I'm asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington......I'm asking you to believe in yours." - B.H. Obama

It's kind of hard to believe anything he says right now. But I do agree with one thing, I believe in my ability to bring about change. Obama out in 2012!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In The Spot Light

I had to use a body double to film this video due to legal reasons. He was the closest I could find on such a short notice and on a radio personality's budget. Don't worry, no nerds were harmed in the making of this video

I have been playing around on the radio waves for about six months now and was always just that nice guy with Jaime Abeytia. Any time we went to any Democrat events, even though I am a Republican, I was welcomed and normally greeted with a hug and kiss.(by the women you jerks)

I felt like the brown(and round)Dan Haggerty. You have to admit, Haggerty is the most welcomed Republican in the Democrat Party.

But now that I started blogging things have drastically changed. I'm no longer the nice funny guy always carrying Jaime's equipment.(I feel so used)

Now I am "That Blogger".

Don't get mad because I blog the truth. And don't mistaken my kindness for weakness. I might be nice and polite but don't forget, I'm a trained killer!

That just got the lawyers all riled up. Relax, I was just referring to me being a former Marine. I didn't kill people in the Marine Corps(the P & S are silent), my job was actually to keep people alive.

Everywhere I go I get asked if I am still causing problems, I even get instant messages while I am on the Internet. They are friendly inquiries but still. What kind of reputation am i making for myself in such a short time?

I can't go anywhere now without having people do a double take or follow me with their eyes, or at least with the good eye, all the way down the hall.(I was holding that one in for way too long)

Some even mutter little comments as I walk by not realizing I can read lips. Yeah, that's right. I can't hear very well thanks to the loud engines on helicopters so I have learned how to read lips. Don't believe me? There is at least one person who works in the county courthouse who can vouch for me on this one. She learned the hard way.

Now that I have revealed my secret, and the source for most of my info, it will be interesting to see how many people cover their mouths when I am in a room. You think I'm playing. Next time you see me in the courthouse notice how many people cover their mouths with manila folders. Its like watching an NFL coach calling in plays on national TV.

I just want to have my life back........

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Border Shooting; Coyotes Put Kids' Lives On The Line

Unless you live under a rock you have seen the international coverage of the shooting of a 15 year old boy at the Paso Del Norte Bridge in El Paso, Texas.

But just in case you haven't seen the video click on this link.

The video is in spanish so for all you non-spanish speakers just mute the sound.

The 15 year is the victim here. For more than just being shot. It is sad bud kids are used as guides for coyotes(human smugglers). Don't go off the wall just yet. Please let me explain. I looked at the video by myself then I watched it with people who had crossed over illegally so I could better understand what I was seeing. Who better to know what happens when people cross over illegally than someone who had done it themselves.

If you look at the video, the only ones who were caught were a 29 and a 42 year old man. They were the inexperienced ones. You can see the experienced teens run around the agent as the men are caught since the teen guides do it all the time. The teens were escorting the older men, they were not trying to cross themselves. Coyotes hire these young kids because they can't be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The way it works is that nobody gets paid until the "goods" or in this case the people are delivered.

The former undocumented immigrants I saw the video with speculated that the teens were trying to get the agent to release the detainees because if they didn't they would not be delivered to the U.S. side and they (the young guides) would not get paid. It has been reported that the 15 year old had been on a list of known coyotes, but like I said before teens are not coyotes they are guides. That means the coyote is the one who makes the big bucks and he pays these kids chump change to put their life on the line. That is where the injustice begins.

I feel very bad for the family who just lost their teenager. One life lost is one life too many. But we have to take all the relevant factors into consideration. If the Border Patrol Agent is found guilty then he should be held responsible.

I know it is going to be an international fiasco since the Mexican government has already accused the Border Patrol Agent of crossing over into Mexico to shoot the teenager. The video above proves otherwise. It is just shocking to hear the Mexican Government criticize U.S. law enforcement agents when they have such a problem with corruption in their local, state and federal police agencies. (This is just a sidebar and has nothing to do with and does not affect the results of the shooting) Mexican law enforcement agents have been involved in the drug trade, money extortion and on both ends of executions. They are going to use this incident to try to take the attention away from the issues that plague their law enforcement agencies.

