Sunday, April 3, 2011

Now We Question Candidates In Churches

I think the only reason Sonia Brown being introduced at her husband's church is being questioned is because who her husband is; Tom Brown. In a story by the El Paso Times today Marty Schladen said that Sonia Browns actions were "dangerously close to violating IRS rules" because she was introduced in the church as a candidate for city council. Now if my memory serves me correctly this isn't the first time a candidate has done that. But since it is Sonia Brown who is married to the controversial pastor Tom Brown, who led the fight against Domestic Partner Benefits, the El Paso Times has decided to write this piece that in their minds will put a doubt in people's minds about her actions even though candidates have historically made appearances at the biggest churches in town. Abundant Living Faith Center is a perfect example. It is the only "Super Church" in town so that means it has the largest congregation by far in town. Let's get a little nostalgic here. You know me. Let's bring back some fond memories. 

Back in 2008, then candidate Richard Wiles, come on you know I had to go there, was introduced by Pastor Charles Neiman at the 8am and 10am services. ALFC has a 3,620 seat state of the art facility and has about 20,000 members. Way more than Pastor Brown's Word of Life Church yet you heard not one peep from the El Paso Times. Why? Two reasons. First Richard Wiles can do no wrong in the eyes of the El Paso media, I just had to get that off my chest..... again,  and two, the real reason, there was nothing wrong about being introduced in a church as a candidate. A church can introduce candidates but can't tell it's congregation who to vote for or not to vote for. They can educate people but can't sway people to vote this way or that way. You know the whole 501(c)(3) thing.They also have to give all candidates the equal opportunity to be introduced. ALFC did that and allowed George Rodriguez Stoltz, Wiles' opponent back in 2008, to be introduced to the congregation on another Sunday and even told people that he would be outside answering people's questions where Rodriguez-Stoltz spent at least an hour talking to constituents. There were also a couple more candidates that got the same treatment by ALFC that year and none of them had their picture in the paper being accused of anything for doing it.

So my point is, be consistent El Paso Times. If you are going to go after Sonia Brown for being introduced at a church as a candidate then get the records of all churches like ALFC, Saint Patrick's and the church that those crazies from Border Interfaith and EPISO hold their "accountabilty sessions" at and post all the candidates' pictures who have ever been introduced as candidates at those churches on the front page of the El Paso Times and accuse those churches of defrauding the IRS. Now that I'm thinking out loud. I think we should look into Border Interfaith and EPISO. Those "accountability sessions" more than influence the congregation's vote. They actually order the congregation to vote for one candidate over another after they answer the interrogation they call an interview. But once again, the El Paso Times won't ever write anything about Border Interfaith or EPISO because Pastor Brown is not associated with them.

The El Paso Times is so biased that rumors say that they are going to add a whole new section to their paper called the "Agenda" section that will focus on their left leaning stories and will leave room for non-biased stories in the rest of the sections. Needless to say this will be the biggest section in the paper so the other sections will be reduced to just a single page. The sports page will not be affected by the reduction of size but I have been told that only pictures of left handed athlete's throwing, swinging or catching will be posted from now on.. (sarcasm)


  1. Thanks Sammy! Wow these people from El Paso Times are very mediocre. It's almost unbelievable that people with Bachelors and Masters Degree Education act in such a childish and ignorant way. Please, let's be fair to all candidates, if you're pointing a finger to someone, do it to the rest who makes the same action. But it's obvious that mediocre person always throw rocks to fruitfull trees--so, Sonia Brown keep walking-God is with you, always! I'm not going to promote El Paso Times anymore, it's starting to look more like a childish gossip lame magazine now.

  2. Yeah, they should leave the childish behavior and childish gossip to uneducated bloggers instead.

  3. Yes, but I don't think this blog or comments was an uneducated childish gossip behavior. It's pointing out the truth, isn't it?

  4. I hope your not calling me childish uneducated gossiping blogger because of my bold and true comment about EP Times behavior, which you are blogging about. If you don't like comments here, you might want to eliminate the comment section. And if you do, show a little more gratitud that it's being read by others. Malcriao.

  5. Oh no! I was making fun of myself.


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