Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The President Visits Ft. Bliss; No Clear Answers For El Paso

Air Force One landed on Biggs Army Airfield yesterday for what seemed to be a well timed photo opportunity for President Obama. He shook hands with the troops and thanked them at a dinning hall on Ft. Bliss. He also took time to talk to the widows of some fallen soldiers. That's not exactly an easy task especially when you are the guy who says when and where the troops go.

But it's not the good things the President did that most people have a problem with. It's the timing of his visit(right before a nationally telivised address to the nation) and not talking about the issues that affect the border region that bothered most people. His excuse was that he had to go back to Washington to address the nation. Comeon, you telling me the President of the United States of America could not schedule time to speak to our leaders about the issues of our community. Of coarse not, he only wanted the camaras to get him shaking hands with the troops. He could care less about El Paso or Texas for that mattter. The President would not meet with Rick Perry to talk about border security yet he flew in with Congressman Sylvestre Reyes and met with Congressman Ciro Rodriguez and Congressman Harry Teague once in El Paso. He knew they were friendlys so he agreed to meet with him.

If not having the President talk about border security or immigration wasn't bad enough, Sylvestre Reyes added insult to injury by thinking El Pasoans were too stupid to see he was lying through his teeth as he attempted to dodge the media's questions when asked if he and the President talked about border security. Reyes said that they had talked about "options" to support Mexican President Calderon. When asked what type of  "options" all he could say was "There are many... many more things" and when the reporter persisted and asked for something more specific the Congressman answered "I can't". Maybe that's because he and the President didn't talk about border issues. Why would two Democrats talk about border security when those words are only used by Republicans. Democrats have no desire to address border security. The only time those words come out of a Democrats mouth they are normally in a conversation about immigration and the words racist or xenophobe follow very close buy. The ironic thing is that if we would secure our borders it would make the lives of natural born citizens, documented immigrants and even the lives of undocumented immigrants who live on this side of the border safer. Border Security would benefit all on this side of the border, not just those of a certain skin tone or ethnic background. But you try explaining that to the far left wing.

But I have to be honest, I'm glad to see the Border Network for Certain Human Rights once again protesting against the President. After all, he is the one who lied to the Latino community and promised to address Comprehensive Immigration Reform in his first term in office. His second term is rounding third base just about now and no reform in sight. Sometimes groups who are not supposed to be affiliated with any political party loose focus of their true mission and jump on the political band wagon. That is when they start to loose the respect of certain people.

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