Monday, February 28, 2011

Update On "El Conquistador"

It seems that Larry Medina has not been able to conquer much lately. He was indicted on corruption charges, he had a lawyer, he didn't have a lawyer and then he had one again. Let's not forget the whole I9 incident either. Medina was fined $33,000 by ICE for having discrepancies on 31 of his 33 employees' I9s at Pan American Insurance. According to new documents Medina has not paid the fine even though he told the El Paso Times that it was a slight oversight and that he would take care of it. Well, what he really did was blame one of his employees. Medina is known for always passing the buck. 

According to documents provided to me on Saturday February 26th by the founder of "Concerned Citizens of El Paso Against Larry Medina", Medina has not made any attempts to resolve the issue and the fine currently stands at $42,000+ due to interest penalties. Doesn't sound like he is taking care of it to me. But then again he might be delaying any sort of payment since he is still pending public corruption charges. I guess it wouldn't make any sense to pay the fine if he was going to be doing time in prison.  

I just can't believe that his employees are still working even though they have "discrepancies" in their I9s. How is that possible? But the question that everyone is asking is who will he blame for the latest SNAFU. Lets take a poll. Who do you guys think Medina will blame this time? Send me your nominations.

Let's not forget that Medina was a candidate for El Paso County Judge, then he wasn't, then he was, then he wasn't. Do you guys see a trend here?

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