Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Hypocrisy Of A Local "Yellow Dog" Democrat

I was going over some of the Democratic party's hypocrisies over the last couple days. You know what that means. I have been overwhelmed with tons of information and I have plenty to post in the next couple weeks. Who am I kidding? It would take me a whole lifetime to call out every single hypocrisy by the Democratic Party so I'll try to focus on the ones on the local level for now.

Here is one for 'ya:

Steven Silver "has been a professional fundraiser for the not-for-profit industry for over 20 years. President of Philanthropic Services of the Southwest based in El Paso, TX from 1996 to the present time" according to his profile on Facebook. Silver is also the Operations Director and Development Manager for the the El Paso Opera. His job is probably getting harder as a fundraiser considering  the tough economic times we are in and getting people to go to the Opera is probably not much easier now a days. We can only assume that people with expendable income are the only ones giving to charity, or at least giving more to charity since they have more, or the ones attending such things like the Opera these days. These people are most commonly referred to as the "rich".  Or in political jargon the top 2%.

Many of us look up to these people and wish we could be like them so we can stop having to work so hard just to put some food on the table. Just ask anyone on the street, a farm worker, a plumber, a firefighter, an accountant or even a Democrat elected official and they will all tell you that if they had a choice of having to work long days to barely get by or to be rich and have nothing financially to worry about they would all say they would rather be rich. That's the American dream! Isn't it? 

But then comes along Steven Silver. His job is to raise funds. From who? The rich of course. Why try to raise money from people who don't have much money to begin with? His other job is to fill the seats of the El Paso Opera. Once again, not exactly a blue collar worker's hang out. But how does Silver thank those he get's donations from or fill the seat of the Opera house? He stabs them in the back! Take a look at his comment on another blog. Click here to read the entire blog.

 "I am and have been a strong supporter of President Obama...but he needs to stop worrying about 2012 and put his foot down with the Dark Side and fight to raise taxes on the selfish 2%."
Really Mr.Silver? You make a living off of the rich yet have the audacity to post something like this? Talk about being a hypocrite. These "selfish" people keep you employed. These "selfish" people give money to your charities. These "selfish" people fill the seats to your beloved Opera house. Do you think they will be very happy to know that you are calling them selfish? I think not!

It doesn't stop there. Silver's profile states that he is a Yellow Dog Democrat. The term originated in the 19th century when President Abraham Lincoln, you know the guy that freed the slaves, was leading the Union against the Confederacy. It was said that these Democrats would vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for a Republican. Remember, the Confederacy did not like President Lincoln because he wanted them to give up their slaves. So the term Yellow Dog Democrat has some racist inclinations. The term is is now more generally applied to refer to any Democrat who will vote a straight Party ticket under any circumstances. (Wikipedia)

So here is another tidbit I found. In an article originally posted in the El Paso Times June 8, 2008 but that I found here, Silver voices his opinion about the violence in Juarez. This is completely, in the words of a political pundit, anti-Democrat. If Silver was Joe Picket the Democrats would be asking for his head but if it was Jose Rodriguez that said it they would turn their own heads the other way.

"While El Paso’s name may not be synonymous with the negatives in Juárez right now, El Paso businessman Steven Silver said, the city must be prepared to distance itself from Juárez in the future. 
Silver is concerned that El Paso’s tourism and economic development entities are using the slogan “The Capital of the Border” throughout the United States to sell El Paso. 
“I think we need to at least be re-evaluating how we market ourselves,” said Silver. “We are calling ourselves the Capital of the Border, but if the violence continues over there, is that what we want to sell ourselves as?”"

This was back in 2008. How many more people have lost their lives to the cartel violence since? How many more have left their country and migrated both legally and illegally to the U.S. to escape the danger? I just wonder if he has changed his stance on the violence on OUR border just to go along with the Democratic party platform? Is he a true Yellow Dog Democrat and would he vote for a Democrat no matter what the circumstances on our border are? (Democrats have this everything fine and dandy mentality about the border)The violence has only gotten worse since 2008 so if he was concerned back then he should be checking his drawers right about now.

In closing. To those who are "selfish" enough to deal with Mr.Silver, I would really consider writing my check out to someone else that doesn't stab me in the back. But that's just me. And to those who fall to the spin of local pundits. Consider the facts and don't allow the screaming and name calling influence your decision. Take a look at the inconstancies in their rhetoric. Then make up your own mind.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Are Elected Officials Good For?

I don't post much in Spanish, besides a few smart little remarks here and their, because English is my first language. But anyone who knows me knows that I speak pretty good Spanish for a pocho. (Mexican spanishUsually Disparaging. An American of Mexican parentage, especially one who has adopted U.S. customs and attitudes)

So I was watching some Spanish language TV when I saw a political advertisement come on. I didn't catch the whole thing but I heard enough to make me want to share it with all of you today. This is what it said: 

"Para que sirven los elegidos? Si los elegidos no sirven a la gente entonces los elegidos no sirven para nada."


"What are elected officials good for? If those who are elected do not serve the people then those who are elected serve no real purpose."

That statement couldn't have been more right. So take a look at the people who represent you or might represent you. Do they represent your family's needs? Do they do everything possible to make life easier for you and your family or do they worry about making life easier for those who have not earned the right to be represented? Does the  representative spend or will spend your money on things that directly affect and benefit you and your family or will the representative spend your hard earned money on people who do not contribute? These are all questions we have to ask ourselves especially when we are in hard economic times. Do we want elected officials who can live within their means or do we want elected officials who spend our taxes on fluff and feel good projects when we can barely afford what we need? 

