Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Blogger In Town.........His Take On City Elections

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(I would like to set the record straight. I had nothing to do with the name of this blog. I actually tried to convince him not to use it. But I do think it is some funny stuff. Once you meet this guy you'll see why.)


“To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men. The human race had climbed on protest. Had no voice been raised against injustice, ignorance, and lust, the inquisition yet would serve the law, and guillotines decide our least disputes. The few who dare, must speak and speak again to right the wrongs of man…”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

            It’s an election year. No it’s not a Presidential election year, and no were not voting for a new Senator, Congressman, or Governor. What we are voting for is perhaps more important to our daily lives than any one of these office taken individually, and several of these offices collectively. It’s an election year and the city of El Paso has been tasked with deciding who will represent it on the next city council.

            Too often during American election cycles we as a nation tend to overlook, that which is most important to us, not only individually but as members of a community. Too often we as a nation and more importantly a city have preferred to sin by silence rather than protest. If the definition of insanity is … ‘doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results’ then the city of El Paso proves it.  

            Time and time again we have elected officials who have ignored our voice. Time and time again we have elected officials who have raised our property taxes, and time and time again we have elected officials who are more concerned with their personal advancement than the welfare of our great city. Recent reports of corruption and federal indictments are witness to this, as well as the staggering number of El Paso Police Officers currently under investigation. Streets lined with graffiti and trash, marred by potholes, as well as empty store fronts, and what can only be described as ghost shopping centers pay testament to not only this indifference, but the indifference of our citizens.

            But how you ask is any of this your fault, your neighbors fault, or that of this author?  In a word, apathy. When I write that the city council elections are more important to you individually and us a city than any other you will ever vote in, I mean it. No other elected body in the United States reflects the will, concerns, hopes and dreams of its constituents more effectively than your local city council, and no other elected body is held less accountable. Voter turnout is never lower than during city elections, a time when it should be at record highs. So, how is this your fault? You, me, and the city as a whole don’t vote, and in consequence have committed the greatest of American sins. Not exercising the right of the people to vote and chose our own representation. In not lending our voice to electoral debate we have sinned by silence, and our silence will cost us.

            Our silence will cost us not only new business growth, but higher taxes, a lower quality of life, decreased public safety, and increased public debt. Eventually our silence will cost us our city. That silence ends today.

            El Paso needs elected officials committed to decreasing the public debt, lowering taxes and unemployment, improving our quality of life, and committed to doing what’s right for El Paso, not special interest. El Paso needs elected officials who will take accountability for their actions and not blame every woe on a racially bigoted state legislature. El Paso needs elected officials who strive to be better than the lowest common denominator not merely match it. El Paso needs elected officials willing to lead.

            On this the inaugural blog of crazyeyesforpresident, I beseech all El Pasoans to put aside their political blinders and, ideological differences, vet your districts candidates for city council, and vote for what is not only right for you, but what is right for El Paso. I beseech, and I promise to cover issues relevant to our great city.

            Let us no longer sin by silence. Let us speak out and speak again. Let our voice be heard. We are the safest city in the United States, let’s become the greatest.

Crazy Eyes                         

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