Monday, February 28, 2011

Update On "El Conquistador"

It seems that Larry Medina has not been able to conquer much lately. He was indicted on corruption charges, he had a lawyer, he didn't have a lawyer and then he had one again. Let's not forget the whole I9 incident either. Medina was fined $33,000 by ICE for having discrepancies on 31 of his 33 employees' I9s at Pan American Insurance. According to new documents Medina has not paid the fine even though he told the El Paso Times that it was a slight oversight and that he would take care of it. Well, what he really did was blame one of his employees. Medina is known for always passing the buck. 

According to documents provided to me on Saturday February 26th by the founder of "Concerned Citizens of El Paso Against Larry Medina", Medina has not made any attempts to resolve the issue and the fine currently stands at $42,000+ due to interest penalties. Doesn't sound like he is taking care of it to me. But then again he might be delaying any sort of payment since he is still pending public corruption charges. I guess it wouldn't make any sense to pay the fine if he was going to be doing time in prison.  

I just can't believe that his employees are still working even though they have "discrepancies" in their I9s. How is that possible? But the question that everyone is asking is who will he blame for the latest SNAFU. Lets take a poll. Who do you guys think Medina will blame this time? Send me your nominations.

Let's not forget that Medina was a candidate for El Paso County Judge, then he wasn't, then he was, then he wasn't. Do you guys see a trend here?

Friday, February 25, 2011

LNRC of Texas Takes Over The Capital

Members of the LNRC of Texas meet with
 Republican Party of Texas Chairman
Steve Munisteri
Members of the Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas were in Austin on Wednesday February 23rd meeting with the members of the HRC (Hispanic Republican Conference) and with the Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri. It was quite a scene to see so many Hispanic Republicans in the capital at one time. The LNRC met individually with each member of the HRC in their office and presented them with an award in appreciation for their dedication and support of the Hispanic Community. These gentlemen have put their neck on the line in a time when being a Hispanic Republican is not considered to be the most popular thing on either side of the aisle. They are doing at the state level what the LNRC is doing at the local level at each of its chapters. They are bridging the gap between the Hispanic Community and the Republican Party. All of the HRC members were very humbled to be presented with an award but said that they really hadn't done much to deserve the award. If you ask me, coming out and publicly pledging your support for the Hispanic Community as a Republican takes a lot of courage and deserves to be recognized. This is a huge step for both the Republican Party and the Hispanic Community that will hopefully change Texas politics.

El Paso LNRC Chairman Sammy Carrejo hands award to
Representative Dee Margo for his dedication
and support of the Hispanic Community

El Paso LNRC To Launch New Newsletter

The El Paso Latino National Republican Coalition will be unveiling its new lewsletter "El Republicano; La Voz De El Conservador Hispano" on Saturday February 26th at its one year anniversary celebration. The news letter will beavailable on line at and will be available in print starting very soon. The goal is to spread the conservative message to the Latino community in both English and Spanish. The newsletter will have a collection of local, state and national articles collected from several news sources and will also include articles submitted  by local El Pasoans. The newsletter will be the first bi-lingual conservative newsletter in El Paso. It will be distributed for free at your nearest gas station and grocery store. Stay tuned for more information.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LNRC of Texas Legislative Day In Austin

The LNRC of Texas will be in Austin on February 23rd and will meet with members of the newly formed Republican Hispanic Caucus and Republiac Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri. The LNRC will have the opportunity to meet with Representatives Jesse Ancira, Larry Gonzalez, Jose Aliseda, Aaron Pena, Jason Isaac, Raul Torres, John Garza and we can't forget El Paso's very own District 78 Representative Dee Margo.

I will be at the event and will post pictures of the Legislative Day so stay tuned.

Monday, February 21, 2011

His Grandmother IS So Proud

Becky Hermosillo, President of the GEPWR
and Jaime "El Leonsito" Abeytia
Jaime"The LionStar" Abeytia was invited to the Greater El Paso Republican Women's monthly meeting this Saturday. Not many of you might know but his grandmother IS a staunch Republican. It made her so proud to see her little Leonsito (little lion) at a Republican function. Jaime can be heard on KHRO 1150 am normally advocating for the Democratic party. For those who are wondering, he was a good little lion at the meeting and the cage that was brought in just in case he got out of hand was not needed. But for the record, it was the Lion's first time in a country club. I told him he was a special guest and that next time he should come in through the front door and not use the service entrance.