We in El Paso are very traditional people. Unfortunately we have traditionally voted for the same type of people year after year yet always expect a different result. That by definition is insanity. City elections are right around the corner. It is a non-partisan election yet political pundits in El Paso always find a way to try to demonize certain candidates and try to pin them to a certain political party to make their "preferred" candidates look favorable. But I will tell you. Several candidates do not meet the standards of the party affiliation certain political pundits have labeled them to be. Maybe its the whole non-partisan idea that has candidates answering questions to cross party lines and attract cross over votes(this is true from candidates on both sides of the "non existent" aisle), maybe its candidates wavering on their beliefs just to get elected or maybe its the candidates just realizing their true ideology. What ever it is this election is going to be very interesting. I see so many candidates on both sides attempt to sound more to the center but in their attempt end up crossing over into the complete other side of where they stand politically. Leftist are all the way to the right and right wingers are out in left field. Either way it comes across as not being genuine. I honestly would respect the candidate that stands firm in his or her beliefs and loses than the candidate that wins by wavering in his or her beliefs. But that's just me.

I wish all the candidates luck. I know in my mind who I will be voting for, in my district of course. I know who I would vote for in some of the other districts, not all. But I know for a fact that I wouldn't vote for at least one lawyer. But then again I can count with my right hand, not my left hand but my right hand, how many lawyers I actually would vote for.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Equal Opportunity Or Equal Outcome?

I was on the internet today and found this quote that I though I should share it with everyone.

"The Constitution says we are created equal and have the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. But liberals believe there is a right to equality of outcome. And where there isnt an equal outcome then special considerations must be given to tweak the results. And because different people achieve different levels of "success" due to their life choices and sacrifices made, that is somehow unfair."
It pretty much puts all my rants into a short and precise statement. It points out the problem with the way Liberals claim to fight for equality. They resort to name calling and sometimes even resort to threats when they feel they have not received an equal outcome. Equality is not always nice. Treating everybody equal, or giving everyone an equal opportunity does not mean everyone will get the same outcome. People have to realize that equality can be cruel. But for some reason Liberals have twisted the meaning around and have made people believe that equality means an equal outcome to scream foul if they don't get it.

Answer me this. How can  minorities expect to be treated equal when Liberal groups teach us that equality means to have what someone else has no matter if we didn't work hard enough to get it? What does that do to minorities. It makes them lazy. (I can see it now, Liberals rolling their eyes and calling me names) If they know that they don't have to work as hard or as long to get something they won't. And what does that do to people who are not minorities? That makes them resent all minorities because they feel like all minorities are the same. We are not of course.

The only way we can truly reach equality is if minorities stop using the pigment of their skin as an excuse to get something they have not earned. We need to stop reaching out for a hand out, we need to be like every other American and work hard to put food on the table. We need to be treated equal. We need to demand that we be treated like the Americans that we are and not allow anyone to treat us like anything less. Once we stop putting our heritage in front of the word American then everyone else will do the same.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

No One Is Calling For Rodriguez' Seat

(I wrote about this yesterday but I have a follow up on it because the media did not give it much coverage)

Texas Senator Jose Rodriguez introduced Senate Bill 601 that would give University Medical Center its own police force. Rodriguez said in an interview with the El Paso Times, Austin Bureau, that "some of those victims have been targeted by drug cartels, creating a security risk for other patients, hospital staff and visitors."  

That statement right there is admitting not only to the state of Texas but to the whole world that there is a security risk in El Paso due to victims being targeted by drug cartels. He and just about every other Democratic elected official have been telling us that there was no danger or very minimum danger of any violence spilling over to the U.S side of the border. This statement completely contradicts everything the Democrats have been telling us for the last few years. This says to me that we need more police to protect the people of El Paso who are being targeted by the drug cartels. In the words of a fellow blogger, those are some pretty strong Republican words. Yet we don't see or hear El Paso County Democratic Party Chair Danny Anchondo threaten to have Rodriguez removed in the next election. You don't hear Democrats accusing Rodriguez of acting like a Republican. (I guess safety is a Republican thing) You don't see any stories in the news talking about Rodriguez'  "controversial" bill. Why? Because we live in El Paso, Texas. Home of the double standard. 

A few months ago State Representative Joe Pickett (D) voted for the Voter ID bill and the Democratic Party had a fit. People like Anchondo and political pundits considered Pickett's vote to be against the Democratic Party values. A lynch mob was on standby waiting for the order to snatch him on his way to work. Stories were written in the papers and newscasts followed closely. But once again. Not a peep about Rodriguez. Now I happen to agree with Rodriguez, in theory. People in El Paso are being targeted by drug cartels and we need law enforcement to protect us. But now that I think about it, there is always a catch. I'm wondering if Rodriguez would order the new hospital police force not to enforce federal laws? Would the police force be allowed to use profile techniques to try to spot potential drug cartel members from entering the hospital? If the police force would detain a suspected drug cartel hit man, would they be allowed to ask him where he is from or ask him him immigration status? Will the police force be allowed to pull over a black SUV that has Mexican license plates with several Hispanic males in it that is circling around the hospital to ask them questions or would the police force have to wait for the individuals to shoot and kill someone before they jump to any conclusions and insult anyone? This are real questions. If the police force will not be allowed to do their jobs then why the heck do we need them? Like I have always said. A law enforcement agent is supposed to enforce laws and if a law enforcement agent can't or won't enforce laws then he/she is not a real law enforcement agent. Sorry Sheriff Wiles, that one just kind of came out of nowhere. But if the shoe fits, strap it on!

