Monday, April 4, 2011

Danny Anchondo......Really?

Don't Call me Chon-Chon
In an interview Danny Anchondo said that it would not be very difficult to get on the bandwagon that would find somebody to run against Joe Pickett. Who the heck is Danny Anchondo? Yeah, I still ask myself that every once in a while. Danny "Don't call me chon-chon" Anchondo is the El Paso County DemocratIC Party Chair.

Anchondo made the comment after  Democratic Representative Joe Pickett voted in favor of the Voter ID bill. In Pickett's defense, he didn't vote for it until there were some modifications to the bill that addressed some of the smoke screens, I mean concerns that Democrats had raised. For instance it made it possible for the poor and for the elderly on fixed incomes to get a free ID if they couldn't afford one so they wouldn't be disenfranchised and not vote. That's called killing two birds with one stone where I come from. (We had rocks and a pigeon problem in the Lower Valley so don't question the statement)  But for some reason Democrats still insisted on voting against it, except for Joe Pickett. I have to admit I did award Pickett with the Democrat of the week award just last week on my blog.

This is just an example of party politics. Democrats are whining and complaining because the Republicans have the majority in the House. They keep crying and saying that Republicans should work together with Democrats to pass bills that are in the best interest of the constituents but threatened to take out a long time Democratic Representative because in the words of Chon-Chon "To me, that's a Republican vote." That statement just tells every El Pasoan that the Democratic Chair does not want to avoid partisan politics. It tells us that all he cares about is the Democrat vote no matter what the vote is. The good old do as I say and not what I do philosophy. Picket said that he voted for the bill because he didn't see anything wrong with the bill, after the changes were made, and that he wanted to protect the sanctity of the vote. So once again, the reason why Naomi Gonazalez, Marissa Marquez and Not So Inocente Quintanilla, the rest of the Democratic delegation voted against the bill was because it wasn't a Democrat Bill. Chon-Chon said Picket broke party ranks by voting for this bill. It's funny because Dee Margo is always criticized for voting Republican and not voting along with the rest of the delegation. So if its a Democrat bill you have to vote straight down Democrat lines if you are a Democrat but if your a Republican you have to vote bi-partisan to be accepted in El Paso. Right! You tell your party to do it yet throw a fit when Republicans in the house do it. Make up your mind Anchondo. Should Representatives vote non-partisan or should they vote down party lines? And why should Democrats even worry about you to begin with? Everyone knows that you don't need the local Democratic Party to win a race. Local Democrats do it on their own. They don't look for your leadership or guidance. 

Democrat Blanche Darley using the N word

Because you guys are a bunch of racists that can't get past the color of a man's skin when your own party's platform boasts its stance on social justice and equality. Go figure, you guys, the Democratic Party, are the ones who voted for a black man for President yet don't get along with a black man in the local party. The local Democratic Party doesn't even follow the Democratic National Committee platform. Isn't the local party supposed to follow the state and national platform? How can you as the local Democratic Party throw around the word racist when your leadership uses the N word and does not treat blacks equally. That's just a no no Chon-Chon. The people of El Paso need to know this about you guys. They need to know that the Democratic Party leadership is not as open to people of different ethnic backgrounds or races as they make people believe. They need to know that leaders within the Democratic Party use racial slurs towards blacks and people who associate with blacks. I don't care if they are little viejitos or little viejitas. These actions should not be tolerated. I'm getting off the subject so let me stop there.

But like always there has to be a back story. Rumors say that somebody has Anchondo's ear and is using this vote that Pickett casted, a vote that Republicans didn't need because the bill would have passed anyway, to help launch the campaign of another candidate who has just been itching to run against Pickett. Can that candidate rely on Chon-Chon to help win her election? Joe, I just have one thing to tell you. Times like these are when you find out who your real friends are. If the chair of your local party is threatening to take you out then you have to rethink your allegiance. They did. Your well liked by people on both sides of the isle. I say you jump ship now and give the Democratic Party the single finger wave. The "101" stickers that the Republican Party of Texas made can easily be changed to "102". What you say Joe? Should I call the print shop or what?

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