Monday, February 14, 2011

El Paso LNRC Attends The Abraham Lincoln Celebration

The El Paso GOP hosted it's annual Lincoln Day Celebration on Saturday February 12th at the Wyndham Hotel. The event celebrated the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln and was the party's first fundraiser of the year. About 150 people gathered for the celebration that included special guest Steve Munisteri, Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. Dignitaries in attendance included State Representative Dee Margo, State Board of Education Member Charlie Garza, Judge Bill Hicks, former El Paso GOP Chairman Alex Burjos, Judge Ken Carr, former County Commissioner Charles Hooten and we can't forget President Abraham Lincoln, played by UTEP College Republican Ryan Padilla. "I'm just glad to see that after 200 years I can still throw a party" said Lincoln/Padilla right before he introduced Chairman Steve Munisteri. Ray Adauto was the MC for the night. To my liking, Adauto introduced the head table in a similar way he introduces the UTEP Miners on game night. Or maybe it was just me. I thought he was going to introduce Tom Holmsley like he introduces Randy Culpeper but he didn't. Maybe next time.
"The event was very appropriate for our first event of the year as we get organized for a victory in 2012" said Holmsley.

The El Paso LNRC, the Greater El Paso Republican Women, the West El Paso Republican Women, the UTEP College Republicans and the newly chartered Young Republicans were all in attendance supporting the ever so growing El Paso Republican Party. With five official auxiliaries the El Paso Republican Party now offers more groups for people to choose from than it ever has before. The memberships of each group is steadily rising. That just goes to show that people in El Paso are tired of the hope and are ready for some real change.

Friday, February 11, 2011

El Paso LNRC Will Celebrate Its First Anniversary

The El Paso LNRC was the first to be chartered and is currently the largest chapter in all the state of Texas. They will be celebrating their first anniversary on Saturday February 26th at La Hacienda Mexican grill located at 9515 Gateway West. Special guests will include LNRC of Texas Chair Artemio Muniz and Vice Chair Eric Garza. MC for the event will be the always entertaining  KHRO 1150's own Greg Freyermuth. Tickets for the event are just $20 that will include dinner, live music, birthday cake, giveaways and a great party atmosphere. The doors open at 7:30 pm and the festivities will go on until closing.

The night will also feature the revealing of new projects that will put the El Paso LNRC on the map. 2010 was a great first year but the El Paso LNRC hopes to make 2011 even better. Join us and be apart of this historic event. For tickets or information please call 915-633-4724.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Taxes Used For A Publicity Stunt

I was going purging some old videos when I saw this one and it made me ask myself. Why is the Sheriff's Department using employees for a publicity stunt? We went through the whole buget short fall fiasco yet nothing was done about Richard Wiles using county employees to further the agenda of a supposed non-profit organization. Most of you might remember this video. Fernando Garcia led many members of Border Network of Human Rights (BNHR) to turn themselves in at the El Paso County Jail in an attempt to influence legislation.

This was the biggest misuse of county employees caught on camera in recent history. Yes it was only a couple deputies used but it was blatant misuse of county employees. Sheriff's Spokesperson Jesse Tovar was waiting for the crowd in his very well starched uniform. Keep in mind Jesse Tovar's office is all the way on the other side of town. The media was notified the day before of BNHR's planned actions so having the Sheriff's spokesperson there would only make sense. Right? But how much prior to the event did the Sheriff's office know and most importantly how much was the Sheriff's department involved. If the Sheriff's department knew of the protest they could have prevented it from even happening if they wanted to. But that was not the case. Sheriff Richard Wiles wanted this protest to happen.

Tovar's position in front of the main entrance, nice demeanor and smile on his face tell us he had no problem with the protest. I know that if I would hold some sort of protest in the main entrance of the county jail I would be detained, not by the Sheriff's spokesperson in his pretty uniform, but by detention officers wearing tan uniforms or even worse their black "Ninja Turtle" Swift Repose Team Uniforms. 

So where am I going with this. Sheriff Richard Wiles is a huge supporter of and a participant in BNHR. You can visit and see Sheriff Richard Wiles several times in his uniform. Should he be in those pictures wearing his uniform advocating or trying to influence legislation with a 501(c)(3) considering that  501(c)(3) organizations are restricted in how much political and legislative (lobbying) activities they may conduct. 