Rodriguez was not alone. State Representative Naomi Gonzalez (D) filed an identical bill, HB 858, in the house. But this brings up another question. If Rodriguez and Gonzalez want to come out and say that El Paso is not in any danger, even though their bills say otherwise, then why would they want a police force for the hospital? Does someone have an interest in this new police force? Has someone in El Paso influenced Rodriguez and/or Gonzalez to propose this bills because they have a financial interest in the hospital police force? I'm not sure. But I would be very interested to see who would be involved in this hospital police force. It is a very small world that we live in here in El Paso. But I have to be honest. Knowing who these two roll around in bed with, figuratively speaking of course, I wouldn't be surprised to see some familiar names. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Are We Or Are We Not Safe? Jose Rodriguez Admits Security Risk In El Paso

Democratic elected officials have been prancing around telling all of El Paso that we ARE the safest city in the whole country when at best all they should be saying is that in 2010 we were awarded the Safest City with a population with 500,000 or more. There were two more cities who were also named Safest City but they were in different population categories.

To me this is like being the reigning Super Bowl Champion the season after you won the big game. You might have the rings that prove that you were the best last year, or "safest" in this case, but that does not mean you are the best or even any good this year or in our case does not mean you are the safest or even safe for that matter. My jaw drops when I hear Congressman Silvestre Reyes or Senator Jose Rodriguez have the audacity to look into a camera and look constituents in the eye and tell them we ARE the safest city in the country when we have had more murders in the first three months of this year than we had all last year, when we have had more police officer involved shootings, we have had more traffic fatalities and now we have had more REPORTED incidents of police officers being arrested for crimes they allegedly committed. I say reported because it has always happened but it was rarely reported when Richard Wiles was the chief of police. It would have tarnished his image. We wouldn't want to do that would we? (sorry had to take that shot)

We live a few feet away from the deadliest city in the world, Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, yet Reyes and Rodriguez turn the blind eye to border security. They claim border security is secret code word for anti-immigrant, or secret racist talk for those who hate Mexicans. First of all immigrants come from all over the world but if we talk about the Mexican border, you have immigrants from not just  Mexico but from Central and South America. Just take a look at all the bodies that were found in mass graves in Tamaulipas, Mexico. But to set the record straight, there have been some incidents of  Muslim extremist who have been caught crossing illegally through Mexico. Click here to read some of those stories.

But back to Rodriguez. In a story by Zahira Torres from the Austin Bureau of the El Paso Times, Rodriguez is quoted as saying:
"some of those victims have been targeted by drug cartels, creating a security risk for other patients, hospital staff and visitors."
Rodriguez was referring to victims of drug violence in Juarez who were taken to UMC (University Medical Center) that is in El Paso, Texas to be treated for their wounds. So let me get this straight. Rodriguez goes around telling everyone that we are all fine and dandy. That there is nothing to worry about and that there is no spill over violence. Rodriguez is completely against anything that comes close to protecting El Pasoans from the drug cartels and says we have nothing to worry about since we live in the Safest City in the country. Yet he contradicts himself by saying that there is a "security risk" at the hospital and that is why he has filled a bill in the Senate  that would give the hospital it's own police force. Last time I checked the hospital was in El Paso, Texas. North of the Mexican Border. So if I understand correctly, Rodriguez is saying that the drug cartels ARE targeting people in El Paso and that has created a security risk in El Paso. Once again, the hospital is in El Paso and not in Mexico.

Thank you Senator Rodriguez for finally telling the truth. You may have contradicted everything you have ever said about the drug cartels , spill over violence and gone against everything you and your party stand for when it comes to border security but you have finally done something right. Members of your party will either want to remove you from office for making those "Anti-Democrat" statements, I guess keeping people safe is Anti-Democrat, or will say the comment was taken out of context and say that this was an isolated incident, but of course its not.

Now we can start moving towards being a safe city again. I am tired of this reactive mentality that we have had in El Paso for so long. We need to be pro-active and assure that El Pasoans are kept safe and not do something only after a devastating incident happens. Thank you once again Senator Rodriguez for standing up for what is right. I just hope you don't find a way to twist this story around and say that the safety of the hospital and the safety of El Paso are two diffrent things.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

El Paso County........Really?

What is Wrong With This Picture?

I took this quick picture as I was driving down Montana Ave in El Paso, TEXAS. Yes, I said TEXAS. As you see the van has the words "Sponsored by El Paso County" plastered on the back so anyone and everyone who drives behind them can see it. For those who are not good playing the license plate game, let me help you out. El Paso County is in TEXAS and the ugly bluish-green with yellow letter license plates are from......NEW MEXICO! 

I went to the website that was on the van and found out that this is part of the County of El Paso Rural Transit Program and is paid for by Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funds and has been around since 2008. The Program is called the Vamonos Vanpool Program. (lets get a little politically incorrect here) I guess they figure they have to name everything in Spanish so El Pasoans could understand. That's pretty stupid if you ask me. 

But the best part is that according to a document signed by Bob Geyer, the Rural Transit Manager, El Paso County pays for 50% of the cost for the Van Pool while the people who ride it pay the other 50%. My question is if El Paso County is paying for this why the heck are the vans driving around with New Mexico license plates!? Now the document does say that the rental fee of the vans is paid in part by the county so its not like El Paso County is sending money to New Mexico to register the vehicles, the rent-a-car company is,  but they sure are advertising for them. Call me crazy, but I think this just looks bad on the county to have New Mexico license plates on vehicles that are paid in part by the county of El Paso, TEXAS. But once again. That's just me. 