The corruption in Mexico is the #1 reason why my family is here in the United States. The corruption in Mexico gave me the opportunity to be born here, serve the country that I love and to make my father proud.

My father is a big influence on me and a very good source of information. He is very passionate about his beliefs but is not as vocal as I am. But there are some things that just make his blood boil. You want see someone blow up when they see Presidente Calderon criticize the U.S., I'll introduce you to my father.

Many people who are born here in the U.S. like to defend alot of things that happen in Mexico without truly understanding what goes on in that country. If you really want to understand how a "Mexican" thinks, talk to one that has gone through the struggle. Talk to one that left their "homeland". They will tell you how they really feel about what goes on in Mexico and why they left.

Thanks Dad for all the talks and for everything you have done for us.

Gracias por las platicas y por todo que has echo por nosotros.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Horse and Pony Show; The Taking of The Lettunich Family Farm

The El Paso County Commissioner's Court held a Horse and Pony Show yesterday on the third floor of the EL Paso County Courthouse.

In attendance were people like Congressman Ciro Rodriguez, representatives from Congressman Sylvestre Reyes' office, members of the regional GSA office, all members of commissioner's court to include Anthony Cobos and even former Commissioner Miguel Teran.

Two people under the FBI public corruption investigation patting themselves on the back in public. Something is wrong with that if you ask me.

Plaques were passed out to just about everyone in the courthouse for taking part in the building of a new port of entry in Tornillo.

I stood their and watched about an hours worth of hand shaking, back patting, bro-hugging and butt kissing that just about made me loose my lunch.

At the end of the Horse and Pony show Willie Gandara signed over the deed to the land that was taken from the Lettunich family using eminent domain to the GSA office.

Steven Lettunich stood in the back of the room and watched in disbelief as his family's land was just signed over to the federal government even though there is an appeal in the works.

Let's go back just a little bit so you can understand what all went on. Steven had approached Willie Gandara before the show to ask if he could say a few words to the crowd about what his family was going through.

Dora Oaxaca, Willie's Assistant, basically told Steven that this was not the time or place and made Steven feel like he was not welcomed. You might ask, how can you come to that conclusion?

Dora called the Sheriff's deputies. They took away our press releases and stood behind us throughout the whole event.

Several supporters said they would be willing to get arrested to show support but I convinced them that getting arrested would accomplish nothing.

I personally think getting arrested is so over rated.

We are not as dumb as we look. We patiently waited for event to end.

Once that happened Steven jumped on the opportunity and asked Congressman Rodriguez where he stood on the land issue.

The Congressman told Steven and all the cameras that immediately caught the confrontation that this was the first time he had heard about his family's concern. The look on his face made us believe he was telling the truth.

The Congressman did say that he believed that the Lettunich family deserved to get a fair price for their land.

He also said the County is responsible for that at the local level and not at the federal level.

Willie Gandara was questioned by the media and quickly stated that the County did not do anything illegal to aquire the land. Why would he say that so quickly?

Gandara did take over this project after Miguel Teran's departure so it might just be a reaction due to Teran's alleged past.

Now I agree, the port of entry would bring money and badly needed jobs to the local area.....

but I don't agree how the County has taken the land from the family just to meet a federal deadline. We need to look deeper into this issue and assure that the Lettunich family is compensated fairly for the farmland that has been in their family for four generations.

Willie Gandara is always defending immigrants and their families yet he doesn't stand up for the Lettunich Family. Maybe it's not the immigrants he is used to. This is a story of a Lower Valley family whose ancestors came to this country for a better life. The typical immigrant story. yet nothing is said on that matter. Why?

I am calling you out Willie. If you really care about the people of the Lower Valley and the immigrants in this country, you will do something to help the Lettunich family. If not, then all your rhetoric will just go in one ear and out the other the next time you talk to us about helping the immigrant.

