Monday, April 18, 2011

Equality Or No Equality?

My buddy Jaime Abeytia has been posting about candidates not having the word "For" on their campaign literature to include push cards or signs on his blog lately. I agree with him. Rules are rules and they have to be followed by EVERYONE. Rules are like the City Council races, non partisan. They apply to the conservatives, to the progressives and even to the liberals.

Liberals have been in front of the cameras many times recently demanding equality. Yet they don't practice what they preach. To me equality means everyone should be treated the same no mater what their sex, color, religion or financial status is. I don't know about you but the only way we can truly have equality is if we practice it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with 100% of the people. But that's just me.

Get to the point already!!!

Jaime is not practicing equality here. He has named each candidate who has an error in their campaign literature yet has omitted Nyda Less-Garcia. Less-Garcia is a candidate for City Council District 1. Last time I checked she fell under the same rules as every other candidate. Her campaign literature has to make it clear that she is running for the seat of District 1 held by someone else and not make people believe she is the incumbent. Hence the for "For" after he name and before the position she is running for. Just in case you are wondering what I'm rambling about. Here is a picture courtesy of Jaime Abeytia himself.

People are going to come out and defend her by saying that she has the word "For" in the campaign literature. Unfortunately it is in the wrong place. This is kind of like real estate. Location, location, location! Location is crucial. It will make you or it will break you. Now if she decides to fix the problem then I have no problem with it. I just have a problem with her not being called out with the rest of the candidates who have made the same mistake. Now don't take this blog as an attempt to defend any of the candidates who have not followed the rules. I don't attack to defend. I just believe that this an equality issue and not everyone is being treated equally here.

The funny thing is that Nyda Less-Garcia is actually an administrator on a Facebook group called El Paso For Equality. Jaime is also a member of the group. Click here to see for yourself. They also have a website that states:

"El Paso For Equality is a grassroots movement to ensure all El Pasoans are treated with equality regardless of the person’s actual or perceived race, gender, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender identity, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation."
But we all know they are a one issue group. You don't see them fighting for people who have been unjustly treated by the police department, you don't see them fighting for people who have been racially profiled, you don't see them fighting for elderly people who have been denied housing because they are too old and in wheel chairs, you don't see them fighting for the South American immigrants who were found dead in Mexico. Why? Because they are only about one issue. (warning: here comes a politically incorrect comment) They are just about the gay issue. Why do they post that they are for "equality" when all they want is one group to be treated better and could care less about the rest. But that's what happens in El Paso. Groups like this and others like it claim to represent the masses when they only represent one special interest group. Take Border Network For Human Rights. They don't care about every human's rights. They only care about the undocumented immigrant's rights. But if they call themselves something like that they wouldn't be able to qualify for their tax exemptions. But I'm getting off the subject with this.

So let me ask Mrs. Less Garcia and her supporters. Do you believe everyone should be treated equally? And if so, will you, Mrs. Less-Garcia, hold yourself accountable for the mistake you made and make a public statement that says you understand that you have made a mistake and will gladly fix it? All in the spirit of equality of course. (this is what happens when you attend two "accountability" sessions in one week)

This to me looks like a perfect example of do what we say and not as we do.

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