Friday, May 6, 2011

Nunez is Consistent.........Yet another ethics complaint for former SBOE Member

Blame The Dog

Rene Nunez is doing what he does best. He is racking up ethics complaints even after he was beat in the last election for his seat on the State Board of Education by El Paso's own Charlie Garza. In an article by the Texas Tribune Nunez is accused of "encouraging four current board members to extend the contract with the company managing the state's $25 billion Permanent School Fund". Unfortunately state laws prohibits him from doing so for at least two years after he leaves office.

It Wasn't Me

This is nothing new for Nunez. During his last unsuccessful run Nunez shrugged off any mention of the ethics complaints that were filed against him and blamed just about everyone, to include the dog in the room, for his actions. I am interested to know who he will blame for this last flatulation? Is it just another misunderstanding? Or is it the bookie's fault or the real estate agent or maybe his wife fault or will the dog once again get blamed for something he did not do? Poor dogs have been getting a bad wrap for way too long now. It's time that Nunez owns up to his actions. He wasn't held accountable for his actions during his 22 year dormant term but that doesn't mean we can't hold him accountable now. Let's make sure he stays retired. But let's make sure his dog finds a loving home as well. The tax deadline just passed and we don't want him to take the fall for Nunez' latest tax return.

Rumor says that Nunez wants to run for his old seat again and that TFN (Texas Freedom Network) would fund his campaign. Is this the type of candidates TFN supports? I have a hard time believing any organization would publicly support anyone who had ethics issues. Is this the type of person we want to represent us and have our children's future in their hands? How are our children supposed to learn to follow rules in school if people like Nunez have control of what our children learn? Leaders are supposed to lead by example. This is not exactly the best example we should be showing our children is it?

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