Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LNRC Of Texas Press Release On HCR 88

For Immediate Release:

April 13, 2011
Austin, Texas
Statement on Immigration

The Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas (LNRC) applauds the work of members from the Hispanic Republican Conference of the Texas House for filing House Concurrent Resolution 88 (HCR 88) relating to immigration. We look forward to the progress of this resolution calling for national action on an issue of great significance and broad implications for our national security and economy.

The LNRC of Texas has worked diligently in engaging Hispanics for the Republican Party of Texas and we understand the need to solve this issue. HCR 88 is a responsible and sensible approach to discussing immigration by taking a critical step forward in reminding the federal government of their responsibility to the states in addressing this issue. We believe this House Resolution exemplifies the attributes sorely needed for today’s discussion on immigration.

We are proud to have fellow Republicans leading on this issue and crafting this message that is vitally important to Texas and the nation. We have always been a model state and it will be Texas who will lead on providing leadership and solutions to a state and national issue, immigration.

The LNRC is a nonprofit organization and an official auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas.


Media Contact:

Eric Garza, Vice Chairman
(956) 465-8499

Adryana Boyne, National Committeewoman
(979) 450-9238

Ivan Andarza, National Committeeman
(512) 775-3958

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