Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Richard Wiles Consistently Inconsistent

Did I Ever Mention That I Don't Like Richard Wiles? (1,000,00,001)

For those who might forget where I stand with El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles. Let me remind you how I feel about him. I can't stand the *&%# @$#%ing guy. Professionally that is. I have never dealt with him on a personal level so don't even try to associate me with him or any of his social circles. Don't go there! (finger snap) I have to be honest. I have had young men ask me."He did it to you too?" So I'm setting the record straight, Wiles never did anything like that to me. OK, that was a cheap shot but the guy deserves it. Why should we keep beating around the bush. It is what it is.

Now back to politics. It seems that I'm not the only one who will be writing bad things or as I like to say "the truth" about Richard Wiles. Socorro City Representative Jesse Gandara had a run in with Wiles and the Sheriff's Department and by the looks of it will be dueling it out with the Sheriff for a while. I just wonder if Gandara will be posting a YouTube video of it? They don't call him YouTube Gandara for nothing. Don't be surprised if Gandara is either arrested on some unrelated charges or if new charges arise because of this. Everyone knows that Wiles is the retaliating type. Just ask George DeAngelis, Diana Kirk or George Rodriguez-Stoltz. They were all police officers that worked under Richard Wiles whose responsibilities or positions were taken away after they made some sort of complaint against Richard Wiles. These are just the police officers that have publicly spoken about it. We don't know how many more have stayed silent on this issue in fear of more retaliation. Yeah, I'm defending police officers here. Whose the cop hater now?

Wiles made some comments on camera after Gandara pressed misdemeanor assault charges on one of Wiles' detectives for squeezing Gandara's hand causing him pain. Gandara was trying to take pictures of the detectives as they were conducting an investigation at the residence of Jesse Gandara. Wiles said that Gandara's actions were "unprofessional" and "a bunch of crap", yeah that's really professional there Sheriff. Gandara asked for an apology but Wiles refused. Wiles said in an interview that Gandara had made reports against Sheriff deputies in the past but that they had always been cleared by department investigations. Great, sounds good right? Well this is typical Wiles double talk. In the same interview Wiles asks that the Socorro Police Department not handle the investigation of the misdemeanor assault charges and instead that the Department of Public Safety handle the investigation because Wiles was concerned about the fairness of the investigation. So let me get this straight. Wiles has no problems having his department investigate charges against his deputies and eventually clearing them yet he is worried about the fairness by the Socorro Police Department investigating a charge against one of his detectives. Once again Wiles is consistently inconsistent. But this is not the first time. Back in 2004 I filed police brutality charges against Officer Mike Cortez. His partner Officer Adan Chavez, who I accused of being an accessory to the offense, testified that Officer Cortez had done no wrong. Five other police officers who were not even at the scene also testified in Cortez' favor. I told Wiles that the investigation was biased because it was EPPD taking statements from fellow officers on charges from yet another El Paso Police Department Officer. I wanted the FBI to conduct the investigation of police abuse. I was politely kicked out of Wiles' office and Officer Cortez was cleared of all charges. Officer Cortez then "resigned" a few months later after being accused of police abuse for the 6th time. Officer Adan Chavez is still on the force and works out of the Pebble Hills substation. For some reason the charges of police abuse I filed on him back in 2004 do not appear on his record. In fact Internal Affairs claims not to have any record of such report. Fortunately I have all my copies to prove otherwise.

El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles (no joke)
I'm just glad more of the truth will start coming out on Wiles. For some reason everyone has this "Wiles can do no wrong" attitude. Anytime someone writes or says something about Wiles' past Bill Ellis jumps to his defense, on tax payer time of course, and says that it is all speculation. Or you have older people coming to his defense saying Richard Wiles would never do anything like that and last but not least you have the FABULOUS crowd jump in and call you all sorts of names even though your accusations of Wiles have nothing to do with his personal life. Honestly, what does his personal life have to do with him covering up police abuse or with him wanting to be the supreme law enforcement agent of the land? That has more to do with control issues than with relationship issues. But I can see how one can lead to another. Let the name calling begin!

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