Monday, September 27, 2010

Raul Amaya Defends The El Paso League of Women Voters' Agenda

Charlie Garza's Response to the El Paso
League of Women Voters 

I have received some e-mails that were originally sent by Raul Amaya on the issue of the League of Women Voters and the planned firing squad for SBOE Republican Candidate Charlie Garza. In them Raul insists that the so called "forum" was intended as an opportunity to make a good impression on the community by both candidates and claims: 

"We didn’t put this agenda together in an attempt to stack the deck against you.(but they did) The people on our panel are people who have been & are involved in education & educational issues."

Yet, in an e-mail I talked about in a previous post certain information was leaked by a very good source saying that Senator Shapleigh and the other panelist were going to attack Charlie on an incident that happened while he was employed at EPPC. The e-mail that was intercepted was actually from an organizer of the firing squad. But of coarse Raul's latest e-mail says otherwise. Read it for yourself,  it is somewhat on the defensive side. Kind of like when you have been caught red handed and you try to talk your way out of it. Or so I've heard.
"You have no guarantees that whatever the panelists plan to say or say will be fact checked because the EPLWV has no idea what they plan to say or will say. We didn’t ask any of the panelists to submit what they plan to say nor will we now. We aren’t a censorship committee."

Come on Raul. How are we supposed to believe that you have no idea what is going to be said? The e-mail drew out your plans to attack Charlie and you have ties with Senator Shapleigh? Check this out. Or like we like to say in my house "Watcha"....According to the KHRO website Raul is a member of the financial literacy subcommittee of the Invest in the American Dream Community Initiative sponsored by the office of guess who? Senator Eliot Shapleigh. But Raul still sticks to his non biased story with this statement:
"The people on our panel are people who have been & are involved in education & educational issues."
In the words of my buddy to my left on Fridays, this doesn't pass the smell test. In a comical back and forth between Charlie Garza and Raul Amaya, Charlie pretty much had Raul on the ropes most of the time with Raul taking wild punches that only left him open to more body shots, Mr. Garza voiced his concerns about the El Paso LWV and their role in this very poorly planned firing squad.

"Again, let me elaborate in more detail the Senator’s partisanship that I am sure you are aware of: He fought against the TRE at EPISD and made mention of information that Dr. Garcia alleges is inaccurate, he spoke against the appointment of the chairman to the SBOE, and he was involved in the primary against a sitting SBOE member. On face value the aforementioned suggest that if the LWV is to maintain their own statement of purpose they would fact check (not censor) the information."

The SBOE deals with students and teachers. While the "non-partisan" League Of Women Voters has invited politicians, Mr. Garza sent an e-mail to Raul Amaya stating:
"I have invited several teachers who have seen me advocate for children but I have yet to be told what the seating capacity is. Given that they are my guests and they have a vested interest in the SBOE I would like them to be given preferential seating (after all they are educators) and the SBOE is supposed to represent them."
Call me crazy but I have a feeling Charlie's request won't be granted. I wouldn't be surprised if Raul responds by saying that all the seats have been reserved for an audience that was chosen by the El Paso League of Women Voters. It's not as far fetched as it sounds.

Let's talk about Rene Nunez for a little bit. Did you know that Rene Nunez is a 22 year incumbent who is a Real Estate agent? He did teach for about 4 years about 18 years ago but that was a long time ago. The man is so out of touch with the education system that he is doing our kids an injustice. Maybe if he was running for the Board of Realtors his experience could be taken into consideration. But he's not. He is running for the School Board of Education. He has been out of the class room for so long that he has no idea what our kids or teachers need or what is best for them. He has turned into a life time politician who is in it just for re-election purposes and not for the education of our children. Let's kick this career politician to the curb and elect some fresh blood. Seems to me that Senator Shapleigh is just using Mr. Nunez as another one of his puppets to promote his own agenda and his plans to run for office in the near future. Let's put a stop to it right here and now!

