Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sleeper In District 1 Race

The race for district 1 is highly contested with a total of seven candidates battling for that seat. Ann Morgan Lilly is the incumbent and has recently gone after Lyda Ness-Garcia for her issue with allegedly unpaid back taxes for her law practice. This of course came after the Ness-Garcia camp accused Ann Morgan Lilly of using city equipment and city time to campaign. Two women going at it, someone had to see a cat fight coming.

We are just a few days from election day and I am curious to see what happens in this race. Will Morgan Lilliy's camp be able to take advantage of the controversy caused by Ness-Garcia's inability to pay her taxes? Even though she told a television reporter that she had learned her lesson and claimed that having run her own business gave her an advantage over her opponent, when it was that same business that got her in trouble with the IRS. Will Lilly's actions get her more votes or will it just cause voters not to vote for Ness-Garcia? She just might be helping another candidate reach a run-off with her. Will another candidate who has been off the radar benefit from the cat fighting and come out on top in this race? Tim Besco did have a lot of votes when he ran against caveman, I mean Congressman Reyes and even if only half of those people voted for him he could pull it off. Will Manny Hinojosa come from behind with his keeping City Council accountable platform have people vote for him and put him in that seat? Is Abe Peinado's conservative beliefs and small business experience what District 1 really wants? Or will Richard Jay Schecter or Theresa Anne Ware-Asbury be the long shot horse that surprises everyone and takes this race?

Yes she has a MySpace page.
I really couldn't say who is going to win, but I know who is going to loose. Lyda Ness-Garcia who has recently been referred to as "What A Mess Garcia" has way too many issues that will keep the voters of District 1 from voting for her. Even fellow Democrats are taking shots at her, at her attitude and her inability to pay her taxes. My buddy Jaime Abeytia, former ambassador of the Gay Float, has gone after members of the Gay community for not supporting Ness-Garcia. Alejandro Guzman, a member of the gay community, said:

"This notion that I should be indebted to her for supporting city domestic partnerships is ridiculous. My sexual orientation is a fraction of who I'm and what I stand for. My civic and community involvement is done out of passion and support for what I believe in and I never expect anything in return."

So lets lay all the cards on the table. Democrats, except for Jaime, don't want her, the gay community doesn't feel like they should vote for her just because she supported domestic partnerships, Republicans sure as heck won't vote for her. So who is left? I'm sorry but Ness-Garcia has a better chance of the IRS just erasing her tax debt than she does have a chance of winning this election.

But no matter who wins this race, we can assure that there will be a sleeper in the District 1 seat. Oh stop it! Like you don't know she falls asleep during City Council meetings.


  1. I was at the taping of the District 1 debate for KVIA. When it was over, I noticed that Ms. Ness-Garcia got into a Cadillac Escalade with her husband. The only thing wrong with that was that SHE DIDN'T HAVE TEXAS PLATES. They were from MICHIGAN.
    I was able to snap a picture of the offending vehicle. I think that if she is going to represent a TEXAS city then she should have TEXAS plates on her vehicles.

    Wouldn't you agree?

  2. If that is true then it seems that Mr & Mrs Garcia are in violation of TXDOT requirements to have privately owned vehicles registered in TX. My vehicles were registered in MI when I wass active duty. However when I retired from the Army I registered them in TX as required. Possibly an attempt to circumvent the state-mandated emisison inspection requirements. This is a common happening with many vehicles registered in NM but the owners live in El Paso.

  3. The vehicle with the Michigan plates belongs to her parents you conspiracy freaks. She drives a mini cooper with Texas plates!
    What about Lilly and her $140,000 judgment from last year?
    What about Besco's "F*** You" letter?
    Or Manny and Lilly's criminal history?
    Oh but wait -talking about her parent's car plates... so much more interesting....NOT!

  4. I agree with the last comment. Out of town license plates are kind of silly to talk about when she owes all that money to the IRS. Let's stay on point here and not forget that she can't even run her own business properly so how is she going to run her district?


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