"An organization will be regarded as attempting to influence legislation if it contacts, or urges the public to contact, members or employees of a legislative body for the purpose of proposing, supporting, or opposing legislation, or if the organization advocates the adoption or rejection of legislation.",,id=163392,00.html

I'm no genius but I'm pretty sure BNHR video taped themselves (video courtesy of one of their members) opposing SB 1070 and any law like it here in Texas. If these guys want to be lobbyist then let them be, but then they can start paying taxes as well. I say they revoke their 501(c)(3) status. Their website used to say they were that but has been removed since I brought up this issue before. If they are no longer a 501(c)(3), then my job here is done. If they are then something has to change. BNHR has also removed a post on their website that showed them contacting and asking the public to contact Congressman Silvestre Reyes asking him to oppose a piece of legislation. Once again, I brought it up before and it was removed from their website.

I have said it several times this week. Our elected officials should be doing what we elected them to do. They should not be participate in illegal actions with a fraudulent "charitable organization". Richard Wiles should be held accountable for his actions and not be given a pass like he has been given since he was the Chief of Police.

Forgive me if I make some of you angry, but you guys should practice what you preach. You should lead by example and not be a "Do as I say and not as I do" type of leader.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Can't We All just Get Along; An Attempt To Set The Record Straight

El Paso is definitely a Democratic strong hold in Texas. That makes it very hard to be a conservative with so many Democrats attacking you and your beliefs on a daily basis. But what makes it even harder is having other conservatives question your conservatism or your motives. I have always said that their is strength in numbers and believe that if all of us conservatives could push our egos aside and work together we can actually make a difference in this county. But instead we are starting to fight amongst ourselves like the Democrats. There are some habits we could pick up from the local Dems but fighting is not what I had in mind. I was thinking more of their organization and community outreach skills.

But not everyone thinks like me. There are some people out there who feel threatened when somebody new comes into the sandbox. Instead of letting the new kid play with their bucket and shovel some decide to kick sand in the new kid's eyes. It's the whole king of the jungle thing. They feel threatened by idea of a little competition.

Is Sammy C a plant in the Republican Party?
In the last few weeks someone has decided to write about me and what they think I stand for. I find it amusing to read that I am some sort of "plant" put in by the Democratic party to take down the Republican Party or that I am the puppet of a liberal blogger. Or even better, I just read that somebody thinks that the person who posts on this blog and the person who responds to my FaceBook profile and my email are two different people. I don't know if that person has noticed but my dyslexia and terrible proof reading skills stand out on all three mediums. I am consistently bad. I can be as equally critical if not more about myself. Anyone who really knows me knows that I am my worst critic and let myself have it. I would rather hear someone tell me what I was doing wrong so I could fix it that hear that everything I'm doing is just dandy when it's not. So in a weird way, their attacks on me are actually used by me to improve what I do. So thank you for helping me improve myself.

As for the organization that we started in El Paso. It is called the LATINO NATIONAL REPUBLICAN COALITION. Most of you who read this blog know that by now but I thought I would set the record straight for he who has decided to mock the name in efforts to minimize the groups accomplishments. We may not be the best at what we do but we do alright. Click on this link so you could see some of our accomplishments.

Now my buddy Jaime Abeytia went out and said that the LNRC had made the biggest impact in its first year of existence and seems to have bothered some. There is other conservative groups who have been around for a few years who do many good things around town. They hold successful events and gather many people. I know, I went to those events. But what I think Jaime was trying to say was that the LNRC had done the most in it's first year in existence. Jaime did not say that the LNRC had done more than all the other groups. So don't get your panties in a wad.

No one is trying to take a piece of your pie. In fact we are trying to cut all of us bigger piece of that good 'ol El Paso pie. So chill out, stop with the conspiracy theories and stop questioning my friendship with Jaime Abeytia. Because now that I think about it, I bet you there are many Democrats who ask Jaime how he could continue being my friend after I bash so many of them and call them socialist.

So why are we still friends? Because there are other things in life that people can have in common and can talk about other than politics. We do have to make time time to argue about whose football team stunk more this year.