New Blogger In Town.........His Take On City Elections

Click on this link to follow Crazy Eyes For President from now on. Below is his first post. Tell him what you think.
(I would like to set the record straight. I had nothing to do with the name of this blog. I actually tried to convince him not to use it. But I do think it is some funny stuff. Once you meet this guy you'll see why.)


“To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men. The human race had climbed on protest. Had no voice been raised against injustice, ignorance, and lust, the inquisition yet would serve the law, and guillotines decide our least disputes. The few who dare, must speak and speak again to right the wrongs of man…”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

            It’s an election year. No it’s not a Presidential election year, and no were not voting for a new Senator, Congressman, or Governor. What we are voting for is perhaps more important to our daily lives than any one of these office taken individually, and several of these offices collectively. It’s an election year and the city of El Paso has been tasked with deciding who will represent it on the next city council.

            Too often during American election cycles we as a nation tend to overlook, that which is most important to us, not only individually but as members of a community. Too often we as a nation and more importantly a city have preferred to sin by silence rather than protest. If the definition of insanity is … ‘doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results’ then the city of El Paso proves it.  

            Time and time again we have elected officials who have ignored our voice. Time and time again we have elected officials who have raised our property taxes, and time and time again we have elected officials who are more concerned with their personal advancement than the welfare of our great city. Recent reports of corruption and federal indictments are witness to this, as well as the staggering number of El Paso Police Officers currently under investigation. Streets lined with graffiti and trash, marred by potholes, as well as empty store fronts, and what can only be described as ghost shopping centers pay testament to not only this indifference, but the indifference of our citizens.

            But how you ask is any of this your fault, your neighbors fault, or that of this author?  In a word, apathy. When I write that the city council elections are more important to you individually and us a city than any other you will ever vote in, I mean it. No other elected body in the United States reflects the will, concerns, hopes and dreams of its constituents more effectively than your local city council, and no other elected body is held less accountable. Voter turnout is never lower than during city elections, a time when it should be at record highs. So, how is this your fault? You, me, and the city as a whole don’t vote, and in consequence have committed the greatest of American sins. Not exercising the right of the people to vote and chose our own representation. In not lending our voice to electoral debate we have sinned by silence, and our silence will cost us.

            Our silence will cost us not only new business growth, but higher taxes, a lower quality of life, decreased public safety, and increased public debt. Eventually our silence will cost us our city. That silence ends today.

            El Paso needs elected officials committed to decreasing the public debt, lowering taxes and unemployment, improving our quality of life, and committed to doing what’s right for El Paso, not special interest. El Paso needs elected officials who will take accountability for their actions and not blame every woe on a racially bigoted state legislature. El Paso needs elected officials who strive to be better than the lowest common denominator not merely match it. El Paso needs elected officials willing to lead.

            On this the inaugural blog of crazyeyesforpresident, I beseech all El Pasoans to put aside their political blinders and, ideological differences, vet your districts candidates for city council, and vote for what is not only right for you, but what is right for El Paso. I beseech, and I promise to cover issues relevant to our great city.

            Let us no longer sin by silence. Let us speak out and speak again. Let our voice be heard. We are the safest city in the United States, let’s become the greatest.

Crazy Eyes                         

Monday, April 18, 2011

Equality Or No Equality?

My buddy Jaime Abeytia has been posting about candidates not having the word "For" on their campaign literature to include push cards or signs on his blog lately. I agree with him. Rules are rules and they have to be followed by EVERYONE. Rules are like the City Council races, non partisan. They apply to the conservatives, to the progressives and even to the liberals.

Liberals have been in front of the cameras many times recently demanding equality. Yet they don't practice what they preach. To me equality means everyone should be treated the same no mater what their sex, color, religion or financial status is. I don't know about you but the only way we can truly have equality is if we practice it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with 100% of the people. But that's just me.

Get to the point already!!!

Jaime is not practicing equality here. He has named each candidate who has an error in their campaign literature yet has omitted Nyda Less-Garcia. Less-Garcia is a candidate for City Council District 1. Last time I checked she fell under the same rules as every other candidate. Her campaign literature has to make it clear that she is running for the seat of District 1 held by someone else and not make people believe she is the incumbent. Hence the for "For" after he name and before the position she is running for. Just in case you are wondering what I'm rambling about. Here is a picture courtesy of Jaime Abeytia himself.

People are going to come out and defend her by saying that she has the word "For" in the campaign literature. Unfortunately it is in the wrong place. This is kind of like real estate. Location, location, location! Location is crucial. It will make you or it will break you. Now if she decides to fix the problem then I have no problem with it. I just have a problem with her not being called out with the rest of the candidates who have made the same mistake. Now don't take this blog as an attempt to defend any of the candidates who have not followed the rules. I don't attack to defend. I just believe that this an equality issue and not everyone is being treated equally here.

