Monday, May 9, 2011

Obama Will Visit El Paso........Must Be Campaign Season

President Obama will be at the Chamizal National Park tomorrow doing what he does best. He will be holding Immigration Reform over the heads of Latinos in hopes that they vote for him and forget that he had promised to address the issue in his first year in office. Obama avoided any questions the last time he was in El Paso but has strategically chosen this trip to finally talk about immigration reform. Why now? Well he has kicked of his re-election campaign and as we all know he only talks about immigration during election season.

I was interviewed by Telemundo Network today at the Chamizal and saw all the hoopla that was being made for the President. But you know what I noticed. The President of the United States will be speaking to a by invite only, yet people were told they could go ask for tickets, crowd as he stands under a huge Mexican flag. Talk about race, I mean nationality baiting.(Mexican is not a race) I took this picture of the stage that will be used tomorrow so you could see for yourself. Really patriotic isn't it? (sarcasm)

What is he thinking? Does he think that if he speaks just a couple feet away from Mexico and under a Mexican flag then every Latino will vote for him? Please! First of all the idea that every Latino is of Mexican decent is ridiculous, will only anger those Latinos that are originally from over twenty nations and cultures and second will really anger those proud Americans who love the American flag. I don't know about you but I think the President of the United States should not be speaking under any other flag other than the U.S. flag, but that's just me. But I am curious to see if they even have an American flag on the stage or will the President think it would be offensive? Don't want to send the wrong message do we Mr. President?

Come on people! How can we let this guy make a mockery of us. He is only coming to El Paso because it is right on the border, scoring points with immigrants and bleeding heart liberals and is going to give the Latino community more campaign promises he won't keep. I really hope Latinos don't fall for it again. He promised change, I say we give him change and vote him out of office.

For those who are interested we will be demonstrating at the event with signs that address issues that affect us here on the border. Hope to see you all there.

PS: I can almost assure you that we will be called racist at least 10 times, bigots 5 times, anti-Latino 3 times and wackos at least 2 times at the event. And that's just by Jaime Abeytia.

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