Friday, April 15, 2011

Tea Party Fears; Restricted Enough Already

The liberal media and Democrats in office have gone out of their way to demonize the Tea Party every chance they get and have found a way to put restrictions on the Tea Party's annual April 15th rallies. In Coldwater, Michigan the city has banned signs in a popular protest spot. Click HERE for more. In El Paso, Texas (all politics is local) the group El Pasoans For Responsible Government has been restricted from having any signs at their Tea Party event by the owner of the property, even though the event was held their last year. They were told that they could only bring in flags and anything else that was patriotic but nothing that would be considered political. Really? A non political Tea Party? What do they expect people to sit around a table and actually sip on Tea and snack on cookies as they wave American Flags? Get real! The Tea Party movement would not be where it is today if it wasn't a political movement. You wouldn't have thousands of Tea Parties taken place all over the country at the same time if people weren't allowed to voice their grievances against the government.

The El Paso Tea Party was supposed to take place April 15, like it has always been at Cohen Stadium this year. Probably the best venue for the vent yet. Contracts were signed and everything was ready to go but less than a week before the event the Stadium canceled on the organizers.  The stadium had concerns about having a political event at their facility. So El Pasoans For Responsible Government was forced to move the event  to Western Playland. But April 15th was not available. So this years Tea Party in El Paso will be on April 17th, two days after the rest of the country. I urge everyone to go out on Sunday between 4:30-6:00pm with signs in hand and join me along with other TEA'd off people and hold signs in the parking lot of Western Playland. This will be a peaceful demonstration. We don't want to give the liberal media a reason to minimize the purpose of Tea Party events. But then again when has a Tea Party in El Paso been anything but peaceful?Here's another question for you? Why is it that Liberals can march down the streets of El Paso with a police escort screaming crazy things using bull horns about how the white man has his foot on their necks for so long and that something has to be done to eliminate the white man or that they will be getting rid of the President if they don't get what they want without any repercussions, but when a conservative group voices its concerns about the government they are called racists and are considered a threat to society? This is a perfect example of having to live by two sets of standards. Once again.....Welcome To Liberal El Paso!

(I won't be surprised if after posting this someone doesn't try to prevent us from waving our signs. Maybe I posted this deliberately to create that "confrontation". You never know.)

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  1. you said it, liberal ep, its the majority, businesses are scared that if they host something like a tea party the public will retaliate since a lot of el pasoans are dems. who knows maybe western playland received a lot of letters and phone calls about it last year since it was highly publicized.


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