Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turn Back The Clock......Candidate Lyda Ness-Garcia 2008

Lyda Ness-Garcia answered some questions for a Voter's Guide done by the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce. Ness-Garcia was a judicial candidate for the 388th District court and was running against Marlene Gonzalez.

Looking back at her answers I am curious to know if she would still answer the same considering all the dirt that has been reported on her. Here are some of the questions I would like her to answer today. Click here if you want to see the whole guide. You can find Ness-Garcia on page 58.

Continued: 388th District Court: Lyda N. Garcia

11. Have you ever been disciplined, reprimanded, or cited for a breach of ethics or for unprofessional conduct by a court, administrative agency, bar association, disciplinary or grievance committee or other professional group? If yes, provide

14. Is there anything in your background that would represent a conflict of interest of the appearance of impropriety if elected
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to this position?

15. Are you current in your:
Tax Obligations _Y_______
Legal licensing requirements __Y______

I'm pretty sure her answers would not be the same if she even would answer the questionnaire. But I'm pretty sure KVIA and Maria Garcia would find a way to turn this around and blame her opponent for something like using the word "the"in an e-mail and blow it way out of proportion in efforts to steer away the attention from the fact that Lyda Ness-Garcia has tax liens against her, an ethics violation and several examples of impropriety. But once again..........KVIA looks the other way and is willing to publicly support a candidate with this many skeletons in her closet. What a shame. What has our local media turned into?

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