Friday, April 22, 2011

Equal Opportunity Or Equal Outcome?

I was on the internet today and found this quote that I though I should share it with everyone.

"The Constitution says we are created equal and have the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. But liberals believe there is a right to equality of outcome. And where there isnt an equal outcome then special considerations must be given to tweak the results. And because different people achieve different levels of "success" due to their life choices and sacrifices made, that is somehow unfair."
It pretty much puts all my rants into a short and precise statement. It points out the problem with the way Liberals claim to fight for equality. They resort to name calling and sometimes even resort to threats when they feel they have not received an equal outcome. Equality is not always nice. Treating everybody equal, or giving everyone an equal opportunity does not mean everyone will get the same outcome. People have to realize that equality can be cruel. But for some reason Liberals have twisted the meaning around and have made people believe that equality means an equal outcome to scream foul if they don't get it.

Answer me this. How can  minorities expect to be treated equal when Liberal groups teach us that equality means to have what someone else has no matter if we didn't work hard enough to get it? What does that do to minorities. It makes them lazy. (I can see it now, Liberals rolling their eyes and calling me names) If they know that they don't have to work as hard or as long to get something they won't. And what does that do to people who are not minorities? That makes them resent all minorities because they feel like all minorities are the same. We are not of course.

The only way we can truly reach equality is if minorities stop using the pigment of their skin as an excuse to get something they have not earned. We need to stop reaching out for a hand out, we need to be like every other American and work hard to put food on the table. We need to be treated equal. We need to demand that we be treated like the Americans that we are and not allow anyone to treat us like anything less. Once we stop putting our heritage in front of the word American then everyone else will do the same.


  1. This would be great, except it's not so! Two lesbians living in a committed relationship for over 30 years aren't afforded equal protections (hospital visits, insurance benefits, Social Security benefits, and of course the same chance to marry). Two gay men who get drunk and want to exchange vows at the Church of Elvis in Las Vegas aren't allowed to do so (even though Britney Spears did and any heterosexual can). Come back at equality when women are paid equally to men (the federal government and numerous other studies have proven women make 80cents on what a man makes of equal status). While discussing women, why can't women actually serve in combat units if they so desire, that would be equality (much less fly fighter jets or serve on Nuclear Submarines)? EQUALITY doesn't exist in America and the "right" is doing everything to prevent it from happening!

  2. The gay issue is where liberals want to extend the equality. Gays have the right to get health insurance like any other single person. They can go to the hospital and can collect their own social security benefits just like everyone else. Expecting them to be allowed to marry is going back to the demanding equal outcomes. Then you jump into women not being paid as much as men. Good point. But your comment makes people believe you want all of men to get paid less or all of women to get paid more. Once again demanding equal outcomes not equal opportunities. Why can't women serve in combat units? Equality can be cruel. There are not enough women who want to serve in combat roles to change the rules. If they would change the rules to be equal, then there would be some women who would be assigned to combat units even though they did not want to be in a combat unit. Women would stop joining the military if they new they had the equal opportunity to be put in a combat unit as a male recruit. As far as female fighter pilots. Click on this link and you will see that there has been female fighter pilots for many years.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=2ec23705adf4e555&bs=1

    As for women in submarines. Click on this link.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=2ec23705adf4e555


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