The funny thing is that Nyda Less-Garcia is actually an administrator on a Facebook group called El Paso For Equality. Jaime is also a member of the group. Click here to see for yourself. They also have a website elpasoforequality.com that states:

"El Paso For Equality is a grassroots movement to ensure all El Pasoans are treated with equality regardless of the person’s actual or perceived race, gender, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender identity, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation."
But we all know they are a one issue group. You don't see them fighting for people who have been unjustly treated by the police department, you don't see them fighting for people who have been racially profiled, you don't see them fighting for elderly people who have been denied housing because they are too old and in wheel chairs, you don't see them fighting for the South American immigrants who were found dead in Mexico. Why? Because they are only about one issue. (warning: here comes a politically incorrect comment) They are just about the gay issue. Why do they post that they are for "equality" when all they want is one group to be treated better and could care less about the rest. But that's what happens in El Paso. Groups like this and others like it claim to represent the masses when they only represent one special interest group. Take Border Network For Human Rights. They don't care about every human's rights. They only care about the undocumented immigrant's rights. But if they call themselves something like that they wouldn't be able to qualify for their tax exemptions. But I'm getting off the subject with this.

So let me ask Mrs. Less Garcia and her supporters. Do you believe everyone should be treated equally? And if so, will you, Mrs. Less-Garcia, hold yourself accountable for the mistake you made and make a public statement that says you understand that you have made a mistake and will gladly fix it? All in the spirit of equality of course. (this is what happens when you attend two "accountability" sessions in one week)

This to me looks like a perfect example of do what we say and not as we do.

Tea Party.....The Show Must Go On!!!!

El Pasoans For Responsible Government hosted this years Tea Party at Western Playland on April 17, 2010. The change of venue and change of date did affect the turn out but that did not stop them from putting on a successful event. Anytime you have that many conservatives from different backgrounds in one place voicing there beliefs it is a success in my book.

There were plenty of speakers and even a band that entertained the crowd that voiced their concerns about being taxed to much and about the role of government. But this year was different. You didn't see the many signs you normally do at these type of events. In fact, people were told that no signs would be allowed this year. Almost every person at the event followed the rules. Like I said, almost everyone followed the rules. I had posted a couple days ago that I was not too happy about the restrictions that were put on this years event. I blamed the liberal media for putting pressure on the owner of Western Playland causing him to not allow any signs at the event. But of course I didn't listen. I was a rebel. I showed up with signs in hand and was willing to be kicked out if I had to. But like always, these Tea Parties are so civil nobody told me anything. in fact I got several compliments and was interviewed by all the media that attended. OK, there were only three but all three took pictures and interviewed me. I did have some help from other Latinos who were tired of being taxed as well. We were out breaking barriers and overcoming stereotypes. 

Most people gave me the thumbs up for having the guts to take signs into Western Playland. I had plenty of people coming up to our table and want to talk to me. We even sold several T-shirts to total strangers. But I have to admit, there was one gentleman who called my signs racist. Yeah, go figure, I was called a racist. After a little education he realized that the El Paso LNRC was not a racialist group but a group that focused on including Latinos and other people of all ethnic backgrounds who traditionally don't participate in the political process involved. Our job is to one day not have race or ethnic based political group. Our goal is to have all Americans involved equally in the political process and not have to play the race game. 

People In The Crowd
Jane Ratcliff

Jaime Abeytia Enjoying Himself At The Tea Party
Even Though He Will Deny It In Public
              Greg Freyermuth
The Band

Judge Ken Carr

The liberal media can say what they want. But El Pasoans For Responsible Government and the Tea Party are groups for like minded people who want to voice their grievances against our elected officials. What is the problem with that you ask? They are conservatives. In a city like El Paso the "C" word is not welcomed. Conservatives are called all sorts of names for voicing their concerns. Conservatives have restrictions on where they can gather, what they can say and have to pay for their own security. On the other hand liberal groups get police escorts down main streets in downtown El Paso at the expense of the tax payer. They are allowed to scream racist remarks against "the white man" using bullhorns as they block off busy streets. Yet conservative groups are called racist in El Paso when they gather on private property and question the government on their tax and spend habits.  It's just not right. We as conservatives have to start educating people about what conservatism really is. Let's not let the liberal media mislead or straight out lie to the public. They have herded the people of El Paso to the slaughter for too long now. It is our responsibility to go out and educate people what conservatism really is.  It is time that we stand up and take the liberal media head on and stop allowing them to spread stories that demonize conservatives. It is time that we stop being scared of being called names and stand by our beliefs and by our country. We may all come from different ethnic backgrounds but we all share the same nationality. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS! Be proud of your heritage but don't you ever forget who you pledge your allegiance to. We worked hard to be Americans and everyone should have to do the same. We have sacrificed too much to just give the American name away. Just like anything else, you will appreciate it more if you had to earn it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rumor Mill.........New Conservative Blogger In El Paso

The latest rumor going around is that there will be another conservative blogger in town. El Paso is a very liberal town and so far I can count with my thumbs how many conservative bloggers there are. I have been told by several people that is new blogger has an interesting view on politics and is looking not just at what is  going on today but is looking at what is to come in the future.

Nothing is set in stone yet but I would really like to see this happen. I have always said that there is strength in numbers so I welcome anyone who wants to throw their name into the arena. I don't look at another conservative blogger as competition. I look at him as the newest member of the team. Too bad not everyone thinks that way.

I wish him luck and offer to help him in any way that I can. That is if he wants me to teach him how to be sarcastic and consistently misspell or make grammatical errors. I've been told that I am the best in that department. I think he will do alright and won't need much of my help. His views have been published in a couple magazines and he has some experience writing for military families. He is a veteran of two different branches of the military and has seen his fair share of deployments.