Coronado High School Gubernatorial Forum

 Friday's Gubernatorial Forum was "By students for students" according to one of its very young organizers. It was supposed to be a celebration of youth involvement. Or at least that's what we were all told when we agreed to speak. Most of the speakers did speak to the students in attendance(about 95% of the audience) about how essential their participation in the election process was and urged them to register to vote, no matter what party they wanted to vote for.

The event had plenty of students involvement. There were  four year olds who recited the pledge of allegiance, fourth graders who sang "Deep In The Heart Of Texas"..........

And then came Bill White. That's when everything changed. It went from encouraging students to participate and to educate themselves in the election process to grand standing by Bill White.

He was speaking to High School students and to a swarm of television cameras so he didn't really talk about too many issues. He did mention Facebook though. He didn't want to talk about anything of substance or controversial considering he was given a free ride. He focused on what affected most of those in the crowd, education. Why bore the students with real issues that affect our border other than education.

But speaking of issues, I have some with his speech.

The first issue is with his statement that said "I am here for a job interview". Well let's pretend we are a hiring manager and check some of his references. In his speech White said that 90% of Sheriff's support his plan including El Paso's own Sheriff, Richard Wiles. 

White was referring to his plan to add 1,000 more deputies and law enforcement agents in border communities. If I was White I wouldn't list Richard Wiles as a reference for this or any job considering Wiles contradicted him when he testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee saying:

"As a law enforcement officer, I respect the laws of our country and the necessity for them to be followed to provide for an orderly and safe society. Immigration and immigration enforcement rest solely with the federal government and federal agencies."
"In the past, there has been discussion of local, county and state law enforcement agencies "assisting" in the area of immigration enforcement; this is not good policy. While Chief of Police in El Paso, I was a member of the Major Cities Chiefs Association. This organization is comprised of the leaders of the largest sixty?four law enforcement agencies (local and county) in the United States and Canada. I was one of nine members of an immigration subcommittee that ultimately made recommendations to the full Association, which were adopted in June 2006. I have attached a copy of the report for your review. The general recommendation of the Major Cities Chiefs Association was that local law enforcement should not be engaged in the enforcement of federal immigration law"
These two statements alone go against White's plans to put more law enforcement agents to help enforce immigration law. Wasn't that Wiles' biggest argument was when he ran for sheriff in 2008. He promised El Pasoans that he would not enforce federal law if elected Sheriff. But now he is switch hitting and going on the campaign trail with Bill White telling everybody he supports White's ideas of law enforcement agents fighting illegal immigration. (Let me pull a Jaime here) Why hasn't the Bird Cage Special (El Paso Times) picked up on this story? Why haven't they torn him a new one for changing his position on this issue. Maybe because everybody bows down to the almighty Richard Wiles. As you see, there is no bowing here.

Wiles is just as bad as our current President. They both promised the Latino community one thing to get their votes then they go back on their promise once elected. (OOOOH, nice shot. I killed two birds with one stone on that one)

My next issue, Mr. White told students that "The voters are more important than those who seek to serve" and said that those who serve should be held "accountable". That's funny considering Mr. White has a problem with accountability. As in accounting for all of his tax returns. Rick Perry asked him to release all of his tax returns but only released some. Makes us simple mortals think that there is a problem with accounting for all the money he made and/or for the taxes he paid or didn't pay.

And I'll make this my last issue to try to keep this short. (too late) Bill White was tossed about five softball questions that were submitted by area high school students and moderated by the events organizers. Yet Gustavo Reveles Acosta from the El Paso Times wrote:
"All of White's comments went unchallenged by the audience that loudly cheered most of his remarks."
Due to security restrictions no one was allowed to enter if they looked like they were going to be against Bill White. In fact, I was questioned about what I was going to say because they had heard a rumor that I was going to ask a question that dealt with the expansion of Indian Gaming.  Gee, I wonder who that could have been? Hmmmmmmm I guess I will never know. Now that I look at it, I was the token Republican. They didn't want me to speak, they needed a Republican to speak. I guess it was the only way the school district would have allowed this "bipartisan" event to take place. I feel so used.
"The Coronado event was organized by students, and it included the participation of at least one local Republican Party official."
Now that I think of it, I would have cheered too if I was 16-17 years old and had my question asked and my name called out on stage. Most of the students cheered to support a fellow student from their school because their question was one of the chosen few to be read.

