Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reggie Returned His, How About Larry?

For the first time in 75 years a Heisman Trophy has been returned due to NCAA violations and sanctions. Reggie Bush did the noble thing this week and returned his trophy after USC returned their copy to the Heisman Trust.
"Reggie was a fantastic football player, one of the most exciting players ever. But by his own admission today, he made some mistakes."
As of today, Larry Medina has yet to return or even shown any interest in returning any of the thousands of Conquistador Awards that have been awarded to him throughout the years of his controversial service to El Paso. I checked with the local dump truck rental companies and no trucks that could handle that much payload have been reserved for the next 3 months.

"To Larry Medina for Outstanding

Work Representing El Paso"

I would really like to see Larry Medina take the high road and do something similar. If Reggie Bush could do it why can't Larry? We have to give Larry the benefit of the doubt. He could change, theoreticaly. I can see the quote on the bird cage special  now:
"Larry was a pillar of the community, one of the best ever. But by his own admission today, he made some mistakes."
What was I thinking? That quote was two sentences long or should I say two sentences wrong. I don't thing anyone would call him one of the best ever anything, except maybe liar, or would we ever hear Larry admit he made a mistake. That's not his style. To Larry it is always someone else's fault.

On a side note: Rumor says that after so many Conquistador Awards Larry was promised he would be able to trade in the thousands of awards for the actual Conquistador Statue in front of the Airport. (It's been said that if you melt down all the awards it would give you enough material to make a statue equal the size) Now don't quote me on that, it is only a rumor that I still have to verify.

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