OK, I have to stop. I'm just killing myself here. Most of you might not understand what is so funny but you will once he decides to start blogging. All jokes aside, this new blogger is a very nice guy who is passionate in his beliefs and is sincere when he says he wants to make a difference in El Paso. OK just one last one. Keep an eye out for his new blog that will be out very soon. I'll make sure to post a link to his very first piece.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tea Party Fears; Restricted Enough Already

The liberal media and Democrats in office have gone out of their way to demonize the Tea Party every chance they get and have found a way to put restrictions on the Tea Party's annual April 15th rallies. In Coldwater, Michigan the city has banned signs in a popular protest spot. Click HERE for more. In El Paso, Texas (all politics is local) the group El Pasoans For Responsible Government has been restricted from having any signs at their Tea Party event by the owner of the property, even though the event was held their last year. They were told that they could only bring in flags and anything else that was patriotic but nothing that would be considered political. Really? A non political Tea Party? What do they expect people to sit around a table and actually sip on Tea and snack on cookies as they wave American Flags? Get real! The Tea Party movement would not be where it is today if it wasn't a political movement. You wouldn't have thousands of Tea Parties taken place all over the country at the same time if people weren't allowed to voice their grievances against the government.

The El Paso Tea Party was supposed to take place April 15, like it has always been at Cohen Stadium this year. Probably the best venue for the vent yet. Contracts were signed and everything was ready to go but less than a week before the event the Stadium canceled on the organizers.  The stadium had concerns about having a political event at their facility. So El Pasoans For Responsible Government was forced to move the event  to Western Playland. But April 15th was not available. So this years Tea Party in El Paso will be on April 17th, two days after the rest of the country. I urge everyone to go out on Sunday between 4:30-6:00pm with signs in hand and join me along with other TEA'd off people and hold signs in the parking lot of Western Playland. This will be a peaceful demonstration. We don't want to give the liberal media a reason to minimize the purpose of Tea Party events. But then again when has a Tea Party in El Paso been anything but peaceful?Here's another question for you? Why is it that Liberals can march down the streets of El Paso with a police escort screaming crazy things using bull horns about how the white man has his foot on their necks for so long and that something has to be done to eliminate the white man or that they will be getting rid of the President if they don't get what they want without any repercussions, but when a conservative group voices its concerns about the government they are called racists and are considered a threat to society? This is a perfect example of having to live by two sets of standards. Once again.....Welcome To Liberal El Paso!

(I won't be surprised if after posting this someone doesn't try to prevent us from waving our signs. Maybe I posted this deliberately to create that "confrontation". You never know.)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holding Border Interfaith Accountable

(Shout outs to PM and RD who read this blog when they are bored just to read the stupid stuff I write. Thanks for the support....I think)

Border Interfaith, the sister organization of TEPISO (I step on you), held its "accountability session" in the Upper Valley today at St.Jude's that included City Representatives from districts 1 & 8. Now just like I said in my blog about TE PISO, these "accountability sessions" are a little more tame from two years ago but still not kosher.

Now I have to admit that the "accountability session" in the east side was a tad more militant than the one in the Upper Valley. But this one still provided several memorable infractions, I mean moments. I'll start off with the blatant disrespect for campaign laws then I will go into the breakdown of the actual forum.

Below are pictures of two signs that clearly state the rules. We are in El Paso so they posted them both in English and in Spanish. So I'm thinking, the only way you could not understand the rules is if you spoke German or French. Last time I checked the German and French population was not very big so chances are most people would understand these signs. Or at least you would think they would.

We were told that no signs of any kind would be allowed inside the building. But lo and behold inside was one of the handlers waving a sign. I jumped like any paranoid blogger would and grabbed my voice recorder and video camera. Funny thing is that I pointed the video camera at the persons mouth and the voice recorder at the sign. Hey, I never said I was perfect. So I play off my blunder and get a little footage and an impromptu interview. Below you will see the handler waving the sign that says "We Want Early Mobile Voting Back".This is referring to the voting booths that were removed from churches after the city voted to remove them because the city thought that the booths gave an unfair advantage to certain groups. It is still debatable to who this is beneficial to but I'll talk about that in another mindless rant.

I asked the handler who did not identify himself if I could run to my car real quick and grab my sign. You know me, I can play dumb to prove a point. The handler tells me that I can't because campaign signs for candidates are not allowed inside the church. I told him, oh don't worry its not a campaign sign. Its a sign with an issue, just like yours. The unidentified man told me no again and then called an older lady for back up. I started my little game all over again and asked her, remember I am recording this, if anyone could hold an issues sign. She said no because the forum was a forum for their issues and that they had worked so hard to get approved in their meetings. I told her my issue dealt with  immigration and I would like to wave it so everyone could see. I took a step back to make it seem like I was going to my car. She quickly told me no. I asked her why? You guys have a sign. She told me that it was their event and that they called the shots. Wow,  I wonder if she would talk like that to the IRS when they are questioned about campaigning inside of a church? She said that if I had gone to any of their meeting I could have presented an idea for a sign. But since I didn't I couldn't bring in my sign. I then referred to the signs outside that said that there was no campaigning allowed on congregation property. I asked her if the signs applied to everyone or just people who did not belong to Border Interfaith? She then repeated her answer. I pointed to the voice recorder and told her she was being recorded. She said it didn't matter. So long story short. Border Interfaith is waving political signs and campaigning for an issue inside of a church. I said it before and I'll say it again. How is it that groups like Border Interfaith and TEPISO get away with breaking tax exemption laws? This has to stop! People are too scared to stand up to these groups and allow them to do as they want because they are religious groups and they do some good for the community. But just like I said before. Just because they do some good does not give them the right to break the law. Let's put a stop to the hypocrisy now.

