Friday, October 1, 2010

Bill Ellis Advocates in Work Attire

Bill Ellis, better known as Sheriff Richard Wiles' Chief Administrative Officer, took time out of his busy day today to speak in front of a crowd after a forum sponsored by the El Paso League of Women Voters.

He was given an opportunity to advocate against a resolution that would prevent same sex partners from getting medical benefits by the city. Some of you are asking, so what is wrong with that? Others are saying how dare he! We won't get into that on this post. We will leave that for another time.

My main issue was with what he was wearing? He was wearing a polo shirt that not only stated his name but also told the whole world that he was the Executive Administrative Officer at EPCSO. EPCSO? At first I said the same thing but then but one and one together and realized it stood for El Paso County Sheriff's Office. Darn acronyms!

How is he going to be asking people to vote for or against any resolutions or taking part in anything political while he is wearing something that says he works for the county?

He can not be at any political function or be doing any type of campaigning while wearing a uniform, county emblem or attire that identifies him as a county employee. Come on Billy Boy, your a lawyer, I know you know better than that.

Billy should be held responsible for his actions. He did something he was not supposed to do. I will use the words of his buddy Richard Wiles:
"They should be held more accountable"
People like Bill Ellis go around thinking they are above the law. They think that they can do whatever they want because of the position they hold. I am not going to let him get away with it any longer. I will hold his feet to the fire. (I'm gonna burn in hell for that one)

As many of you know, Bill and I are not exactly on each others Christmas lists. We have had run ins in the past dating back to 2008. The weird thing is that he must have thought that I was too scared to step up to him in public. Boy did I burst his bubble tonight. I had never spoken face to face with the man. I not only got the courage to confront him but also had the nerve to put a camera in front of his face.

I stopped him and made made him identify himself to the crowd before he spoke. He hesitantly identified himself as a county employee. I told the crowd that he was the Sheriff's Executive Administrative Officer. I told them those were big fancy words for Wiles' personal lawyer who is paid for by the county. Yeah it was kind of harsh to do that but it was nowhere near as bad as the things he said about me back in 2008. Half the crowd left when they heard who he was and what he was doing there.

Some people felt bad for him because he was in a wheel chair. I told the crowd that I did too when I first met the man. But then I learned what he was capable of doing. I didn't know a man in a wheel chair could be so evil.

We'll talk about it a little more on the radio tomorrow and see where it goes. Tune in to KHRO 1150 AM or log on to from 11am-12pm MST. Tomorrow is Friday so I will have another edition of "Off The Record" so you don't want to miss tomorrow's show.

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    El Paso County Code of Ethics
    X. Political Activity
    No county official or employee
    .....shall utilize county equipment or supplies of any kind for political purposes.
    .....coerce any person to participate in political activities, an election campaign, or fundraising effort; or
    (2) to discourage, restrain, deter, prevent, interfere with, or discriminate against any person who chooses to participate in political activities, an election campaign, or fundraising effort.


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