Friday, February 25, 2011

LNRC of Texas Takes Over The Capital

Members of the LNRC of Texas meet with
 Republican Party of Texas Chairman
Steve Munisteri
Members of the Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas were in Austin on Wednesday February 23rd meeting with the members of the HRC (Hispanic Republican Conference) and with the Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri. It was quite a scene to see so many Hispanic Republicans in the capital at one time. The LNRC met individually with each member of the HRC in their office and presented them with an award in appreciation for their dedication and support of the Hispanic Community. These gentlemen have put their neck on the line in a time when being a Hispanic Republican is not considered to be the most popular thing on either side of the aisle. They are doing at the state level what the LNRC is doing at the local level at each of its chapters. They are bridging the gap between the Hispanic Community and the Republican Party. All of the HRC members were very humbled to be presented with an award but said that they really hadn't done much to deserve the award. If you ask me, coming out and publicly pledging your support for the Hispanic Community as a Republican takes a lot of courage and deserves to be recognized. This is a huge step for both the Republican Party and the Hispanic Community that will hopefully change Texas politics.

El Paso LNRC Chairman Sammy Carrejo hands award to
Representative Dee Margo for his dedication
and support of the Hispanic Community

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