Now let's talk about the candidates and their performance. This forum was worse than the one by TEPISO. Most of the candidates just answered what Border Interfaith wanted to hear. Then there was the candidates that didn't show up. I thought Tim Besco, Abe Peinado, Richard Jay Schecter and Lisa Elena Turner did the best thing they could have done by not showing up. But then came a certain candidate to steal the show. I'll get to that in a bit.

District one was a clean sweep so I won't break it down individually. The candidates were asked questions dealing with supporting mobile voting booths in churches, supporting police officers not enforcing laws and funding Project Arriba $300,000 even though the city has huge funding problems. Manny Hinojosa, Ann Morgan-Lilly, Lyda Ness-Garcia and Dr.Theresa Anne Ware-Asbury just laid down for Border Interfaith and answered yes to every question. Not one conservative vote in the bunch.To make things worse, Ann Morgan Lilly actually voted against the funding in a City Council vote yet said she would support it in front of the congregation. There is something wrong with that if you ask me.

Now lets talk about District 8. I'll start from the bottom up this time.

Ernesto Villanueva: He was another lay down. 

Courtney Niland: I have to admit. There are candidates who are definitely varsity material and then there are some in this race that are Junior Varsity or even some in little league. Niland answered yes to the first two questions and said she would support Project Arriba and all it did but could not vote to fund it. WOW! Somebody actually said no. And she said it in a very nice and polite way that I think some people missed it. Maybe its me, or maybe its that she does so well compared to the others but I honestly have to say that she is definitely Varsity............. Cheerleader material.  Sorry, I still get that from her. I don't mean that in a bad way. Its just that every time I hear her talk I want to jump up and say OMG.....GO TEAM!!!

Malcolm McGregor: I wasn't surprised to hear his answer on voting booths at church since he is affiliated with a religious group. But I was surprised at his answer about police not enforcing (federal) laws. Once again, laws are laws and we pay law enforcement agents to enforce them. He did stand up against the funding for Project Arriba so he had at least one conservative answer.

Sergio Contreras: He was another clean sweep inside the forum but he was quite different when I talked to him outside after the forum. The guy sounds half descent on issues, fiscally conservative and he has a huge entrepreneurial spirit. He seems to have a plan to help break the poverty cycle in El Paso that makes a lot of sense. Not some new off the wall idea. A simple fix for a problem that has lingered in El Paso for too long. He just has to work on taming his "Gangster Swagger". Sunset Heights in the house baby baaaaby! I gave him a couple tips on how to focus while he speaks to a crowd. Let's see if he takes my advice at the next forum. He's has a lot of catching up to do if he wants to dethrone the homecoming queen.

Jorge Artalejo: Artalejo stole the show a couple weeks ago at the GEPRW forum and he did it again tonight. A friend of mine told me to give Artalejo a chance. That I might be surprised at some of the gems this guy had to offer. I thought that was crazy at first. But tonight he had some semi-precious stones in his pockets. Many people might disagree with me on this but I don't really care. I gave the guy a hard time last go around for the now infamous chocolate bar speech. But this time I have to give the guy some credit. Artalejo, even though it was tough to understand him, was the only candidate to stand up for what he believed in and said no to all of Border Interfaith's answers. Every single answer. Even the one about meeting with Border Interfaith 60 days after if he was elected. I spoke to him afterwards and asked him if his performance was an act of defiance. He said no.He said that he answered each question individually and he answered them honestly like he was asked to do. I may not agree with the guy consistently wearing shorts to forums but I have to give credit where credit is due. I still don't think this will help him win the race or even get him into a run-off. But I think this was one of his best performances. Some of the other candidates should learn from him. STICK TO YOUR VALUES!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LNRC Of Texas Press Release On HCR 88

For Immediate Release:

April 13, 2011
Austin, Texas
Statement on Immigration

The Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas (LNRC) applauds the work of members from the Hispanic Republican Conference of the Texas House for filing House Concurrent Resolution 88 (HCR 88) relating to immigration. We look forward to the progress of this resolution calling for national action on an issue of great significance and broad implications for our national security and economy.

The LNRC of Texas has worked diligently in engaging Hispanics for the Republican Party of Texas and we understand the need to solve this issue. HCR 88 is a responsible and sensible approach to discussing immigration by taking a critical step forward in reminding the federal government of their responsibility to the states in addressing this issue. We believe this House Resolution exemplifies the attributes sorely needed for today’s discussion on immigration.

We are proud to have fellow Republicans leading on this issue and crafting this message that is vitally important to Texas and the nation. We have always been a model state and it will be Texas who will lead on providing leadership and solutions to a state and national issue, immigration.

The LNRC is a nonprofit organization and an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas.


Media Contact:

Eric Garza, Vice Chairman
(956) 465-8499

Adryana Boyne, National Committeewoman
(979) 450-9238

Ivan Andarza, National Committeeman
(512) 775-3958

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mexican American Legislative Council Pulls the Race Card.....Again

The Mexican American Legislative Council (MALC) is suing the State of Texas, Governer Rick Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and House Speaker Joe Strauss "to prevent the use of flawed census data" according to MALC's website. Really? Come on MALC, how many more times will you cry wolf?

Court documents filed by MALC on April 5, 2011 claim that 
"the population being used for the States 2011 redistricting efforts severely undercounts Latinos. The 2010 census process and procedures resulted in substantial omissions in Latino Population."  

