Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lawmakers Pass Bill That Allows Law Enforcement Agents To Enforce Laws

The Texas House of Representatives has just done something new and innovative. They have thought outside of the box and passed a bill that would actually not only allow but expect law enforcement agents to actually enforce laws. Can you believe that? The bill would allow law enforcement agents to question the legal status of people they detain. This isn't anything new really. Anyone who has unfortunately seen the inside of the El Paso
County jail knows that they ask those questions as soon as you walk in so all this hoopla is nothing but a smoke screen. Cities who would not enforce this law would loose funding. Can you believe that, cities that don't do what they are supposed to might actually be held accountable for it? This is all so new that I don't know how to handle it. (sarcasm)

The bill calls for the elimination of sanctuary cities throughout the state of Texas. These are cities like El Paso where bleeding heart liberal elected officials and heads of law enforcement agents like the El Paso Sheriff Richard Wiles worry more about keeping people in the shadows by looking the other way when they are here illegally and about the rights that they don't have than worrying about the rights and safety of its citizens and legal residents. This is just a way an Anglo male can win over the vote of a county with an over 80% Hispanic population.

Richard Wiles has said that laws like this would damage the fragile relationship between the people of El Paso and law enforcement agencies. No Wiles! What damages relationships with law enforcement agencies is having law enforcement agents abuse their power on residents or commit crimes and have their face plastered on the 10 o'clock news. You know what I'm talking about. Every single one of the police officers that have been plastered on television used to work for you and  have disciplinary actions against them dating back to when you were their boss. Yet you did nothing. Your "Disciplinary Matrix", a supposed disciplinary action chart, was nothing but a front to make people think that you actually disciplined officers. It was a piece of paper that made you look good for election season put did nothing for the people of El Paso and the proof is in the pudding.

If we really want to protect the fragile relationship between law enforcement agencies and the people of El Paso, then we need to make the people of El Paso feel assured that the law enforcement agencies are actually going to keep them safe. I said all and not just the ones who might be here illegally. That is the problem with the Democrat agenda. They only address the concerns of one group, people who are here illegally. It is law enforcements job to protect all of us and not just their special interest groups. I always ask myself. How can people like Sheriff Richard Wiles ignore the citizens and legal residents of El Paso and focus on protecting a group of people who might be here illegally.

Get off your rear end Wiles. The people of El Paso want you to enforce laws. Law makers in Austin are telling you what you need to be doing so do it. El Paso elected you to enforce laws so earn your pay check. If you can't comply with your job description then we can find someone else who can. If you want to say what laws should or should not be enforced you should go to law school, become a lawyer and then run for judge. Until then, DO YOUR DARN JOB!!!!

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