Monday, April 18, 2011

Tea Party.....The Show Must Go On!!!!

El Pasoans For Responsible Government hosted this years Tea Party at Western Playland on April 17, 2010. The change of venue and change of date did affect the turn out but that did not stop them from putting on a successful event. Anytime you have that many conservatives from different backgrounds in one place voicing there beliefs it is a success in my book.

There were plenty of speakers and even a band that entertained the crowd that voiced their concerns about being taxed to much and about the role of government. But this year was different. You didn't see the many signs you normally do at these type of events. In fact, people were told that no signs would be allowed this year. Almost every person at the event followed the rules. Like I said, almost everyone followed the rules. I had posted a couple days ago that I was not too happy about the restrictions that were put on this years event. I blamed the liberal media for putting pressure on the owner of Western Playland causing him to not allow any signs at the event. But of course I didn't listen. I was a rebel. I showed up with signs in hand and was willing to be kicked out if I had to. But like always, these Tea Parties are so civil nobody told me anything. in fact I got several compliments and was interviewed by all the media that attended. OK, there were only three but all three took pictures and interviewed me. I did have some help from other Latinos who were tired of being taxed as well. We were out breaking barriers and overcoming stereotypes. 

Most people gave me the thumbs up for having the guts to take signs into Western Playland. I had plenty of people coming up to our table and want to talk to me. We even sold several T-shirts to total strangers. But I have to admit, there was one gentleman who called my signs racist. Yeah, go figure, I was called a racist. After a little education he realized that the El Paso LNRC was not a racialist group but a group that focused on including Latinos and other people of all ethnic backgrounds who traditionally don't participate in the political process involved. Our job is to one day not have race or ethnic based political group. Our goal is to have all Americans involved equally in the political process and not have to play the race game. 

People In The Crowd
Jane Ratcliff

Jaime Abeytia Enjoying Himself At The Tea Party
Even Though He Will Deny It In Public
              Greg Freyermuth
The Band

Judge Ken Carr

The liberal media can say what they want. But El Pasoans For Responsible Government and the Tea Party are groups for like minded people who want to voice their grievances against our elected officials. What is the problem with that you ask? They are conservatives. In a city like El Paso the "C" word is not welcomed. Conservatives are called all sorts of names for voicing their concerns. Conservatives have restrictions on where they can gather, what they can say and have to pay for their own security. On the other hand liberal groups get police escorts down main streets in downtown El Paso at the expense of the tax payer. They are allowed to scream racist remarks against "the white man" using bullhorns as they block off busy streets. Yet conservative groups are called racist in El Paso when they gather on private property and question the government on their tax and spend habits.  It's just not right. We as conservatives have to start educating people about what conservatism really is. Let's not let the liberal media mislead or straight out lie to the public. They have herded the people of El Paso to the slaughter for too long now. It is our responsibility to go out and educate people what conservatism really is.  It is time that we stand up and take the liberal media head on and stop allowing them to spread stories that demonize conservatives. It is time that we stop being scared of being called names and stand by our beliefs and by our country. We may all come from different ethnic backgrounds but we all share the same nationality. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS! Be proud of your heritage but don't you ever forget who you pledge your allegiance to. We worked hard to be Americans and everyone should have to do the same. We have sacrificed too much to just give the American name away. Just like anything else, you will appreciate it more if you had to earn it.

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