Friday, May 13, 2011

KVIA Reporter Rolling In Bed With Lyda-Ness-Garcia?....Figuratively Speaking

Maria Garcia of KVIA Channel 7, an ABC affiliate in El Paso Texas, has been relentless in her efforts to divert the attention away from Lyda-Ness-Garcia's tax problems and is instead trying to convince KVIA's viewers that Ann Morgan-Lilly is guilty of using tax payer time and city equipment to campaign. Ness-Garcia requested an open records request that netted over 9,000 emails that Jaime Abeytia was so fortunate to be able to have access to and posted them on his blog very shortly after Ness-Garcia received them and went through them. I wouldn't be surprised if he helped her go through them.

But back to the Maria Garcia thing. I understand that reporters need to "try", I use that word very loosely with the El Paso media, to get both sides of the story. But Maria Garcia's stories have been one sided attacks on Ann Morgan-Lilly. Now I don't condone the actions of any elected official, city or county employee using equipment and time (Danny Rawlings/Steele) payed for by the tax payers for their own personal gains. But I also don't condone the fact that a person owe thousands of dollars to the IRS. KVIA has not given Ness-Garcia's allegations no where near the coverage they have given Lilly's allegations. Both are wrong if true. Why is that? From the outside looking in it looks like Maria Garcia is just a mouth piece for the mess Lyda calls a campaign.

But here is the best part. Ness-Garcia goes on camera and makes a comment about Lilly and tax payer money.
"I'm dismayed that our city representative is in fact displaying the kind of arrogance that we've seen with other public corruption issues here in El Paso, but at least the tax-payers will know exactly what she's up to with on our tax payer money and on our tax payer dime," 

Now you guys have probably already heard or read about "Some Dude" who contacted me and our little conversation. According to "Some Dude" Lyda-Ness-Garcia is the last person who should be complaining about anyone doing anything on tax payer money or time. Back in 2008 Ness-Garcia was sent on a trip to Europe to deliver a child to her father in a custody case. The county paid for her trip. All she had to do was deliver the child to the  father and come back. Well, little Miss Goody Two Shoes decided she would take a few weeks to travel and spend time with her grandmother in Greece while she leaves fellow attorney clueless on what to do on the clients she left behind. She went to go see the grandmother who they say lives off of social security. The same grandmother who lives in Greece thanks to a huge lump of money she came up on. I can't see how the family can play the "poor little old lady on social security" card when she is very well off. And how can they scam the government for these benefits? I'm pretty sure its not much money but why is she getting it if she has a lot of money. According to "Some Dude" of course.There are people who really need those benefits but don't get them because these kind of people who defraud the system. But then again the vehicle registration fees for the state of Texas are not that much yet Ness-Garcia and her mother, who lives in Houston Texas, would rather pay less fees by keeping their Michigan license plates. Do you guys see a trend here? Lyda-Ness-Garcia owes the IRS money, she doesn't pay for her vehicles registration, she helps her wealthy grandmother collect assistance from the government and pretty much walks around like people owe her something. Is this the type of person we want on city council? She was the only child for 16 years so she walks around with her spoiled brat attitude, talking down to people, walking all over them, not caring what people think about her, until it's election season of course. So now she is trying to clean up her image. But its a little too late. Her true colors have come out. Even the gay community who she helped out with the domestic partners benefits issue is not backing her. OK, Jaime Abeytia, Danny Rawlings, Bill Ellis and Richard Wiles might be. But other than a hand full of people the gay community has distanced themselves from her.

According to "Some Dude" her claim to fame was a fluke. Kirsten Perez, who Lyda-Ness-Garcia lived with, was supposed to make the big speech in front of city council on behalf of the domestic partner benefits. For some reason Perez couldn't do it so Lyda-Ness-Garcia jumped on the mike. That launched her into the spot light and into a lawsuit. Maybe she thought that by taking this route she could get enough media attention and win an election. Well not everyone thought the same. Kirsten Perez has since jumped ship and has gone to work for the Courtney Liland campaign. I guess Perez felt the SS Ness-Garcia was going down slow and jumped to a more secure deck where she could actually find a job after this Saturday.

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  1. Give me a break, Lyda is one of the best attorneys El Paso has, she is tough yet commpassionate, caring, understanding, and most of all a damn good person, you're sorely mistaken you ignorant jackass


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