The lawsuit claims that this took place particularly in Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr, Webb and El Paso counties. The claims go a step further and state:
"using the defective 2010 census data discriminates against Latinos and is not legally enforceable." 
Let's play devil's advocate for a second here. Let's say this absurd claim is true and the census numbers were flawed. Once again just an assumption. How can MALC come out and sue because it discriminates against Latinos only? How about the rest of the people who are not Latino? Can they be discriminated against because they are not Latino? Or is MALC stereotyping and saying that the only people who live in the colinias are Latinos? Are they saying that Latinos are the only ones poor enough to live in the colonias? Are they saying every other ethnic group is financially better off or at least smarter than Latinos and would not live in the colonias? That wouldn't exactly be doing justice for the Latino community if you ask me. As a Latino I hate being stereotype yet MALC is doing that to it's "own people." I know in El Paso the population of Latinos is over 80% but that still leaves a little under 20% of the people of other ethnic backgrounds, Latino is not a race like some people think. So if the colonias are a microcosm of the rest of El Paso county then chances are you might have residents who are not Latino. This lawsuit would then discriminate against them for not being Latino. Once again I'm just playing devil's advocate here.

Now lets debunk the claim. MALCS website says:
"After promoting, advertising and educating the community in these counties on the mail-in counting strategy, the Census Bureau announced on the day the Census was to commence that this strategy would not be deployed for the colonias. The decision to forgo one of the most relied upon strategies for the very population known to be hardest to count had a devastating effect on the ability of securing a complete count. The resulting undercount of Latinos along the border region of Texas was between 4% and 8% of the population for the region"

Yet in a story written by the El Paso Times on March 11, 2011 you can find these statements:
"According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Agua Dulce reached a population of 3,014 in 2010 -- an estimated 1,600 increase from 2009."
"Similarly, the Sparks neighborhood just south of Horizon City also doubled in size. In 2000 the area had 2,974 residents. A decade later the area is bustling with more than 4,500 people"

Agua Dulce and Sparks are both colonias is El Paso County. So this article would lead us to believe that at least in El Paso County the colonias were counted in the 2010 census and contradict the lawsuit's claims.The articles also says that the growth in the area's population has County Commissioner Willie Gandara Jr. looking for funding to help out the people in those colonias. You might remember Willie Gandara Jr. had said that the whole City of Socorro had been purposely left out of the census count in 2010.  Now many people don't know but I had applied to work for the census bureau in the Horizon and Socorro area. I wanted to do what I could to make sure that the numbers were as accurate as possible. In fact I took the test, I got a 100 by the way but was not hired for a technicality, in front of the Socorro Police Department headquarters. So Gandara's accusations are unfounded. As an employee of the Census Bureau you are not allowed to divulge any information. But since I was not officially hired I guess I can talk about what I saw. I kept in contact with a couple people who worked  at the Census. They were pretty upset when they heard that Willie Gandara Jr. and groups like MALC would accuse them of not doing their jobs right. According to a former Census employee who would rather remain anonymous, they knocked on thousands of doors, they walked hundreds of miles in the heat, they talked to people in both English and Spanish, they went into neighborhoods where there were no paved roads, they had to deal with dogs that weren't tied up, they had to deal with people that did not want to open their doors, but they did their job to the best of their abilities. So for anyone to say or to insinuate that they did not do their jobs properly is ludicrous. MALC should throw some walking shoes on and start knocking on doors and see for themselves what these Census workers had to endure instead of just screaming out Racist. At the end of the day this is all political. Redistricting could potentially affect "Latino" districts that traditionally favor the Democrats. Democrats are trying to gain power in the State of Texas and redistricting could potentially wipe out their strongholds.

But let me leave you with this. When are we going to stop treating people according to their skin color? Redistricting should have nothing to do with your skin color, ethnic background, religious beliefs, financial or marital status. Latinos want to be treated equal yet MALC wants Latinos to be treated different. Special treatment is being treated different from everyone else. Minorities, not just Latinos, have to fight for equal opportunities and stop demanding equal outcomes. We need to raise our and meet own expectations and not expect others to drop their requirements so we can compete. Fair is fair and equal is equal. Stop pulling the Race card. That only keeps the people down who have worked so hard to overcome the stereotypes and who have made great strides towards equality.

OK one last thing. Lets look at MALC. What do they stand for? According to their bylaws: Section 1.02.  PURPOSE.  The Caucus is a nonprofit organization the purpose of which is to serve the members of the Texas House of Representatives, and their staffs, particularly in regard to matters of interest to the Mexican-American community of this state, with the goal of providing a strong cohesive voice on those matters in the legislative process.

So what about those who are not Mexican-American? We can get into the whole I was born here and not in Mexico thing but I won't. But let's talk about those who have roots in Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic,  El Salvador, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala or any other Latin country? The term Latino encompasses people from over 20 nations and cultures. So does MALC only have the interest of those who originate from Mexico in mind? Or is this another self inflicted stereotype and for some reason MALC believes that everyone who immigrates, legally or illegally, to the US is of Mexican descent? Come on guys for being State Representatives it looks like you guys didn't think this through. The name of your group tells your constituents that you only care about those of Mexican Descent so Latinos who are not of Mexican descent might feel like you are not representing them properly. Are they going to have to get a caucus for every nationality and ethnic group? That sounds like a lot of work just to get represented properly by those who they elected to represent them in the first place.