Wednesday, April 20, 2011

El Paso County........Really?

What is Wrong With This Picture?

I took this quick picture as I was driving down Montana Ave in El Paso, TEXAS. Yes, I said TEXAS. As you see the van has the words "Sponsored by El Paso County" plastered on the back so anyone and everyone who drives behind them can see it. For those who are not good playing the license plate game, let me help you out. El Paso County is in TEXAS and the ugly bluish-green with yellow letter license plates are from......NEW MEXICO! 

I went to the website that was on the van and found out that this is part of the County of El Paso Rural Transit Program and is paid for by Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funds and has been around since 2008. The Program is called the Vamonos Vanpool Program. (lets get a little politically incorrect here) I guess they figure they have to name everything in Spanish so El Pasoans could understand. That's pretty stupid if you ask me. 

But the best part is that according to a document signed by Bob Geyer, the Rural Transit Manager, El Paso County pays for 50% of the cost for the Van Pool while the people who ride it pay the other 50%. My question is if El Paso County is paying for this why the heck are the vans driving around with New Mexico license plates!? Now the document does say that the rental fee of the vans is paid in part by the county so its not like El Paso County is sending money to New Mexico to register the vehicles, the rent-a-car company is,  but they sure are advertising for them. Call me crazy, but I think this just looks bad on the county to have New Mexico license plates on vehicles that are paid in part by the county of El Paso, TEXAS. But once again. That's just me. 

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