Wednesday, May 11, 2011

El Paso's Quarterback Lives In The Past........El Paso's Al Bundy

Congressman Silvestre Reyes (D) of El Paso, also referred to as Caveman Reyes because of his eloquent speaking style, has decided to go on record and challenge Speaker of the House John Boehner on the safety record of El Paso. Unfortunately he is using old statistics.

For those who are wondering why I referred to him as El Paso's quarterback it stems back to a debate on the Pearson Forum where he said he was the quarterback El Paso needed. According to his world, having a chubby, aging, 14 year veteran who talks like he has had one too many concussions leading your team is the secret to winning a championship.

Reyes released a newsletter and has spewed the same garbage to all the local media outlets with crime rates to prove that El Paso "is" the safest city in all America. But wait. These are the numbers that were used to name El Paso the Safest city with over 500,000 residents in 2010! We are in 2011 already and we have had 12 homicides yet Reyes keeps regurgitating that we only have 5 homicides. Come on Caveman, have Vince teach you how to count. You can't say we are the safest city using statistics from last year. Its like being the reigning Super Bowl Champion. You might be wearing the ring that says you were the best last year but in no way does that automatically make you the best this year. You start with zero wins at the beginning of the new season just like everyone else. We started with zero homicides this year but unfortunately we are ahead of ourselves at this time last year. It either takes a really brave man or a really stupid one to keep spreading those lies.

Message to the Caveman

Get over it Al Bundy, you can't keep living in the past. Stop talking about your golden years, stop telling everyone how you represent the safest city in the whole wide world when you don't. You sound like a fool spitting out that nonsense when the homicide rate now is more than twice what it was all of last year. Why don't you have Vince write another newsletter for you updating El Pasoans on the current crime rates? Why don't you tell your constituents how under your watch the crime rate is rising? Why won't you do that? Because it would contradict all the caca you have been spreading and leave you with no credibility, not like you have much anyway.

Final Thoughts

I am but a tinny blogger with a few readers and not much influence so I doubt it Speaker Boehner will read this or even catch wind of my rant, even though I wish he would. But I want everyone in El Paso, OK all 7 of you who read this, that the numbers that Reyes talks about are not this years numbers and that he and our other elected officials are purposely misleading people. The only way we are tarnishing the image of our border community is by lying to ourselves and putting ourselves in a position to be caught with our guards down. How can we let a Congressman get away with this stuff. How can Republicans at the national level not catch on to his game? I have to give him some credit. Knowing him he probably doesn't even know what he is talking about. No really. His handlers tell him what to say, what to think, they even tell him when to breath in and when to breath out. I just wish they would tell him to stop saying "Uh" before and after every other word. But let's see what kind of rebuttal we get from this post. Reyes' official and unofficial staffers monitor my blog so a response is is almost guaranteed. If they don't respond directly because of my challenge they will pull the typical liberal defense. They will blame Bush for Obama's short comes, they will make this a social issue and call me a bigoted, racist conspiracy theorist. I think I might have missed an insult or two but you get the point.


  1. Sammy,

    Ain't nuttin official until 'the man' at DOJ publishes his latest statistics....

    Wow, I'm one of only seven...or is it eight?

  2. Your right Andre, it won't be official until the final homicide is committed for the year. So does that mean we have to wait until the end of the year for someone to officially tell us we are not at 5 homicides? No, each homicide reminds us of that.

    I was wrong about the readers. I'm up to eleven now. Wow you eleven sure read my blog over and over according to the stats on this blog.

  3. And how does El Paso's 12 murders to date compare to similar size cities in rest of US? Last year was anomalously low, this year started freakishly high.

    BTW, this illustrates the falsity of another leftist shibboleth,the need for "gun control." El Paso under relatively Texas' lax gun lows (only "Vermont Carry" states laxer). Yet we think 12 dead in a hundred days a lot. Mexico has the kind of gun laws left wants for US, yet Juarez has become deadliest city in North America under those laws. Demonstrates bankruptcy of liberal thought.


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