Please be consistant with your message.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Guilty By Association

It's bad enough when I get kicked out for something I do or say, but come on! I was kicked out of one of the County Commissioner's office because of something Leonsito (The LionStar Jaime Abeytia) did.

I walked in into Willie Gandara's office to speak to him about an issue only to find Norma Chavez inside.

I was about to greet her when she told Willie that it would be best if there was no media in his office.

I've been called alot of things in my day but media is not one of them. So because of that I was forced to do the walk of shame.

Seems that Jaime Abeytia (host of The LionStar Live) and Norma Chavez had a falling out after the last run off election. I'm not going to get into the chisme(rumors)on this one. That's their business. But I don't see why they drag me into it.

Why am I hated by association? What did I do to deserve to be treated like that?

I honestly don't know what the problem is. I really don't. No wait.

Dora Oaxaca (Willie Gandara's Assistant) never liked me. She would tell Norma to be careful around me because I was a Republican.

Oh that's right. They accussed me of being a mole. It's all coming back.

And now that Norma lost, Dora must be reminding Norma that she had warned her about me.

Once again, Democrats blaming the Republican for something he had no control over. Next thing you know I'm going to be criminally responsible for the Brittish Petroleum fiasco too.

Come on ladies, read all my blogs and not just the ones that are not to your liking. I was the only Republican publically questioning TLR for giving money to your opponent.

Come on Dora, why do you have so much hate and why can't you trust anybody?

I don't think Dora could see a trustworthy person if they were sitting on her nose.

I'm not here to beg anybody. I am who I am and I have nothing to hide. If my words are not good enough for you, well its been nice knowing you. The man upstairs knows what I have and have not done. I am at peace knowing that.

Friday, June 4, 2010

An Immigrant's Story

This letter was submitted by Steven Lettunich, a forth generation farmer from Tornillo, Texas. I heard Steven read this letter to a large group of people. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

In 1910 at the age of only 19 my great grandfather Martin N. Lettunich left his tiny village in Yugoslavia. He boarded a boat bound for the land of opportunity. With ambition in his mind, a prayer in his heart, and only thirty dollars in his pocket he landed in New York he then began the process to become a proud citizen of this great country. He then made the long journey by train to California where he worked as a farmhand on an apple farm. A few short years later he left the apple farm for an opportunity to earn a better living in the mines of Bixby, Arizona. After saving as much of his earnings as possible he had heard word of land for sale in far west Texas.

In 1917 and at the age of only 26 He then made the trip down to El Paso where he found the land he was looking for. He found roughly 200 acres of land that was riddled with Mesquite, greasewood, cottonwoods, and salt-cedars. Undeterred, he saw the land for what it could be and not what it was. He then began the incredible task of clearing this land of all the brush in order to make it suitable for farming. By the use of teams of horses and by the sweat of his brow he built himself a farm. It was on this farm that he and my great grand mother started their family. It was on this farm that my great grandparents eldest children were born, including my grandfather. It was on this farm that they lost their daughter Kate, while still a little girl she slipped into an irrigation canal and lost her life. It was on this farm that my Grandfather and his three brothers learned the value of their hard work and it was this farm and their hard work that allowed my great grandfather to expand.

In 1930’s the Rio Grande was prone to flooding and changing course during rainy seasons so the governments of Mexico and the United States agreed to a new permanent location of the river in these agreements land was purchased and sold by both sides. The new location happened to split my great grandfathers original farm in half. As upsetting as this was at time he new that it was for the greater good his community to create flood control and The United States government had agreed to compensate him justly for his land so he agreed to their terms and sold.

