Thursday, October 28, 2010

Promoting Republicans and Securing Our Borders, So Much For Unity 2010 Campaign.

In a highly disputed race for District 78, a rematch of the 2008election, both Dee Margo and incumbent Joe Moody are flooding all the mediums with political ads in attempt to get voters out to the polls.

The ad that caught my attention, besides the one the one that I was in, was the one where Joe Moody uses a couple Conservative talking points and even promotes a Republican Candidate. No way! He sure did.

In his ad Moody promotes Lt. Governor David Dewhurst who is actually running for re-election against DemocratIC nominee Linda Chavez-Thomson. I wonder how Mrs. Chavez-Thomson feels about that? So much for the whole Unity 2010 Campaign. I guess at this point it is every man or women for themselves. Sorry Linda.

Moody also goes on and says that he pledged to fight corruption two years ago. Two things. How can a State Representative fight corruption? Maybe by not participating in it or telling people not to participate in corruption is the most he could really do. But then again I could be wrong. Won't be the first, or the last time. I am human. Second, is it really a good idea to try to ride the coat tails of the FBI in the Public Corruption Case that has drug on for several years and has netted several indictments of local Democrats. This would be a good time to ditch the Unity Campaign. The Campaign got many of those who were indicted elected in the past. El Paso needs to realize that. Do we want more of the same? (Yes, I know. They are innocent until proven guilty, but I also know some are getting paid while they sit at home being investigated.)

But what really made me take a double take was what happened five seconds into the ad. Moody says he also pledged to keep the border community safe. Yet the graphics on the screen say "Secure Borders". Those are the dreaded words that normally cause liberals to start screaming things like Racist, Xenophobe, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Mexican-Latino-Chicano-Moreno and are closely followed by some sort of protest. Why didn't that happen here. Why isn't BNHR (Border Network for Certain Human Rights) on the radio saying Moody is the devil? Because he is the Democrat and that is supposed to be the party of "La Gente".

Does Moody think that he can get away with literally saying one thing but hinting at another to get people to vote for him. Does he think that people are dumb enough not to catch it? Maybe I'm the only one who did. But here is the video just in case you missed it.

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