Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sheriff's Department Employee Woes; Ties With City Council Candidate

The El Paso Sheriff's Department has gone through quiet a change since 2008. Richard Wiles was elected in 2008 bringing along with him several members of the El Paso Police Department to serve on his Command Staff to include Bill Ellis. Ellis is Wiles' Executive Administrative Officer according to the Sheriff's website. But we all know Ellis is just Wiles' personal on staff lawyer. Ellis' position was questioned by many during the County's budget issues because Ellis' position was not mandated. Smooth talking Richard Wiles justified Ellis' position by simply stating "Well, Sheriff Samaniego had one" and people just moved on. Typical El Paso. It's kind of like when the news reports Lyda Ness-Garcia's $190,000 back taxes problem. She just simply states "I have learned my lesson", not "I have paid the full amount" and El Paso and the media give her a pass and just move on.

Richard Wiles has worked hard in the last two years as Sheriff. Oh no, not to keep us safe. He has worked very hard to keep any controversy under wraps and has worked very hard to do what he can not to enforce laws like the people of El Paso had elected him to do. But you guys know me. I'm the last person to give him a pass on anything. So here we go.

Back in October of 2009 David Herrera, a Sheriff's Department Clerk and Bill Ellis' personal assistant, was arrested for prostitution. He offered to perform oral sex on an under cover police officer for a whopping $15. Herrera also had outstanding warrants and had marijuana in his possession. Click here for the full story.

Sheriff's Office Clerk Arrested, Charged With Prostitution

By Kai Porter - Morning Anchor
Saturday, October 31, 2009 - 9:45pm

You would think the El Paso Sheriff's Department and Bill Ellis would learn their lesson and take precautions on who they hired next. Right? Well they didn't. Bill Ellis likes a certain type of employee and he is very consistent with who he hires. December 14, 2009, just a month after Herrara was fired from his personal assistant position, the El Paso Sheriff's Department hires Daniel Lynn Rollings and pays him $9.80 an hour to pretty much be Ellis' personal assistant that included pushing his wheel chair around. I don't think that is a mandated position either. So what is the big deal you ask? Well, Daniel Lynn Rollings has a little bit of a past. According to a story in the Las Cruces Sun News Daniel Lynn Rollings was caught in a gay porn controversy with Gadsden School District Board of Trustees back in 2004.

What?! No way! Yes Way!
"The Gadsden Independent School District approved a resolution that censures board member Daniel Rollings after pornography was found on a district laptop that was issued to Rollings. The pornography was discovered on the laptop files after it was turned in to be up graded."
"The censure was approved in a 3-to-2 vote at a board meeting Thursday. The resolution censured, or reprimanded, Rollings, as well as requested that Rollings resign from his position. Rollings rejected the request. The        resolution also requested that a     filter be placed on district technology to    prevent access to inappropriate sites."
So lets break it down. First you have a clerk who offered to perform oral sex on an a  male undercover officer then you hire someone who was removed form their position on a School Board for being involved in a gay pornography scandal. WoW! Who are you going to hire next? A convicted priest? This has to stop. The residents of El Paso have to stand up and put an end to it. But here is the best part. "Rollings, who voted against the censure, said he disagreed with the vote and felt it was political "blackballing". Those are some interesting words to use considering the situation.

But it doesn't stop at the Sheriff's Department. Rollings/Steele is one of the henchman   for the Lyda Ness-Garcia Campaign. He uses county equipment and time to look up     people who publicly  speak out against him or Lyda Ness-Garcia. You know, the kind of stuff that KVIA aired several "Public Service Announcements" for Lyda-Ness-Garcia     accusing her opponent Ann Morgan Lilly of doing. I guess it  is one of those do as I say  and not as I do kind of things. Is this the type of        person we want on city council? Come  on El Paso. Look at the facts and put an  end to the insanity. 


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  3. I think you have a serious closet crush on this dude. You're obsessed with him.
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  4. Right, I have a secret crush on this worthless POS. I look for any opportunity just to post a picture of my secret crush. Forget the fact that he and Ellis have made my life hell. Forget the fact that he and Ellis tried to intefere in court hearings to try to put me in prison and forget the fact that they both have posted personal information about me on line. I'm such a forgiving man that I forgive him for all that I secretly want to get with Daisy(Danny). Come on, even you didn't believe that statement when you posted it. It was just a way for you to divert the attention away from the facts.Nice try indio.


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