Monday, February 21, 2011

His Grandmother IS So Proud

Becky Hermosillo, President of the GEPWR
and Jaime "El Leonsito" Abeytia
Jaime"The LionStar" Abeytia was invited to the Greater El Paso Republican Women's monthly meeting this Saturday. Not many of you might know but his grandmother IS a staunch Republican. It made her so proud to see her little Leonsito (little lion) at a Republican function. Jaime can be heard on KHRO 1150 am normally advocating for the Democratic party. For those who are wondering, he was a good little lion at the meeting and the cage that was brought in just in case he got out of hand was not needed. But for the record, it was the Lion's first time in a country club. I told him he was a special guest and that next time he should come in through the front door and not use the service entrance.


  1. IS guey, IS. My abuelita IS a Republican. I still have my abuela, she's the last of my grandparents.

    She might see this and not be happy taht you write about her in the past tense, lol.

  2. I'm lucky my blog has not reached syndication yet. That was a close one. It's all good now.


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