Thursday, April 21, 2011

No One Is Calling For Rodriguez' Seat

(I wrote about this yesterday but I have a follow up on it because the media did not give it much coverage)

Texas Senator Jose Rodriguez introduced Senate Bill 601 that would give University Medical Center its own police force. Rodriguez said in an interview with the El Paso Times, Austin Bureau, that "some of those victims have been targeted by drug cartels, creating a security risk for other patients, hospital staff and visitors."  

That statement right there is admitting not only to the state of Texas but to the whole world that there is a security risk in El Paso due to victims being targeted by drug cartels. He and just about every other Democratic elected official have been telling us that there was no danger or very minimum danger of any violence spilling over to the U.S side of the border. This statement completely contradicts everything the Democrats have been telling us for the last few years. This says to me that we need more police to protect the people of El Paso who are being targeted by the drug cartels. In the words of a fellow blogger, those are some pretty strong Republican words. Yet we don't see or hear El Paso County Democratic Party Chair Danny Anchondo threaten to have Rodriguez removed in the next election. You don't hear Democrats accusing Rodriguez of acting like a Republican. (I guess safety is a Republican thing) You don't see any stories in the news talking about Rodriguez'  "controversial" bill. Why? Because we live in El Paso, Texas. Home of the double standard. 

A few months ago State Representative Joe Pickett (D) voted for the Voter ID bill and the Democratic Party had a fit. People like Anchondo and political pundits considered Pickett's vote to be against the Democratic Party values. A lynch mob was on standby waiting for the order to snatch him on his way to work. Stories were written in the papers and newscasts followed closely. But once again. Not a peep about Rodriguez. Now I happen to agree with Rodriguez, in theory. People in El Paso are being targeted by drug cartels and we need law enforcement to protect us. But now that I think about it, there is always a catch. I'm wondering if Rodriguez would order the new hospital police force not to enforce federal laws? Would the police force be allowed to use profile techniques to try to spot potential drug cartel members from entering the hospital? If the police force would detain a suspected drug cartel hit man, would they be allowed to ask him where he is from or ask him him immigration status? Will the police force be allowed to pull over a black SUV that has Mexican license plates with several Hispanic males in it that is circling around the hospital to ask them questions or would the police force have to wait for the individuals to shoot and kill someone before they jump to any conclusions and insult anyone? This are real questions. If the police force will not be allowed to do their jobs then why the heck do we need them? Like I have always said. A law enforcement agent is supposed to enforce laws and if a law enforcement agent can't or won't enforce laws then he/she is not a real law enforcement agent. Sorry Sheriff Wiles, that one just kind of came out of nowhere. But if the shoe fits, strap it on!

Rodriguez was not alone. State Representative Naomi Gonzalez (D) filed an identical bill, HB 858, in the house. But this brings up another question. If Rodriguez and Gonzalez want to come out and say that El Paso is not in any danger, even though their bills say otherwise, then why would they want a police force for the hospital? Does someone have an interest in this new police force? Has someone in El Paso influenced Rodriguez and/or Gonzalez to propose this bills because they have a financial interest in the hospital police force? I'm not sure. But I would be very interested to see who would be involved in this hospital police force. It is a very small world that we live in here in El Paso. But I have to be honest. Knowing who these two roll around in bed with, figuratively speaking of course, I wouldn't be surprised to see some familiar names. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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