Friday, May 13, 2011

"Some Dude" Spills The Beans

This was another post that I had originally posted as a note on Facebook while Blogger was down. I have already been contacted by several people who have been victims of Daniel Rollings/Steele. 

"According to "Some Dude" Daniel Rollings or Steele, what ever name he is going by this week, has made it a point to come after me. Daniel is employed with the El Paso Sheriff's Department. As you all know I am very well liked by that department. He is also the hechman for the Lyda-Ness-Garcia Campaign who has gone after everyone to include people from the gay community for not supporting Lyda-Ness-Garcia. I was told that Daniel's anger stems from a picture and a blog that I posted about Lyda and her camapign. 

"Some Dude" tells me that Daniel has an interesting way of moving up the latter. Daniel has been known to sleep around to get what he wants. Those are just rumors of course. But it is interesting that his employment at the Sheriff's department is also fairly recent. I wonder if Richard Wiles or Bill Ellis had anything to do with him getting his job. I just think that sleeping your way to the top is so deamining and unfair really for the rest of us. I have never worked for a women so sleeping my way to the top is absolutely not an option for me. But I guess some people would do what ever and who ever to get their way. Once again this info was passed on by "Some Dude" who is very close to the Lyda-Ness-Garcia campaign and was present when Daniel decided to announce his revenge on me for posting the truth. i guess this is just another chapter in my struggle with Richard Wiles and the El Paso Sheriff's Department.

So instead of waiting for the attacks I decided to beat him to the punch and make it public. Daniel is one of those people who I always complain about that use county equipment on county time, you know the same thing Lyda accused Ann-Morgan-Lylly of doing, to pull up information on people so he could post online. He did that on one of my blog post. He pulled the records of a person who had made a comment on my blog and posted it to minimize the effects of that persons comments. The good thing is that now I have a name and I can pursue legal action. Thanks Danny, I thank you and your other victims thank you. You have made it much easier to go after you and your job now. You can kiss Bill Ellis.....goodbye now.

If you have been a victim of Danny and his illegal gathering of information on county time, please feel free to contact me. I have already had a few people contact me just minutes after posting the original note.

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