Political Grandstanding By El Paso Leaders

Four of El Paso's elected officials got together for a press conference that took place on January 28 to denounce Governor Rick Perry's proposed immigration agenda.

Mayor John Cook, County Judge Veronica Escobar, Senator Jose Rodriguez and Congressman Silvestre Reyes spoke to reporters in typical bleeding heart fashion reminding us once again why political correctness is out of control and is not allowing us to move forward as a nation.

Reyes said "It will turn border communities into havens for criminals who will prey on undocumented immigrants and exploit their fears and silence," referring to Perry wanting to give law enforcement agents the discretion to ask for immigration status. It's funny how Reyes uses the word "havens" considering that cities that don't enforce immigration laws are considered safe haven's for illegal immigrants. 

How can he actually think that criminals would just prey on undocumented immigrants. Right! Criminals are going to take their time to find people who are undocumented just to commit a crime against them so they won't be reported. That's given criminals way to much credit. Criminals are criminals and will commit a crime no matter what. Plus a criminal would have to ask to see an ID or some sort of documentation to verify if their victims were legal or not. And according to these bleeding hearts that would take special immigration law training to do.

Rodriguez threw in his two cents at the press conference by saying that "Texas has more pressing needs than immigration". Really? Let me think back a little. If I remember correctly Texans and every other American was promised by a certain Presidential candidate that he would address the immigration issue in his first year in office. To be more specific he promised the Latino community he would address immigration reform his first year in office. He set the deadline and the whole country, people from both sides of the issue, are pressing to see something be done about it. Plus it would definitely affect our budget. We need to know all the factors before we can balance the budget. A liberal's quick response, it is going to cost us money and that would only make balancing the budget harder. Not true really, local law enforcement agents would only have to ask one more question. If the person was arrested they would take them to the county jail, like they do already, and have Border Patrol pick them up like they do already. No one is reinventing the wheel. The only difference is that the immigration question is being asked by law enforcement agents on the streets instead of by the people at booking.

If the President doesn't do anything about immigration then each state will be forced to take it into their own hands. Just look at Governor Susana Martinez from New Mexico. Martinez gave an executive order that would have state police ask for immigration status. (Before anyone goes off the deep edge, the order does state when the police can ask for immigration status) Why would she do something like that? Because she was a District Attorney and knows a thing or two about laws and those who break them. Maybe Rodriguez should start taking some notes. Wasn't he the El Paso County Attorney?

Unfortunately the left treats immigration reform and immigration enforcement as two different issues. Yet one directly affects the other. Immigration reform will define the way immigration is enforced. But if you don't enforce immigration there is no need for reform and that will simply keep thousands of people living in the shadows instead of doing something to help them become legal.

Groups like BNHR (Border Network for Human Rights) will take to the streets with marches and demand that something be done now about immigration reform but at the same time they will plead to elected officials by turning themselves in at the county jail in protest so that they won't enforce immigration law. They want their cake and eat it too. BNHR has enlisted several local leaders who are actually on their board of directors to help their cause. Something doesn't seem right here. Click here for the list of BNHR board members. You will find Veronica Escobar and Jose Rodriguez on that list. If you go through the website you will also see pictures of Richard Wiles lobbying in his uniform. Once again, something not right about that. Don't say I'm making it up because the proof is in the pudding.  Once again this picture will probably be taken down from their website because I pointed it out. They shouldn't just remove the picture, what they should do is remove Wiles from participating in any of their events in his official capacity.

No one really steps up and says anything because they don't want to come across as anti-immigrant, be called a racist, a bigot or don't want to be retaliated against. El Paso is an ugly town when it comes to name calling and retaliation. Political correctness is preventing people from standing up for what is right. I think we need to change that here in El Paso. We need to be able to say what is on our minds. Call me what you want but both God and I know that what I want is what is best for everyone. I want those who have lived as illegals to have the opportunity to be legal and be able to tell their family back home that they can finally live the American dream. That they are finally going to become documented. I want these left leaning groups to stop taking advantage of these immigrants by keeping them in the shadows and only bringing them out when they need them to hold signs or march in the hot sun. These "non-profit" groups get thousands of dollars in funding from several organizations yet they have members who have been undocumented for many years. So where does the money go? Why are they not helping every member become documented? Why? because if every member was documented then there would be no need for BNHR and people like Fernando Garcia would be out of a job. It's called job security.

