Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mayor John Cook out does Gene Simmons

El Paso Mayor John Cook has taken a page out of Gene Simmons' book and has claimed the title of Self Promotion King.

 The President flew in to Ft.Bliss to speak to the troops last week and the Mayor took advantage of the situation by presenting the President with the key to the city and sneaking in a bottle of his very own Señor Cook BBQ sauce. Cook has proven to El Paso that there is no shame in his game. You have to givehim credit, it really takes some guts to cancel a city council meeting to push your own products on the President.

In a related story, City Representative Eddie Holguin  was seen leaving the airport with a bucket of buffalo wings pouting and muttering 
"I hate it when he does that. Why can't the rest of us get a chance to push our products?"
And in a story you will only see here, an unconfirmed source who was at Biggs Army Air Field told the AD Blog(Ala Derecha Blog) that City Representative Susie Byrd was not allowed to pass through one of the many security check points with what seemed to be some sort of brick. After further investigation, Secret Service allowed Byrd to pass without the brick as it was found not to be dangerous. Witnesses at the scene tell us that it had a strong processed cheese smell to to it. Secret service would not confirm or deny the rumor to us by phone of the confiscated brick but did say that the President's safety was never in any danger. Please stay tuned for updates as they become available.

The AD Blog, reporting what nobody else will...................

OK, maybe because most of it didn't really happen, except for the BBQ thing, that really did happen. Seeing how bloggers have been coming under fire here in El Paso lately, I better cover my Nachas. This post was written for entertainment purposes only.

***No government cheese was harmed in the making of this post***

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