Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Hypocrisy Of A Local "Yellow Dog" Democrat

I was going over some of the Democratic party's hypocrisies over the last couple days. You know what that means. I have been overwhelmed with tons of information and I have plenty to post in the next couple weeks. Who am I kidding? It would take me a whole lifetime to call out every single hypocrisy by the Democratic Party so I'll try to focus on the ones on the local level for now.

Here is one for 'ya:

Steven Silver "has been a professional fundraiser for the not-for-profit industry for over 20 years. President of Philanthropic Services of the Southwest based in El Paso, TX from 1996 to the present time" according to his profile on Facebook. Silver is also the Operations Director and Development Manager for the the El Paso Opera. His job is probably getting harder as a fundraiser considering  the tough economic times we are in and getting people to go to the Opera is probably not much easier now a days. We can only assume that people with expendable income are the only ones giving to charity, or at least giving more to charity since they have more, or the ones attending such things like the Opera these days. These people are most commonly referred to as the "rich".  Or in political jargon the top 2%.

Many of us look up to these people and wish we could be like them so we can stop having to work so hard just to put some food on the table. Just ask anyone on the street, a farm worker, a plumber, a firefighter, an accountant or even a Democrat elected official and they will all tell you that if they had a choice of having to work long days to barely get by or to be rich and have nothing financially to worry about they would all say they would rather be rich. That's the American dream! Isn't it? 

But then comes along Steven Silver. His job is to raise funds. From who? The rich of course. Why try to raise money from people who don't have much money to begin with? His other job is to fill the seats of the El Paso Opera. Once again, not exactly a blue collar worker's hang out. But how does Silver thank those he get's donations from or fill the seat of the Opera house? He stabs them in the back! Take a look at his comment on another blog. Click here to read the entire blog.

 "I am and have been a strong supporter of President Obama...but he needs to stop worrying about 2012 and put his foot down with the Dark Side and fight to raise taxes on the selfish 2%."
Really Mr.Silver? You make a living off of the rich yet have the audacity to post something like this? Talk about being a hypocrite. These "selfish" people keep you employed. These "selfish" people give money to your charities. These "selfish" people fill the seats to your beloved Opera house. Do you think they will be very happy to know that you are calling them selfish? I think not!

It doesn't stop there. Silver's profile states that he is a Yellow Dog Democrat. The term originated in the 19th century when President Abraham Lincoln, you know the guy that freed the slaves, was leading the Union against the Confederacy. It was said that these Democrats would vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for a Republican. Remember, the Confederacy did not like President Lincoln because he wanted them to give up their slaves. So the term Yellow Dog Democrat has some racist inclinations. The term is is now more generally applied to refer to any Democrat who will vote a straight Party ticket under any circumstances. (Wikipedia)

So here is another tidbit I found. In an article originally posted in the El Paso Times June 8, 2008 but that I found here, Silver voices his opinion about the violence in Juarez. This is completely, in the words of a political pundit, anti-Democrat. If Silver was Joe Picket the Democrats would be asking for his head but if it was Jose Rodriguez that said it they would turn their own heads the other way.

"While El Paso’s name may not be synonymous with the negatives in Juárez right now, El Paso businessman Steven Silver said, the city must be prepared to distance itself from Juárez in the future. 
Silver is concerned that El Paso’s tourism and economic development entities are using the slogan “The Capital of the Border” throughout the United States to sell El Paso. 
“I think we need to at least be re-evaluating how we market ourselves,” said Silver. “We are calling ourselves the Capital of the Border, but if the violence continues over there, is that what we want to sell ourselves as?”"

This was back in 2008. How many more people have lost their lives to the cartel violence since? How many more have left their country and migrated both legally and illegally to the U.S. to escape the danger? I just wonder if he has changed his stance on the violence on OUR border just to go along with the Democratic party platform? Is he a true Yellow Dog Democrat and would he vote for a Democrat no matter what the circumstances on our border are? (Democrats have this everything fine and dandy mentality about the border)The violence has only gotten worse since 2008 so if he was concerned back then he should be checking his drawers right about now.

In closing. To those who are "selfish" enough to deal with Mr.Silver, I would really consider writing my check out to someone else that doesn't stab me in the back. But that's just me. And to those who fall to the spin of local pundits. Consider the facts and don't allow the screaming and name calling influence your decision. Take a look at the inconstancies in their rhetoric. Then make up your own mind.


  1. Fantastic to know and show evidence of a typical Demoncrit and their actions of hypocrisy and demonizing others. Thanks Sammy

  2. I think it is smart for us to distance ourselves from Juarez cause folks around TX and the USA think we are in the line of fire here and we are losing potential business. It is unfortunately the reality.


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