Please join me in telling these officials that they are wrong and are only delaying the inevitable. Please send me your thoughts on the comment section or if you don't want everyone to see what you wrote send it to This blog is not the biggest or most known blog around El Paso but it is followed/monitored by certain people that would benefit from hearing what you have to say.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Task At Hand

We have seen an increase in law enforcement agents turn into blown out lobbyist lately. They find the opportunity to get in front of cameras instead of doing what they are supposed to be doing, like enforcing laws. 

We have seen Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik on several national news programs giving his opinion on what laws he should be and not be enforcing. But he is not alone. We don't have to go very far because in our very own backyard we have Sheriff Richard Wiles. He has decided to jump on the band wagon and become a full time(that's just me exaggerating) lobbyist against enforcing immigration law. Who would have thought that a law enforcement agent would be against enforcing the law. Go figure.

Wiles has denounced bills targeting illegal immigrants and has said that El Paso "manages to come out on top as the safest large city in the United States" crediting the trust law enforcement agents have built with the "the largely Mexican immigrant community". I guess the non-Mexican immigrant had no affect on the safety of this community. Isn't that some stuff. He must be too busy trying to be on the news that he hasn't been following it. El Paso has had more murders in one moth than it did in all of last years. What does that mean, that we should all run scared? Absolutely not. What that means is that our local elected officials need to stop blowing smoke up our rears by telling us we are the "Safest City". At best we might have been, even though I don't agree with how the numbers were reported, but we sure are not the safest now. Just face it, that distinction will not be coming our way this year. We were a one hit wonder.

Now I find it interesting that more people have not spoken out against Wiles' actions. Maybe because he has a lot of ties with other political figures. I guess I'm going to start making some of them mad. Personally I think he is out of line and should concentrate on doing his job enforcing laws and being the custodian of the county jail. Enforce laws and house people in jail. That's it. Oh wait, catch stray dogs as well. Where in his job description does it say to make up laws or influence the making of laws. NOWHERE!!! 

Let's put this into perspective. A judge is also an elected official. His job is to rule on cases basing his ruling on current laws. His job is not to legislate from the bench. So why does our Sheriff think he can legislate from the county jail? What gives him the right to pick and choose which laws he will uphold? Wiles' actions don't come without double talk. He goes around saying one thing and does another. I wrote about it before and actually called it the Wiles Hokey Pokey..........
You put your LEFT foot in,
You put your LEFT foot out,
You put your LEFT foot in
and you jerk us all around.
You do the Hokey Pokey
and you turn your answers all around,
that's what your all about!

Do the Hokey Pokey,
You tell the truth about him
And he'll stick you in the Pokie,
That's what he's all about!
(My jingle writing career never really took off, you can see why)

Wiles has been double talking to El Paso since I can remember. Unfortunately he is a very good speaker and people don't call him out on it. But I'm here now so let me show you some examples. If you go to the El Paso County Sheriff's Website you will see a picture of Wiles with the department's mission statement next to it.

  • Our Mission
  • The El Paso County Sheriff's Office, as part of, and empowered by the community, is committed to:
  • - Protect lives, property, and the rights of people; 
    - Maintain order; 
    - Enforce the law impartially;
    - Provide quality police service in partnership with other members of the community
  • To fulfill our mission, we will strive to attain the highest degree of ethical behavior and professional conduct at all times.
Did you catch the second to the last one? ENFORCE IMPARTIALLY. Picking and choosing what laws you enforce or who you enforce them on is not being impartial. Don't worry, give it a couple days and the website will be changed. It won't be the first time. I quoted and complained about another issue I had with the website and it was changed. That seems to be a whole lot easier than actually doing what the website says.
"As a law enforcement officer, I respect the laws of our country and the necessity for them to be followed to provide for an orderly and safe society." 
Wiles mad that statement in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee but continued with why it wasn't necessary for him to enforce immigration law. I really wish our elected officials would stick to the task at hand.  El Paso elected him, even though I urged people not too, as the county sheriff. If he wanted to make laws instead of enforcing laws then he should have run for a the state legislature. But until that happens he should get back to work on simply enforcing laws and stop worrying if his uniform makes him look 10 lbs heavier on television.