Monday, October 11, 2010

Chismosos! Stop Spreading Rumors

I was at a Republican Candidate meet & greet this weekend in Canutillo when I was pulled a side by Dan Haggerty's assistant Candy. She told me that someone had brought it to her attention that I was talking bad about Dan on the radio program that I goof of on every Friday on KHRO 1150 AM. It should have made me feel good, knowing that somebody actually listens and knows I am on the radio. But it didn't. It actually bothered me. I have defended Dan time and time again on and off the air for his off beat comments that it is ridiculous to even imagine the chisme (rumor) to be true. In fact, I think I am the only person who has publicly defended the County Commissioner. So I don't know where anybody would come off saying that I talk bad about him. Maybe they heard us doing one of our skits or one of the radio personalities going on a rant and I'm guilty by association. That has been happening to me at the station a lot lately so I wouldn't doubt it.

Now I know some of our skits are off the wall and borderline childish, but come on people, its a radio program! There is no need to take what we say very seriously.

Fortunately I was able to talk with Dan and clear it all up. In fact we joked around and said some more off the wall comments. It's good to be able to fix things with a good laugh. We tend to take things to serious and personal sometimes. I know everyone is wound way to tight right now because the election is right around the corner.

But we have to remember, POLITICS IS NOT PERSONAL. 

There is nothing worse than seeing a friendship lost because of a lost campaign.

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  1. "off beat comments"? More like racist and offensive! Which is why I don't get why you defend that guy.

    Which underscores your point, you have defended him publically.

    Anyone who has heard Homeboy Fridays knows you defend the Republicans.

    Anyone who has heard Haggerty on Talk Radio 1150 knows that Haggerty makes himself look far worse than anyone else can possibly attempt to do.


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