In 2002 at the urging of one local politician the county government began looking into acquiring the remaining portion of this original farm and then some, 140 acres for the expansion of an international port of entry the likes of which this country has never seen! No port of entry anywhere along the United States Border north or south comes close to the size of the one in mind. The bridge that is to be expanded connects two of the smallest towns in our local international community Tornillo, Tx. and Caseta, Chih. The intended purpose has been said to re-route eastbound Semi truck traffic coming out of Juarez to avoid El Paso. However, the infrastructure and roadways between Juarez and Caseta are not capable of sustaining the heavy traffic flow of the semis; as we are with I-10. (The highway literally has speed bumps every couple hundred yards, and is subject to roadblocks by Mexico’s local cartels. Also The border towns of Caseta, Guadalupe, and Por Venir are quite literally under total control by these cartels, they have no standing local governments, cartel perpetrated executions take place on a daily basis and our local government has chosen at this time to exponentially expand one of the ports to Mexico’s “death valley”.) Due to this lack of infrastructure the maquiladoras will not be capable of transporting any goods along this highway. The expansion of this port in very few ways will benefit any members of our local community. Also please keep in mind the amount of county tax dollars that have been spent is in the millions. 3 million of which alone went to pay an out of town surveying company to survey my family’s farm. That’s right 3 million just to survey the land, that’s a total cost of over twenty one thousand four hundred and twenty dollars an acre, while the offer my family was forced to settle upon by gross miss use of eminent domain was less than half that 10,000 per acre. (Doesn’t that make you wonder into just whose pocket that three million actually went.)? In this action millions of county taxpayers dollars were spent on this project and in turn the land is to be donated to the federal government. We did not want to sell the land that four generations of Lettunich blood sweat and tears have been poured into, that land that through our own hard work and the grace of god has given us all that we have. After the county commissioners decision to go through with this, and then the subsequent giving of this land to the federal government we have filed an appeal. And the general feeling of my family members is that there is something left to do, that there is a way to fight this, and that the battle has not yet been lost. My family and I also believe that with an outcry of public opinion we can bring attention to the issue and possibly change the ultimate outcome. We are aware that completely stopping this miss use of government power and tax payers dollars is next to impossible. One of our only hopes is to possibly reduce the size of this monstrous land grab as was done in the case of the Rainville Family Farm in Vermont (as you may have heard about, through various media outlets across the country). We ask that you join us in this fight by participating in our demonstration on Monday June 7th at 2:00 at the El Paso county courthouse, as the County will ceremoniously sign our land over to the federal government. This is an outrageous display of audacity and arrogance, as until the appeal is settled the land still belongs to our family. Any and all who are able to make it your support will be a blessing and will be greatly appreciated by my entire family. After this rally or in the event that you are unable to attend we ask that you please lend your support by writing letters to our public officials, local, state, and national. We ask that you appeal to the media, as our local media quickly brushed us aside. This will mean an appeal to fox news and to talk radio show hosts who support America and it’s hard working dreamers.

With the utmost sincerity,

Steven C. Lettunich

Let's Keep Andy in El Paso

The below is an excerpt of a letter released to the media in attempt to get help for Andy.

"Andy Cortez was shot by an off duty officer on April , 2010. The bullet that is still lodged in his neck has left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. Andy was released from University Medical Center after a month and was sent home without having any health insurance or any means of attaining the proper health care his condition requires. His mother was giving a very short class that taught her how to care for him but was not enough to help Andy in his rehabilitation. Andy requires a trained professional to care for him on a daily basis. He needs rehabilitation that will help him get better and take steps forward in maybe having Andy walk again one day.

Andy's medicaid application is still pending and no local rehabilitation center will take him until it is approved. Andy needs medical care on a daily basis. The family was forced to look for the nearest facility that would take him in his condition. If a local facility does not take him in Andy's mother will have to travel with him to Lubbock Tuesday morning. Andy's mother has said that she doesn't know how she will be able to handle the financial burden that traveling back and forth to Lubbock will put on her and her family."

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comment section.

Vote For Rene Diaz

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The El Paso LNRC

The El Paso Latino National Republican Coalition is the newest Auxiliary of the El Paso Republican Party. But we are off to a strong start!

Come join El Paso's Latino conservative movement!