Friday, February 4, 2011

Political Grandstanding By El Paso Leaders

Four of El Paso's elected officials got together for a press conference that took place on January 28 to denounce Governor Rick Perry's proposed immigration agenda.

Mayor John Cook, County Judge Veronica Escobar, Senator Jose Rodriguez and Congressman Silvestre Reyes spoke to reporters in typical bleeding heart fashion reminding us once again why political correctness is out of control and is not allowing us to move forward as a nation.

Reyes said "It will turn border communities into havens for criminals who will prey on undocumented immigrants and exploit their fears and silence," referring to Perry wanting to give law enforcement agents the discretion to ask for immigration status. It's funny how Reyes uses the word "havens" considering that cities that don't enforce immigration laws are considered safe haven's for illegal immigrants. 

How can he actually think that criminals would just prey on undocumented immigrants. Right! Criminals are going to take their time to find people who are undocumented just to commit a crime against them so they won't be reported. That's given criminals way to much credit. Criminals are criminals and will commit a crime no matter what. Plus a criminal would have to ask to see an ID or some sort of documentation to verify if their victims were legal or not. And according to these bleeding hearts that would take special immigration law training to do.

Rodriguez threw in his two cents at the press conference by saying that "Texas has more pressing needs than immigration". Really? Let me think back a little. If I remember correctly Texans and every other American was promised by a certain Presidential candidate that he would address the immigration issue in his first year in office. To be more specific he promised the Latino community he would address immigration reform his first year in office. He set the deadline and the whole country, people from both sides of the issue, are pressing to see something be done about it. Plus it would definitely affect our budget. We need to know all the factors before we can balance the budget. A liberal's quick response, it is going to cost us money and that would only make balancing the budget harder. Not true really, local law enforcement agents would only have to ask one more question. If the person was arrested they would take them to the county jail, like they do already, and have Border Patrol pick them up like they do already. No one is reinventing the wheel. The only difference is that the immigration question is being asked by law enforcement agents on the streets instead of by the people at booking.

If the President doesn't do anything about immigration then each state will be forced to take it into their own hands. Just look at Governor Susana Martinez from New Mexico. Martinez gave an executive order that would have state police ask for immigration status. (Before anyone goes off the deep edge, the order does state when the police can ask for immigration status) Why would she do something like that? Because she was a District Attorney and knows a thing or two about laws and those who break them. Maybe Rodriguez should start taking some notes. Wasn't he the El Paso County Attorney?

Unfortunately the left treats immigration reform and immigration enforcement as two different issues. Yet one directly affects the other. Immigration reform will define the way immigration is enforced. But if you don't enforce immigration there is no need for reform and that will simply keep thousands of people living in the shadows instead of doing something to help them become legal.

Groups like BNHR (Border Network for Human Rights) will take to the streets with marches and demand that something be done now about immigration reform but at the same time they will plead to elected officials by turning themselves in at the county jail in protest so that they won't enforce immigration law. They want their cake and eat it too. BNHR has enlisted several local leaders who are actually on their board of directors to help their cause. Something doesn't seem right here. Click here for the list of BNHR board members. You will find Veronica Escobar and Jose Rodriguez on that list. If you go through the website you will also see pictures of Richard Wiles lobbying in his uniform. Once again, something not right about that. Don't say I'm making it up because the proof is in the pudding.  Once again this picture will probably be taken down from their website because I pointed it out. They shouldn't just remove the picture, what they should do is remove Wiles from participating in any of their events in his official capacity.

No one really steps up and says anything because they don't want to come across as anti-immigrant, be called a racist, a bigot or don't want to be retaliated against. El Paso is an ugly town when it comes to name calling and retaliation. Political correctness is preventing people from standing up for what is right. I think we need to change that here in El Paso. We need to be able to say what is on our minds. Call me what you want but both God and I know that what I want is what is best for everyone. I want those who have lived as illegals to have the opportunity to be legal and be able to tell their family back home that they can finally live the American dream. That they are finally going to become documented. I want these left leaning groups to stop taking advantage of these immigrants by keeping them in the shadows and only bringing them out when they need them to hold signs or march in the hot sun. These "non-profit" groups get thousands of dollars in funding from several organizations yet they have members who have been undocumented for many years. So where does the money go? Why are they not helping every member become documented? Why? because if every member was documented then there would be no need for BNHR and people like Fernando Garcia would be out of a job. It's called job security.

Please join me in telling these officials that they are wrong and are only delaying the inevitable. Please send me your thoughts on the comment section or if you don't want everyone to see what you wrote send it to This blog is not the biggest or most known blog around El Paso but it is followed/monitored by certain people that would benefit from hearing what you have to say.

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  1. I think it's a matter of quid pro quo with these elected demoncrits. (I say demoncrit, as they try to demonize everyone who doesn't support their authoritarian agenda, and, at the same time, hypocritical in that they say they aren't playing politics, but, rather, they push for unconstitutional law).

    These people cover each other, like a mafia group, and that goes with the District Attorney, Jaime Esparza, and the "progressives" in city council and management.

    In the eyes of most of the informed, these so-called elected officials do not represent, they are very similar to a criminal cartel in charge of the people's money.


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