Tuesday, May 17, 2011

City Council Candidate Gives Community Service Hours to "Volunteers"

If the allegations of owing the IRS over $190,000 in back taxes was not enough. Reports are coming in that the Lyda Ness-Garcia Campaign was giving people who were under supervision by the West Texas Adult Supervision Department, OK stop with the big words, people who were on probation, community service hours for helping her campaign. How is this possible you ask? It comes back to Danny Rollings/Steele. Danny is the Treasurer for Rio Grande Adelante. The group has a website that informs its followers that they have a Community Service Restitution Program.
"Rio Grande Adelante is pleased to announce our newest collaboration as an agency with the West Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Department.  As a registered agency with the WTCS&CD, individuals may sign-up to do their court mandated community service hours working on Rio Grande Adelante community projects.  Some of those projects may include: "Adopt-A-Highway" clean-up, program workshops, event prepartion, and community involvement."

According to the website only three people have participated in those community involvement programs. The rest who received hours through Rio Grande Adelante, according to a reliable source, have received hours for walking and campaigning for Lyda-Ness-Garcia. Is this the same Lyda-Ness-Garcia who was able to convince news stations to bombard her opponent, Ann Morgan Lilly, on a nightly basis with allegations of using city equipment for campaign purposes? Yup, its the same one. This lady has the nerve to go on television and accuse Ann Morgan-Lilly of using city equipment to campaign while she is using people from the West Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Department to do her campaign work. Let's see if the news stations cover this story. Let's see how quickly Danny and Lyda run to cover their tracks.


  1. It kinda sounds like a prison warden using a chain gang for yard maintenance and helping the warden's wife with weeding the garden...don'tcha think?

  2. Funny it kinda reminds me of where a warden will have a chain gang come to his house to do the yard work and help his wife weed the garden.

  3. Now Sammy, Let's get the facts straight. Lyda Ness does not have liens of $190K against her. The IRS filed another lien in late April, her total is now $207K. We don't want you spreading any lies!

  4. In many regards, I'm the most liberal person you'll ever meet. I'm for the legalization of most drugs, gay marriage (I'm gay), retreating all combat troops from overseas, strengthening social security, a bold Environmental Protection Agency and many other priorities of what I consider a good government. But I also abhor dirty politics, and I commend you on exposing this. It had to be said. I'm sure every side involved has their share of dirty tricks, and I hope there's someone to expose them as well. But this bit of the truth is, in my view, making our democracy better. Congratulations on your blog.

  5. lilly morgan and her campaign should get more facts on ms. ness. YES! its ms. ness not ness-garcia. she was never legally married to the garcia dude. a marriage held in mexico under the birth certificate of the brother is not a legal marriage. its bad enough having her milk her clients for money when she doesnt even do her job because she is to hungover, etc. did i forget she just doesnt owe the IRS she owes process servers (check out EL PASO COUNTY WEBSITE), including a judge's daughter for a breach of contract. she likes to run a dirty campaign just the way she ran against judge macias for the 388th. but backfired on her when judge macias brought up her bad skeletons from the closet and had to annul her marriage to the garcia dude offering him settlement if he didnt fight the divorce, oooops and that child, the recent one is not from GREEK GUY, its from a client...


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