I was one of three Republicans in the audience, yeah pretty sad we should have had a better turn out, and did not see the same performance that Mr. Reveles Acosta wrote about. But I guess that goes to show the way our local media leans when it comes to politics. We need to get more involved and call out our elected officials and the media when they are slipping.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

El Paso LNRC Hosts Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman

You are cordially invited:

The El Paso LNRC and the UTEP College Republicans in conjuction with the El Paso Republican Party will be hosting a reception for Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman Tuesday, September 28th from 6-8PM at the Lone Star Golf Club located at 1510 Hawkins, El Paso, Texas 79925. Adryana Boyne of Voces Action and National Committeewomen for the LNRC of Texas will be the special guest speaker.

Come join us for a relaxing evening on the beautiful greens of the Lone Star Golf Club that will include a speech by Justice Eva Guzman and Adryana Boyne, master of ceremonies Bruce Villarreal, music on the patio by Mariachi singer Lluvia, appetizers, a  viewing of the LNRC's "I Am An El Paso Republican" video, and a raffle that consist of several donated items including a pair of diamond ear rings, a signed biography of Jose Cisneros, an arrangement  from "Cookies by Cindy" and gift certificates from local retailers. Our doors are always open to the public so bring  friends or family members with you. There is no charge for this event and the dress code is casual. So there is no reason for you not to attend.

Hope to see you all there!

  *You must be present to win.
*** The Lone Star Golf Club does not support or endorse any candidate or political party.***

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

League of Women Voters and the SBOE, SBO What?

The race for Texas State Board of Education District 1 is heating up. Republican Candidate Charlie Garza is going up against 22 year incumbent and Democratic Candidate Rene Nunez. The seat covers 38 counties along the Rio Grande and reaches as far north as Midland. That's a whole lot country to cover if you ask me.

Rene Nunez

There had not been too much activity between these two candidates in the past, even though Charlie Garza had been trying to get Rene Nunez to debate him for a while now. Then here comes the League of Women Voters, the El Paso version. They were able to set up a much anticipated debate between Garza and Nunez on September 30th in the El Paso Garden Center at Memorial Park located at 3105 Grant.

Now according to the League of Women Voters website:
"The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization that includes both men and women supporting issues but not candidates and parties. The League does not support any political party or candidate, but can does take positions on issues after study and consensus by its members."
Saying that, now let me get to the panel for the forum:

TX State Senator Eliot Shapleigh

Alfredo Borrego, board member, EPISD Board of Trustees
Dr. James C. Vasquez, Executive Director, Region 19
Dr. Julio Noboa, Asst. Professor of Social Studies, College of Education, UTEP

Do you see anything in common with the panelist? Maybe PARTY AFFILIATION! They are
All Democrats. And to make things worse, two of the panelist will be allowed to give their view of what the SBOE is doing without giving Charlie a chance to rebuttal.

This isn't a panel, this is more of a firing squad. I wouldn't be surprised if Charlie was given a cigarette and a blind fold as soon as he walks in. I can't believe that the League of Women Voters, a self proclaimed non-partisan organization would set up a one sided panel like this, and not have one woman on it. I know, the League includes both men and women but they could have at least had one woman on the panel.  What am I complaining about? She would have been a Democrat anyway.

Rumor says that the panel lead by Shapleigh would have attacked Charlie on an incident that happened when he worked at Community College. Knowing that the debate was a firing squad most people would just call it quits and gone home.

Charlie Garza

Not Charlie. After several conversations with supporters and members of his inner circle from throughout the state, Charlie has decided to do the debate. WOW! Is he out of his mind? No, not at all. Intercepting that intel prior to the debate has allowed Charlie to prepare for the supposed ambush and considering that Charlie is a Double Ruby Debate Champion(I don't know what that really means, but it's supposed to be something big) he will be ready to take on Nunez and his henchmen. But of coarse, Charlie has said that he will do this debate but he expects Rene Nunez to participate in a debate set up by Charlie, in a place picked by Charlie and a panel personally selected by Charlie. It would only be fair, actually it would only be appropriate.

Now many of you might say that I am full of it and making things up. Let me give you a little inside scoop. A few weeks ago I attended a meeting at the new GOP Headquarters. The phone rang and since I was the closest to the phone I picked it up. It was Raul Amaya, yes KHRO's very own Raul Amaya calling asking for contact information for Charlie Garza on behalf of the League of Women Voters. I answered like the good little secretary that I am not and asked. May I ask what this is about? Raul told me he was calling to invite Charlie to participate in a debate with Rene Nunez. I recognized his voice and asked him if he was Raul Amaya of KHRO 1150. He said yes so I told him I was Sammy C. He then preceded to come after me about comments I made on the air. He then started to bash the Republican Party. So much for non partisan at this point. Not a smart idea to call the Republican Headquarters and start talking bad about them when you are representing a "non-partisan" group.

The League of Women Voters is misleading the people of El Paso and needs to be called out for it. And I'm sorry if I offend Raul Amaya, but I'm just calling it like I see it.

Go Hear Me Speak! Coronado High School Gubernatorial Forum

I have been invited to speak at the Gubernatorial forum at Coronado High School by the young ladies of I VOTE TEXAS. The forum will take place Friday, September 24th at the Coronado Auditorium and will start at 10:30 AM. It is such an honor to speak in front of 1,000 people and in front of a live television and Internet audience. The forum will be streamed live at and aired live on KVIA's weather channel HD 7.2.

Go support this group of young ladies who have worked so hard to put this together. We need do what we can to get more of El Paso's youth to be as involved as these girls. If you are interested in going please contact me so we could put you on the list for tickets. The doors will not be open to the public but getting tickets is as easy as sending me your name by e-mail at

Now it has been brought to my attention that there are people who are wondering what I am going to say at the forum, taking into consideration that Gov. Rick Perry has declined an invitation to participate and that I am a Republican speaking at a forum with a DemocratIC candidate. People thought it was necessary to have gone out of their way to make the coordinators of this event nervous about my speech.

Am I going to take advantage of the fact that I will have 1,000 filled seats and viewers on live T.V. and online and go off the right end and say something controversial to ruin the event? Am I going to take a cheap shot at the candidate to try to make a name for myself?

I could, but that's not my style. Anyone who REALLY knows me knows exactly what I'm going to say and how I'm going to say it. I won't tell you what that will be, you'll have to watch the event for yourself, but I will tell you my speech will be in typical Sammy style.

Stay tuned for more details...................

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reggie Returned His, How About Larry?

For the first time in 75 years a Heisman Trophy has been returned due to NCAA violations and sanctions. Reggie Bush did the noble thing this week and returned his trophy after USC returned their copy to the Heisman Trust.
"Reggie was a fantastic football player, one of the most exciting players ever. But by his own admission today, he made some mistakes."
As of today, Larry Medina has yet to return or even shown any interest in returning any of the thousands of Conquistador Awards that have been awarded to him throughout the years of his controversial service to El Paso. I checked with the local dump truck rental companies and no trucks that could handle that much payload have been reserved for the next 3 months.

"To Larry Medina for Outstanding

Work Representing El Paso"

I would really like to see Larry Medina take the high road and do something similar. If Reggie Bush could do it why can't Larry? We have to give Larry the benefit of the doubt. He could change, theoreticaly. I can see the quote on the bird cage special  now:
"Larry was a pillar of the community, one of the best ever. But by his own admission today, he made some mistakes."
What was I thinking? That quote was two sentences long or should I say two sentences wrong. I don't thing anyone would call him one of the best ever anything, except maybe liar, or would we ever hear Larry admit he made a mistake. That's not his style. To Larry it is always someone else's fault.

On a side note: Rumor says that after so many Conquistador Awards Larry was promised he would be able to trade in the thousands of awards for the actual Conquistador Statue in front of the Airport. (It's been said that if you melt down all the awards it would give you enough material to make a statue equal the size) Now don't quote me on that, it is only a rumor that I still have to verify.